Pimp That Scene: Episode 8 of Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love.

Something new I’m trying out, another blurb. It came at random, thought of primarily because as much as I love to assess dramas episode-by-episode, quite frankly I don’t even have time to watch more than two right now that episodic impressions are just… currently impossible.


Pictures always speak a thousand words, no? For this reason, I’m experimenting with this blurb; as it’s aptly titled, I’ll have screen caps of select scenes (I recently learned that I can do so if I’m watching on my iPad!), hopefully delving deep (or not, ha) on why these scenes are scene(heart) stealers. A note in advance though – this blurb will inevitably be spoiler-worthy, so do tread with care!

Pimp That Scene: Episode 8 of Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love

Since I’m really only following Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love (and loving it like crazy), episode eight’s a good officiator. Let’s jump right in to my favorite scene of the entire episode – which was chock full of great, memorable scenes I must say -, visually depicted below.

Jang Ok-jung fully concentrating on sewing Lee Soon's robes.
Jang Ok-jung fully concentrating on sewing Lee Soon’s robes.

Here’s Ok-jung, seriously concentrating on her task-at-hand, adorably handed to her by the King, i.e. Lee Soon in an attempt to be in her company. Needless to say, they ended up at the walk-in closet – or I think this is what the space is, cos if it’s a back room… it just doesn’t sound right since this is the King’s chamber after all – conveniently tucked away from prying eyes, gossip-mongers and of course, a particularly adamant matchmaking-frenzied Queen Mother.

In silence, they enjoyed each other’s company.

Lee Soon stealing glances of Jang Ok-jung!
Lee Soon stealing glances of Jang Ok-jung!

While she’s busy focusing on those robes however, he, of course… was busy stealing glances at her!

So cute, this two. (and okay, so hot, him).

What I especially loved about this scene was it’s tranquility – ease. Granted, she was trying very hard to downplay his presence but his obvious interest and glee were adorably affecting. I wish I’d taken a screen cap of the scene in entirety as well because this show, surely we’ve gushed enough about the lush, colorful and vibrant visuals! Coupled with the beautiful costumes… simply gorgeous.

Then of course, the ending of this episode. Specifically, this momentous, symbolic and sweepingly romantic gait…

choices, oh choices.
choices, oh choices.

I love what Koala had said in her blog, because I’d the same exact thoughts. By stepping down and into the dirty water, actively marching towards her and literally then sweeping her off her feet (and lips? Haha), he’s indeed challenging their different social statures. I definitely had not thought about this show being about choices as Koala had pointed out though, but looking at it from that point of view, I can see why she said so and why it makes sense.

More her than him, she realizes exactly her lot in life – fully aware of this from the very beginning, as this was one and the same aspect that had frustrated her as a young girl. Remember that scene when they were kids and she confessed to wanting clothes that can elevate her from her current social stature and he’d responded that the King can be exactly that robe? Something along those lines… But I’d loved that analogy, because very simply in this Joseon-era, it’s true. In short, she’s realistic – enough to not want to attempt claims at what she can never have, namely him.

Which is why and rather ironically, in a similar contrast to the earlier scene highlighted, his response to her steadfastness was purposefully affecting.

"The sky that you can't reach... will fall on you."
“The sky that you can’t reach… will fall on you.”

As Koala had pointed out, he’s making an active choice to challenge the heaven and earth, the norm, anything and everything else that’s determined to keep them apart. In this way, I believe he’s more idealistic, but damn if this was not a commendable move. This kiss was simply icing on the cake, because the motivation and meaning that led to it were the real scene(heart) stealers.

Bring on episodes 9 and 10, so excited!

3 thoughts on “Pimp That Scene: Episode 8 of Jang Ok-jung, Live in Love.

  1. You picked perfect scenes, I loved both of them! :) And I love how they contrast with each other — the tranquility of the first one (downright domestic) and the storm of the second… oh bliss. Such a good episode.

    1. I watch it through Dramafever, that’s why it works for me. Otherwise I guess you could always download and insert into your iPad through an app, avplayer! Sorry I’m not being very helpful haha, I’m not sure of other websites to stream

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