Timeout: Top #10 Pick for Epic Kdrama Bromance!

I’m currently trying to complete one of many reports due next week; in particular right now, on water quality of Hangingstone River at Alberta, Canada. There’s not much information about this because it’s a smaller river as opposed to it’s nearby watersheds, the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers. It’s no surprise then, that I’ve about 30 tabs open right now plus I’ve been working on this for the past six hours … Needless to say, my head hurts, as usual.

So of course I snuck in here and created this list instead aha, inspired after seeing recent pictures for a CF of School 2013‘s bromance duo. They’ve taken so many people’s hearts and high in my list too, that’s for sure, but I want to take a moment to highlight others which deserve similar attention. In fact, I’ve three in particular which have claimed my top spots – deservingly so, I might add.

N’s Top #10 Pick for Epic Kdrama Bromance!

#1 The lifelong-friends quartet of Friend, Our Legend (2009)

Friend, Our Legend (2009)
Friend, Our Legend (2009)

Bromance-O-Meter: Heartbreaking

Who’s Who: Hyun Bin, Kim Min Joon, Seo Do Young & Lee Shi Un

Case-in-Point: To be honest, I’d only watched this show once, but it gutted me so because if there’s a Kdrama out there that depicts the irreversible paths of four boys who undertook different roads to become men and showed this with such vivacity, rawness, jadedness and ultimately, love for each other – hands down, it’s this one. Perhaps it’s the tonally bittersweet tone that’s really what gets to me, like looking through lenses of the past and knowing that those moments were precious not only because they won’t and can’t take place twice, but more than that, because the persons they were at those points in time… no longer retrievable.

One particular scene which stood out to me until today would be that one scene during their high school days, running through town together. I think they’d caused trouble and thus, were being chased – whatever the reasons, they’d sped off together and though they ran at different paces, they’d sometimes pause for quick seconds to look back and at each other; all smiles, laughter and youthful spirits.

Gutted. Absolutely heartwrenching and heartbreakingly epic, this one.

Bonus! Lovely MV of the drama (you can find Hyun Bin‘s version of this song too), though I apologize for the low quality video.

#2 The Eye Candy in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (2012)

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (2012)
Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (2012)

Bromance-O-Meter: Heartbreaking

Who’s Who: Sung Joon, INFINITE’s L, Lee Hyun Jae, Kim Min Suk, Yoo Min Kyu & Lee Min Ki

Case-in-Point: We all know by now that this show has stolen my heart – sheer, raw honesty and all. Though each guy really shone as individuals, together they were simply magical. In a world that thought little of them, they held on to each other like lifelines and in a heartbreaking turn-of-event leading to the demise of one, these boys went on to prove that friendship isn’t merely about who’s there for you – it’s about who puts you first, in spite of himself and despite your misgivings, love you wholeheartedly anyway.

So, so honest in it’s storytelling and deeply piercing – evident through select scenes in the MV below.

#3 The Adopted Brothers in Can You Hear My Heart? (2011)

Can You Hear My Heart? (2011)
Can You Hear My Heart? (2011)
picture credits to: kyotimoon @ tumblr

Bromance-O-Meter: Heartbreaking

Who’s Who: Kim Jae Won & Nam Goong Min

Case-in-Point: One of the best brotherly love, familial storyline ever to hit my screen, seriously. This one’s interesting because it’s a fair mix of heartbreak and happiness, balancing both with finesse to give us one of the best bromance in Kdramaland. Their bond, despite not being blood brothers and even after numerous revelations that could shake the foundations of their relationship, remained intact from start to end as they continued to have each other’s backs no matter the circumstances. Needless to say, their bromance was a thing of beauty.

My favorite song off the OST along with noteworthy clips of the two found in this MV – squeee!

#4 The Yin & Yang Best Friends of School 2013 (2012)

School 2013 (2012)
School 2013 (2012)
picture credits to: http://forums.allkpop.com/threads/school-2013.110822/page-10

Bromance-O-Meter: Heartbreaking

Who’s Who: Lee Jong Seok & Kim Woo Bin

Case-in-Point: If I needed to sum their bromance-friendship into a sentence, I think it’d be this: “It’s always been you, bastard.” Anyone who’s experienced numerous friendship fallout and fractures in those high school years could easily relate to these two boys, in that as teenagers we often feel too much, thinking an irredeemable action to be the start-all and end-all of everything, especially resulting in friendships that are beyond repair. In most cases, this is untrue and it’s wonderful to witness the journey of these two boys as they learn that their friendship, themselves and their very lives are dynamic: ever-changing. Though the essence of their earlier youthfulness could not be replicated, the newly-patched friendship offered the same, if not more, fundamentals: love, trust and having each other’s backs through good and bad times.

#5 The Love That Could Never Be in Answer Me, 1997 (2012)

Answer Me, 1997 (2012)
Answer Me, 1997 (2012)
picture credits to: kfangurl @ thefangirlverdict.wordpress.com

Bromance-O-Meter: Heartbreaking

Who’s Who: Seo In Guk & INFINITE’s Hoya

Case-in-Point: Oh gosh, this one – my heart, oh my heart. This isn’t quite a bromance, but at the same time, I wouldn’t be so quick to coin it romance either. Deep down, we all know that Seo In Guk‘s Yoon Jae and Shi Won were easily the One True Love, but the well-kept one-sided love harbored by Joon Hee towards his best friend, Yoon Jae, for many years truly was a thing of beauty: untainted, impossible and yet, unflinchingly sincere.

My favorite scene, as I’d confessed in my review of the show, was that final one when Yoon Jae moved out of their shared apartment and had recently found out the truth about Joon Hee’s romantic feelings towards him. That back hug at the doorway; no words were exchanged, but strangely so much was being said.

#6 The Jalgeum Quartet of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2011)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2011)
picture credits to: http://www.dramacrazy.net/sungkyunkwan-scandal-images/2310/Image/5406

Bromance-O-Meter: Entertainingly Epic

Who’s Who: Park Yoochun, Park Min Young, Yoo Ah In & Song Joong-Ki

Case-in-Point: Most definitely entertainingly epic, without a doubt. Here’s a well-balanced quartet that complement one another, giving us some of the most wonderful, I-have-your-back bromance moments and depicted so wonderfully, the sort of friendships formed during schooldays.

Plus? Of course this needs mention: the sub-bromance between Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki – epic, moving and such a hoot to watch!

#7 The King & His Sidekick in The King 2Hearts (2012)

The King 2Hearts - scene from Ep 10
The King 2Hearts – scene from Ep 10
picture credits to: http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/04/the-king-2-hearts-episode-10/

Bromance-O-Meter: Deeply Moving

Who’s Who: Lee Seung-gi & Jo Jung Seok

Case-in-Point: This is like Batman and Robin, that sort of chemistry and alliance – in the call of duty, an unlikely friendship’s formed. I loved Eun Shi Kyung from the get-go for always thinking and more than that, believing so strongly in Lee Jae Ha. If I may borrow a quote from The Princess’ Diaries movie to describe the two, though without the romantic elements, “You saw me when I was invisible.” Here’s an emotionally touching story of a man who stood by his King and friend long before the latter stepped up to the role and continued to do so, without once wavering, towards the end.

My favorite scene of the two took place in episode 10 in a very symbolic scene, shown above: Lee Jae Ha stood facing the portrait of his brother, the late king and Eun Shi Kyung stood directly behind him, almost like an armor. Very moving, indeed.

#8 One-half of the Underdog Dreamers in Dream High (2011)

Dream High (2011)
Dream High (2011)
picture credits to: http://www.dramacrazy.net/dream-high-images/2635/Image/8894

Bromance-O-Meter: Entertainingly Epic

Who’s Who: 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon & Kim Soo Hyun

Case-in-Point: I confess to having second-thoughts about putting them in here, but decided that their bromance, though not as obvious as all the others, did have enough nuance to be noteworthy. Why? They tried their darndest to not let a girl get in the way of their friendship and when this inevitably happened, they looked at each other square, owning up and facing the conflict head-on. I appreciated that, because it meant that the friendship mattered just as much as their love towards the girl.

#9 The F44 of A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

AGD ep20scene.jpg
A Gentleman’s Dignity – scene from ep 20 (2012)

Bromance-O-Meter: Entertainingly Epic

Who’s Who: Jang Dong Gun, Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Min Jong & Kim Su Ro

Case-in-Point: I have A Case against this show, as we’re all aware by now, but if it’s one thing it did right, without a doubt, it’d be the friendship between these four man-child played by these great actors. The first few minutes of each episode were pure delight because it showed not only the chemistry they have with each other, but also their antics that though it’s true that boys eventually become men – in each other’s company, men will always be… boys.

#10 The F4 of Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Boys Over Flowers (2009)
Boys Over Flowers (2009)
picture credits to: http://www.dramacrazy.net/boys-before-flowers-images/639/Image/7115

Bromance-O-Meter: Entertainingly Epic

Who’s Who: Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon

Case-in-Point: As much as this show’s’ been done to death in remakes and such, I do have such a soft spot for it for many reasons. Do I think their bromance encompassed all? Not quite, because I don’t recall any actions in which they’d sacrificed for one another enough for their friendship to be meaty and with substance. However, in the context of lighthearted fun and drama, this one’s definitely entertainingly epic!


Alright, this has been… epic, to say the least aha, and very fun – now back to work!

12 thoughts on “Timeout: Top #10 Pick for Epic Kdrama Bromance!

  1. Great post! :D Loved revisiting the bromances that I already knew, and am intrigued to check out the ones I don’t yet know. Friend, Our Legend has been on my watch list for a long time.. And it just got bumped up, thanks to your post ^^

    Also, loved the quote from The Princess’ Diaries – it’s PERFECT for those 2, seriously! <3

    1. Friend, Our Legend is GOLD. Really meaty watch – I can’t do a Round 2 aha – and it’s subject matter isn’t exactly the easiest to stomach but it’s so gut-wrenching. Ha, you know the quote too? Awesome! It’s stayed with me since those teenage days of loving the book hahaha.

      This post was so much fun to create, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :D

  2. I love the ones I know and am intrigued by the ones I don’t. :D Plus, I learned something! I’d been hunting around for “Friend: Our Legend” but didn’t realize it was a drama (I’d been looking for a movie). So now I can find it and watch it! (When I’m prepared for a gutting, of course.)

    Thanks for pulling these all together! (Oh! Special bonus — I thought I’d seen every SUFFB fanvid ever, but this one was new to me — so an extra thank you for sharing it!)

    1. Hey Betsy! You’re right about Friend Our Legend being a movie – it originally started as a movie starring Jang Dong Gun (I never watched it, but read enough about it to know it’s considered a classic) and then this drama came along in 2009 as a remake. Now there’s news about a prequel or something (movie) coming sometime this year starring Kim Woo Bin :)

      1. Ah! And thus is explained my confusion! Because I found the movie… but it didn’t have Hyun Bin listed in the credits and I figured I’d misheard or something. (That both the movie and Hyun Bin’s performance in what I now realize was the drama were being praised only confused me further.)

    1. Hey Catherine, noooo I haven’t but the show is totally in my list! I wrote this a few months ago and similar to my other lists, I think it’s kinda outdated now haha. But you just gave me one more reason why I need to tune in to Nine! ^_^

  3. The bromance between the adopted brothers(#3) was really strong haha. They weren’t even real brothers yet so close to each other. I think that’s my favorite one ❤️ And those gorgeous men <3 thanks for the post (:

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