October weather (“It’s cos you met me at 26”);

i. Just as August gave way to September, the latter gently bid goodbye to make way for October. Likewise the boy – more real than mere words on paper or two-dimensional photos – has gone from August to September to now, October boy. Since the last time I wrote about him, a few meet-ups have … More October weather (“It’s cos you met me at 26”);

September boy, October scent;

When I realized that September boy, who was previously August boy, carries the scent of potential of being October, November… boy. Maybe December, too. How much I want this to be true, yet… (yet) I am trying, but against fear and endless questions – it has been very difficult to write.  

what (are) we are;

“Still at the wedding haha had one drink too many.” “Are you tipsy now…” “Haha a bit.” “You’re not texting me drunk right…” Because I am always sober thus (self)responsible to remember why and how we would not work – why this emotional investment will only leave me in the negative; why for all of … More what (are) we are;

in September…

August has given way to September, and August boy too… has become September boy. I think of lush leaves greeting autumn by slowly shedding their vibrant green; those of which sparkled during the sunny days of summer are now a myriad of earthen colors with faint, crisp texture that produce a gentle rustling sound when … More in September…