Way Back When: Not Just Any Mars.

Something new I’m trying out!

Just for random writing fun. I’ll try to keep to a schedule too, like biweekly or monthly (unfortunately Real Life isn’t as kind as to give me weekly free time) in posting this, but here’s the new project I have in mind: Way Back When.

I will cover anything (or anyone) I used to love madly, deeply (okay, more like obsessively) and sometimes rabidly… You guessed it: Way Back When. I’ve always been a sucker for nostalgia whether in Real Life, in dramas or introspective thoughts. Okay, enough talk; let’s begin.

Way Back When: Mars (2004)

Mars (2004)
Mars (2004)
Picture credits to: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/static/images/1/1b/Mars.jpg

…Or more specifically: Vic Zhou, whom I used to love to pieces after seeing him in Meteor Garden, where he played the ultimate Second Lead and made famous that role. In Mars though, he did a 180 and acted as the bad boy. I’ll say it and openly admit: hot damn, he was so fine in this role. The hair, oh the hair! Plus this was the show I believe, which led the two leads to date in Real Life – I used to love them together so much… – for about two good years. Their relationship didn’t last and I’m sure they’ve now moved on happily but ah, back then… They were so friggin’ Meant To Be. This show too, depicted the reel-to-real love so romantically that even just watching the music video below – swoon.

Briefly, Mars is a Cdrama (back when I watched all sorts of Asian dramas) originally from a manga or something of that sort and starred Vic Zhou as the bad boy on his sexy bike with a damaged past (of course) and Barbie Hsu as the timid nerdy girl in college whom he took a liking to. This show reunited them since Meteor Garden‘s heydays. It’s been many years since I last rewatched this so my memory is vague plot-wise, but I can vouch this: Although at the core it’s a love story – done fantastically – what I equally enjoyed and appreciated was the fact that the tragedies and conflicts were also fleshed out believably. This coming from someone who watched it in those days when streaming was… A terrible thing with constant buffering. Proof of how much I loved it when I watched it!

For the romantics out there, let the music video below convince you, poor quality be damned. Swoonworthy, a thousand times over.

Happy Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Way Back When: Not Just Any Mars.

  1. *gasps* I marathoned this back a few months ago, on the crappiest quality ever, and loved it to pieces! Wish more dramas were made like this. I don’t know how, but I wasn’t bored for even a single second. The leads were so fantastic, the plot wasnt annoying, and the creepy backstory, and the mom, and the twins… So fabulously done and filmed that I literally had the hair on my arms standing straight up at times. There’s something about a show,, that can make you simultaneous ooh and ahh over the romance, and scare the crap out of you later that I don’t see too often anymore.

    1. I totally know how and what you feel! I’d streamed it in crappy quality way back when too but aw man, totally worth it.The chemistry between the two was crazy palpable (I know they’re happy with their respective partners now, but I can’t help but aw at What Could’ve Been). Your last statement though – very, very true. It’s quite a shame, which is why I return to MARS every now and then, watching select scenes.

      PS I checked out your blog, I like some of the stuff I’d managed to read! :)

  2. There should be a crappy quality MARS club because I think so many people watched it/will watch it because of the story whether or not they can find a good streaming site. I’m with you about Vic Zhou’s hair and the amazing dramatic quality of it all. The opening song Ling by Alan Kuo STILL gets stuck in my head years later.

    1. OMG it’s you! No, don’t be creeped out by that haha- I’ve actually been reading your blog lately so very happy you dropped by here :) This particular show is a gem, for sure. It definitely needs more lovin’ and I totally get you on the Ling song – the duet one I posted here gets to me every time too.

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