The Summer Break Series: The End Where I Begin.

When I think of the past 2 months, I think of it in 2-parts: The Company and of course, Miri.

So here is the first of the double-edged sword, so-called and if I may coin them so, ha.

I am corny, and a sap – thank you cards are my thing; I practically live for the so-called beautifully played out goodbye scenes in my mind. You know what this means: they don’t always take place. Today was the last day and yet another proof that I should really drop the so-called fantasies. Hugged Chivalrous Dude for instance and seriously, that probably was the weirdest, most awkward hug ever given and received – I can’t even and I know it’s not me to blame cos uh dude, why so skittish?

But whatever.

Anyway yes! Everything’s over now and after the brief conversation I had had with Fresh Grad before he called it an early day, he concluded that I obviously have no interest in joining The Company, that it really sounded like I have absolutely no interest to return. I paused for a second. Thought it over and finally decided – ah, what the hell? I admitted as much, but also gave a caveat: that I am realistic enough to know that bills must be paid and ideal situations don’t always happen. Mum’s charity has an expiry date, for another.

But regardless of what I feel about the future and my stance on it – honestly right now I really cannot even say cos I don’t know it myself. I just know that I want to exhaust all options before settling with a final decision. When focusing solely on the past 2 months in the office however – all things considered, it really was an incredibly fantastic, fun experience and best of all I really gained plentiful new friends.

I find it a shame that giving and receiving thank you cards are not at all a common culture, even here. I’m too much of a sap I guess, but it’s my signature so whatever else be damned, ha. I’m glad I gave them and wrote this much, expressing sincere sentiments otherwise probably never admitted aloud:

Honest to God, it’s been such a pleasure working with everyone, I remain extremely humbled to be at the receiving end. The future will pan out as it should all in good time; whatever it may be, looking back at this time, place and experience – only the fondest memories!


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