Surely Someday: A Review.

Surely Someday (2010)

If you’re familiar with the J-entertainment scene, you’d know Oguri Shun and if you know who he is, you’d have caught on last year’s buzz about his directorial debut – the movie was apparently filmed secretly in summer 2009 and boasted lots of familiar faces since we all know that Oguri Shun himself is tight with a bunch of A-listers and whatnot in Real Life. Surely Someday (if you’ve been reading this blog since forever, you’d notice that I’d titled a few posts this) is the result and well, surprisingly – I like it.

At times vulgar, other times slapstick comedy – surprisingly however, whilst the transition between past and present, intense and comedic can seem kind of awkward at times, the overall tone of the movie resonates to me as one that is largely hopeful. It’s heart-tugging and completely relatable in my opinion, how the boys – mainly 4, though they started off and ended as 5 –  try to move on and face themselves and their past: that one stupid mistake, one silly incident in the name of youth that (unexpectedly) in turn, came to define the persons they are and the lives they lead in this present.

The writing was also good, in my opinion (note: I just found out that apparently he didn’t do the writing but the scriptwriter of the “Crows” movies I think) – there’s that 6 degrees of connection going on but it’s presented quite intelligently rather than obviously. There is no doubt to me that Surely Someday falls more in the genre of indie flick – it has this vibe all over it – yet I do believe it is worthy to be looked upon as a most well-done piece.

I personally love the back-stories: their friendship that started from when they were kids up till present-day early 20s, constantly having each other’s backs and though that particular incident will continue to tie them together – a common mishap, one could say – it’s refreshing to watch them try to own up to their faults, rather than running away. Interestingly, I believe that running has a certain metaphoric element in this movie – Koide Keisuke was doing a lot of running, all over Tokyo I was starting to feel pity for him! – and perhaps in its own ways it does speak of youthful exuberance.

“Surely Someday… – isn’t this why? Isn’t it because of this?” 

Surely Someday reminds me of Friends, Our Legend (the drama – I didn’t watch the movie-version) because both has a similar storyline and tone, yet Surely Someday carries the thematic messages more lightheartedly with a satisfying ending. I dived into this movie with a skeptical view – not wanting to like it just because I like Oguri Shun so I’m glad that at the end of it, I’m able to say that I genuinely enjoyed the 2 hours I spent watching it. Needless to say, if he directs something else – it’ll be under my radar.

Surely Someday is hopeful, comedic, crazy at (lots of) times – thanks to what’s-his-name Virgin dude HAHA oh man he was both hilarious and intense I loved him – but overall, it is indeed great. If you’re looking for a friendship movie that blends in some suspense and man-up to one’s faults as well as the interwoven fates of individuals, separate or together – give this a watch. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

[Side note: Since when did Koisuke Keido turned so hot? I last remembered him looking so geeky in Koizora. Hot damn now I’ve to keep my eyes on him too]


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