So something crazy just happened…

If you didn’t catch on my undertones or through my personal entries, I’ve honestly been on a real emotional slump due to lots of reality check. The biggest clincher was of course, having been accepted to graduate school at Stanford …only to find that that’s in reality, only half the battle: funding is the real deal-breaker.

I’ve been trying for the past 3-4 months, but I’m at this point where it’s really looking very bleak that truth be told, I was just about ready to throw the towel, give in to reality and let God work His magic on my immediate future – that it clearly won’t be this, and that’s okay; I accept. No regrets because I sincerely believe that I’ve done all I possibly could in outsourcing and as I’d mentioned before, perhaps it’s the right thing, just the wrong timing. Redha – consent. I accept.

Then something crazy just happened…

So I was sitting facing my laptop as always, contemplating writing an entry about three hours ago… then an email came in. Scholarship was part of the title but I’d sent so many emails about this that it didn’t even register who this one’s from and all that…

Five sentences and she’d started with, as they all seem to do, “Dear N,  you’re a very lucky lady.” 

A minute of reading the content in entirety; ten seconds to sink in.


All the heartache, reality checks, doubt, worry and finally – consent to The Almighty… My God, I’m just… floored. Overwhelmed with gratitude and still trying to process this because in truth, this one’s The Ideal Outcome I’d prayed and prayed for, as well as sent nth amount of emails to inquire, knowing that I’m being such a pest but doing so anyway. I really love being their scholar; they offer such a fantastic package – yearly round-trip flight home, enough monthly allowance to live by (probably not now though, since I’ve been quoted ridiculously expensive monthly rent rates for California but I’ll fork out the residuals) among other deals – that MasyaAllah, this is just… fantastic.

Blessed, so extremely blessed, that’s really all I can muster right now, save for releasing tears of joy.

I can promise this much now:

I’ll wrap up this crazy term well, take a much-deserved summer break at home and – you won’t believe how happy I am to be able to say this with certainty now – I’ll see you in Palo Alto, Cali in September 2013!


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