(K)Variety Cracktastic: We Got Married’s Kim Won Joon & Park So Hyun!

We Got Married S3: Kim Won Joon & Park So-Hyun (2011)
picture credits: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/360399-official-park-so-hyun-%E2%99%A5-kim-won-joon-couple-thread/

If this isn’t crack – I don’t know what else it could be because damn, right now I’ve been feeling like I’m on some kind of high.

Lately I’ve taken a liking to Korean variety shows – rekindling my love for 1 Night 2 Days while on co-op pushed me to seek the plentiful different variety shows out there, watching clips and random episodes here and there without particular interest for anyone specific. About two weeks ago, I picked up We Got Married (WGM) after watching Kang So-Ra shine in Sunny; I was curious.

I’ve long heard of WGM but never took full notice until now. Leeteuk and So-Ra are incredibly cheesy, in my opinion, but also strangely endearing. Since they’re the newest couple, I breezed through their 5 episodes really quickly and then checked in on the second pair, Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo – they’re cute, both together and individually, but my interest wasn’t piqued.

That’s when I decided, completely on a whim since I’ve no idea who these two above are, to check them out instead.

Hot damn, now I’m on a roll with them and need a place to rant my thoughts about them (hence blogphilic is victim, heh).

Kim Won Joon is apparently a 90s idol/singer who supposedly was really popular back in his heydays – he still is relatively famous even now I think, but he gives off this vibe of gold-in-the-90s to me – and is now one of the quartet of his current group, M4. Did I mention he is 38 and so does not look it? Pardon me for a second but oh man, with that sort of physique and looks at 38? I swoon.

Park So Hyun on the other hand is a radio DJ-slash-actress – I’m sure she is popular in her own rights …I’ve just never heard of her. She’s 40 but totally, again, does not look it.

Have I mentioned they’ve been friends – or at least know one another in this showbiz – for 18 years? Eighteen. EIGHTEEN.

I profess to have a liking to:

  • older woman-younger man relationship
  • friends falling for one another

I don’t know why, I just dig these two situations so much that I tend to gravitate my Kdrama pickes to these genres if I can help it. So honestly, by the time I got through episode 2, I was already trying to refrain from squealing at The Cute. The more episodes I venture, the more I am convinced that, i.e. my conspiracy theories:

  • The chemistry between them has GOT to be real
  • Won Joon fell for her first – I’m not sure if So Hyun is but she should(!!)
  • This has GOT to be destiny (!!!)

What cracks me up and has me yes, literally squeeing and squealing, is the meta-on-meta this show plays on – they’re playing marriage while at the same time, essentially playing themselves – I use playing because word has it this show is scripted – so yes, get it? It’s like 50-50 of fake and real and as time goes on and the relationship progresses, honestly I’m not surprised why fans get crazy – the lines really start to blur and I bet the attractions we detect are real; it’s only a matter of whether they decide to pursue the sizzle in Real Life or let the chemistry fizzle and fade.

But hot damn, these two? They’ve GOT to be together in Real Life. They have to. I mean, 18 years of a platonic friendship where both have been there for one another but never really seen one another as Potential Partner … until a virtual marriage show comes into the works and throw them into a pseudo-marriage ceremony and have them call each other by couple-nicknames – “Jalba”, for Korean pun combination of good-looking idiot for him and “Yi-Bu” for pretty wife for her – and have them do couple activities all cutesy? DUDE. This sounds like a typical Kdrama premise – only better, because of yes, this meta-on-meta concept.

They’re so compatible with one another and their progression of hugging, holding hands etc feel so natural that I don’t know man – I don’t think two people can fake it so well with sincerity because that’s what I detect between the two of them: honesty. I love it that he’s such a man-child when with her – they’re only 2 years apart but he noona-s her like they’re still 20 and 22.


I’ve come to learn, from my years of Kdrama-watching, that the word and usage of oppa holds mighty weight – think of sayang in the Malay version, if I need to really juxtapose it – and it’s especially complicated when it comes to this sort of relationship. Koreans are supposedly so stickler about elderly respect, so there is great grievance if one is addressed incorrectly and this is my understanding so feel free to correct me if I’m explaining inaccurately – oppa in literal term is typically reserved for girls to men who are slightly older than them, but between a couple, it’s an endearment, although it gets a little weird hierarchy-age-wise when it comes to the older woman-younger man relationship such as these two. So the (older) woman to call the guy oppa – hearts melt and goosebumps appear.

And these two? Oh god, I die. Swoon. Swooooooooooooooooooon.

Frankly, in general I dislike to judge a relationship based on age, especially putting labels like “the ripe age for marriage” etc – seriously? Spare me this, please – but being 38 and 40 respectively and being on a playing-marriage show like this … I mean, surely both of them didn’t get on this show just for kicks right? Can’t… be right? My theory is that their individual decisions in choosing to be part of this program isn’t entirely based on popularity alone – there’s got to be something else, something more towards this thing called hope – perhaps, however unconsciously, hopeful to find love in the most unexpected of places, i.e. a virtual-marriage variety show. And well guess what? My frazzled mind and heart right now is SO CONVINCED that this is fate. For shizzle.

Call me crazy (as if I’m already not, ha!) – but no lie, I am seriously just waiting for the day they’ll make an official announcement wherein they’ll either announce that they are dating or headed down the aisle in Real Life, no more Reel Life.

I mean look at that picture above! Just look at that! AHHHHHH they’re just so… Meant To Be.

(They are! I’m convinced!)


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