The Reveal of the (Not So) Super Secret Project!

I am very excited to finally reveal what my supposed super-secret project really is, after having worked on it for months and in recent weeks, seriously long hours at a time. It’s none other than…

The Kdramas CollectionBETA

I have always wanted to create this to accompany my self-archived The Jdramas Collection, but this one turned out to take a lot longer than I could’ve and would’ve ever imagined, plus it did not quite turn out to be what I had projected in mind as I’d initially excitedly worked on it.

For that reason, I’m introducing it as a BETA version – meaning that it’s still subject to lots of tweaking, feedback and suggestions. I’m hoping you could kindly help with the following, especially since I’m really trying to settle for the best way to present it:

UPDATE: Created sub-pages! But all questions still hold and if you’ve any suggestions – appreciate all inputs :)

  • Is it too long?
    Should I halve or three-halves the collection in parts?
  • Is it too long?
    Should I create sub-pages, so each status will be a sub-page of it’s own?
    (will need to learn how to do this, I admit, but I’m sure it’s easy enough and can be done)
  • Grammar/tenses
    I’m quite terrible at this, quite frankly aha. So if anyone would like to volunteer to be my editor for this particular page, I’m happy to let you do so! Reach out to me through comment and we can try working out how to do this? (Possibly email)
  • Do you think my blurbs are useful or justified/helpful/whatever else?
    I am… kinda nervous to ask this, aha. But because it’s so bloody long and took me painstaking few months to complete, sometimes I think I go off on unnecessary tangents; this collection is a personal self-archive, but it is also meant – the idea at least – to assist others in that very-loose-second-opinion sort of attempt. The only problem right now is I’m not sure if this is successfully conveyed, because I feel like I’m writing random thoughts about the shows which benefit no one – not quite even myself.
  • The barometers – justified/useful/necessary?
    Very simply: should they stay? It’s hard to quantify Kdramas through scorecards honestly, or so I’m really realizing. Strangely, Jdramas are easy to do so but not Kdramas. I can’t quite explain why – or I’d attempted in the page – but it mostly just comes down to the fact that Kdramas very seldom are solid throughout, and that if they are – they don’t always successfully anchor me emotionally, which is a whole different issue by itself.

Feedback are most appreciated, either in this post or the page!

PS The page can also be found above my tagline, alongside it’s sister companion.


7 thoughts on “The Reveal of the (Not So) Super Secret Project!

  1. Love the idea! To make it easier for people to search for the dramas they’re looking for, maybe you could consider splitting it into sub-pages &/or use an alphabetical system? I think that’s one tweak that’s worth considering. Otherwise, I really like the short takes, ratings and links that you built into it. Nice job!! ^^

    1. Oh yay thanks for the feedback! I shall look into the sub-pages thing. I considered this but everything about this page is kinda overwhelming right now haha.

      But the alphabet one is a great idea! I did it according to timeline, but let me try with either the sub-page or the alphabet-order if the former doesn’t work.

      Thank youuuu for the kind words! ^_^

  2. Excellent project! And one that will definitely keep me busy reading for a while. I don’t really know how else to divide up the pages, or any of the options you mentioned. Mostly because I’m not really that knowledgable, and I don’t have WordPress. On the other hand, if you need an editor.. It’s sort of what I do already do, for (I’m a managing editor for the front page editorials).

    Otherwise, I like your list and the blurbs. Even if they’re not all perfectly objective, I really enjoy seeing what others think about dramas, both the ones I’ve seen and the ones I haven’t. XD

    1. Rosie! While you’re reading through those sub-pages, if my past/present tenses keep being incorrectly used – by all means, point it out to me or let’s trying working something out! Aha, I hate that one the most, whenever I’m switching between the two.

      Thanks for the kinds words as well, of course! I’m the same way too haha – enjoy reading others’ takes on dramas regardless whether or not I’ve watched them! This must be a drama junkie thing… o:)

  3. Oh my gosh, a rabbit hole! :D I could seriously lose myself for hours I think — which is awesome. I really like the sub-pages and from the peeks I’ve taken, I like how you separate out your emotional ranking and analytical ranking. Because it is hard to rank dramas and I’ve always found it helpful to know if something has hit a reviewer’s heart, for whatever reason or their head. It helps me gauge how much we match in our viewing likes and dislikes.

    In sum: this is an awesome project and hats off to you for completing it!

    1. Hey Betsy, omg I grinned so much reading your feedback – thanks soooo much :) It really is hard honestly and while tweaking them, my scorecard keeps changing too. Tough.

      Thank you for the virtual pat on the back! Honestly, there’d been one too many instances in which I’d think to myself, “what the hell ARE you even doing and wasting your time on?!” but then the thought of having started kept me going. Now I’m just super relieved and happy it’s finally ready for public consumption (while I still work on the tweaks as we speak, aha).

      BTW, Jang ok-jung – I read your post and HOMG, my exact thoughts. IT’S CRACKTASTIC (!!)

      1. Ah the “you’re wasting your time!” thoughts… they’re insidious little things. But I’m glad you pushed through. ;)

        And yes, JOJ is so, so addictive! I love it! :)

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