Timeout: Top #12 Pick for Crackling Chemistry – Onscreen Kdrama Couples!

Timeout, again!

I never considered making it into it’s own little blurb when I wrote about upcoming dramas late last year and coined the post Timeout but now I just can’t help it, ha. What started off as a shitty week ended with a most relaxing weekend that now has my mind on overdrive, as usual, leading to my fingers furiously typing away. So here’s something random, fun and mostly not thought-provoking because yes, I need downtime too, aha.

Back to the topic at hand… Timeout posts will be drama-related, brief and random in appearance and content. They’ll cover anything I fancy writing about during my breaks from Real Life (like now) – examples are upcoming new dramas, recently wrapped ones and what I have in mind for tonight: listing my faves in particular genre/area/topic. For tonight’s Timeout, it’ll be…

N’s Top #12 Pick for Crackling Chemistry: Onscreen Kdrama Couples

#1 Kim Seung Yoo & Lee Se Ryung in The Princess’ Man (2011)

The Princess Man - Scene from Ep 23
The Princess Man – Scene from Ep 23

Crackling-O-Meter: On FIRE!

Who’s Who: Park Shi Hoo & Moon Chae Won

Case-in-Point: When he kissed her back, specifically her scar from when she took an arrow for him. See YouTube link below and swoon with me.

#2 Kang Ji Wook & Lee Young Jae in Scent of A Woman (2011)

Scent of A Woman - scene from episode 8
Scent of A Woman –  Scene from Ep 8
picture credits to: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/scent/

Crackling-O-Meter: On FIRE!

Who’s Who: Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah

Case-in-Point: The tango scene in episode 8. I apologize, I can’t seem to find a higher resolution video, but the YouTube link below truly does say it all. Psst as much as I am in love with Lee Dong Wook (my very own His Hotness) I would be SO HAPPY if they’re actually dating in Real Life, honest to God.

Bonus! Here’s a link to a Dailymotion video which compiled all the tango scenes in this show. Enjoy!

Compilation of Tango Scenes in Scent of A Woman.

#3 Seo Jae Hee & Cha Bong Sun in Me Too, Flower! (2011)

Me Too, Flower - Scene from Ep 16
Me Too, Flower – Scene from Ep 15
picture credits to: http://www.viki.com/channels/5753/posts/14626-me-too-flower-screenshots-ep-15-part-1

Crackling-O-Meter: On FIRE!

Who’s Who: Yoon Shi Yoon & Lee Ji Ah

Case-in-Point: They had me at… I don’t even know. When they started bickering left and right in the first episode? When he kissed her without hesitation in episode 4? When they kissed one another senseless in episode 6? When he held her in episode 7? I noticed their chemistry right from the get-go when they bantered nonstop in the first episode and never looked back since. I can’t seem to find a video that depicts exactly why they were IT to me, but here’s the closest: a fanmade MV of some of my favorite scenes of the two. Swoon with me, by all means.

#4 Jo Gook & Shin Mirae in City Hall (2009)

Crackling-O-Meter: On FIRE!

Who’s Who: Cha Seung Won & Kim Sun Ah

Case-in-Point: Too many, quite honestly. Plus, I’m generally not a kiss-scene-rabid sort of fan, but this show’s an exception. See video below and tell me you didn’t feel it too; frisson. But all due respect to Cha Seung Won – he’s a happily married man in Real Life, with two teenage kids so do keep our squeeing strictly onscreen!

#5 Lee Joon Soo & Yoon Hye Jin in La Dolce Vita (2008)

La Dolce Vita - Scene from Ep 3
La Dolce Vita – Scene from Ep 3
picture credits to: http://dangermousie.dreamwidth.org/997438.html

Crackling-O-Meter:  On FIRE!

Who’s Who: Lee Dong Wook & Oh Yoon Su

Case-in-Point: It’s difficult to try to capture their chemistry in a moment, or through a specific scene. This particular couple sizzled so much regardless whether in happiness or despair (lots of it, in fact, in this show). I thought the official MV captured all the highlights beautifully: haunting OST, black-and-white sepia served as reflection of the show’s overall tone and our resident couple, who’s fiery passion was clouded with the inevitable doom-and-gloom.

#6 Kang Maru & Seo Eun Gi in Nice Guy (2012)

Nice Guy - Scene from Ep 12
Nice Guy – Scene from Ep 12

Crackling-O-Meter: Intense

Who’s Who: Song Joong-Ki & Moon Chae Won

Case-in-Point: Every friggin’ stare they give one another. The very air stilled, I tell ya. Enjoy their scenes below!

#7 Lee Jae Ha & Kim Hang Ah in The King 2Hearts (2012)

The King 2Hearts - scene from Ep 18
The King 2Hearts – scene from Ep 18
picture credits to: http://www.vingle.net/posts/11310-LIVE-RECAP-King-2-Hearts-Ep-18

Crackling-O-Meter: Intense

Who’s Who: Lee Seung-gi & Ha Ji Won

Case-in-Point: They had me at the scene below – perfect video! – and I thought their chemistry really sizzled onscreen throughout the show’s run.

#8 Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden (2010)

Crackling-O-Meter: Intense

Who’s Who: Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won

Case-in-Point: I must first admit aloud that I personally dislike this show and I dislike even more Kim Joo Won the character. However, these two, their chemistry was palpable a mile away like no other – the noteworthy scene for me was early on when he pushed her (so typical) into the fitting room. I didn’t like the scene because he was being his jerk-self as usual, but the tension and intensity between the two in that confined space… Hot damn. I can’t find a video of that scene but found this one instead: a lovely MV of the couple.


#9 Jung Ji Oh & Joo Joon Young in Worlds Within (2008)

Crackling-O-Meter: Palpable

Who’s Who: Hyun Bin & Song Hye Gyo

Case-in-Point: The banters, the nonchalant kisses, the blunt honesty … everything. They were the first onscreen couple whom I’d watched and immediately thought they were so, so real – turned out reel did meet real for an approximately good two years since the show wrapped; lovely times. The video below is my favorite one of the kisses lot because their vulnerabilities really came across to one another, finally.

#10 Kang Moo Gyul & Wi Mae Ri in Marry Me, Mary! (2010)

Crackling-O-Meter: Palpable

Who’s Who: Jang Geun Seuk & Moon Geun Young

Case-in-Point: This show had so many cantankerous misses, despite a stunning and solid cast ensemble. I choose to remember only one thing from the show: the moment I noticed these two positively sizzled in the chemistry department. Call me crazy, but I really thought they did date for awhile in Real Life – there’s something about their interactions both onscreen and offscreen (from the BTS videos). Body language typically doesn’t lie so I’m sticking to my hunch, ha. True or false, relive the good parts with the lovely fanmade MV below!

#11 Seon Woo Wan & Na Yeo Kyeong in Capital Scandal (2007) 

Crackling-O-Meter: Palpable

Who’s Who: Kang Ji Hwan & Han Ji Min

Case-in-Point: More than any obvious signs of affection like kisses and such, it’s really the teasing moments which made me rabid for the couple to ohhh, get together already! This one is an oldie-but-goodie – I still look back at it with affection, plus the period costumes were just pure delight. Not a favorite of the song, but this fanmade MV shows plenty of my favorite scenes!

#12 Hwang Tae Kyung & Go Mi Nyeo in You’re Beautiful (2009)

Crackling-O-Meter: Palpable

Who’s Who: Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye

Case-in-Point: While it never came across my mind that they may have dated in Real Life, I thought they definitely had great chemistry both on and offscreen. Hwang Tae Kyung for my 18-year old self then was pure crack and so over-the-top hilarious. When he finally fell in love, boy what an enjoyable ride that was to witness. Enjoy this fanmade MV!


That’s it, folks! Personally, there are plenty onscreen couples which I hold near and dear, whom I’ll revisit to squeal or giggle happily, but the top 12 above are especially memorable for unspecified reasons. Until now, I can recall and imagine select particular scenes which had me hook, line and sinker.

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