May 5, 2013: Reactions versus Responses.

May 5 apparently marks an important day in Malaysian history today, for many reasons.

Democracy they claim, is over. I’m not interested to talk politics – there is too much of that going on, as it is. What I am more astounded, marveled and shaking my head about is the reactions taken to Facebook. My news feed… Let’s jut say Facebook is not a fun place to be at today.

There is a difference between reacting and responding.


1) Taking to Facebook by changing profile pictures black

What is it that they think they are proving by doing this? Democracy is dead? Please. Five years of this battle and at the first loss, calling out defeat already? And you said you’re here for the long run…

2) Taking to Facebook to like, share and urge petitions to UN, US and the UK

The first sign of defeat and wow, open those foreign intervention doors? So much claim that they’re selling the country out – aren’t you doing this same thing, shamelessly spamming Obama’s and whoever else’s Facebook pages? Stopping short of depicting that we’re unable to save our own homeland, through our own means? Change is revolutionary yes, but last I checked, it’s also a ripple effect – if you’re going to react in this manner at the first sign of defeat, then stop now. You’re just shaming the nation in entirety.

3) Bashing others of different races, religions and at this point especially, political views

I get it: freedom of speech and all that. I get it: frustrations, anger and disappointment. There is no clean politics in this world, but perhaps a clean election is – I agree on this too. But do you not realize that by ridiculing one another and the politicians themselves, you’re stooping to exactly their levels? You’re not being any better a person than they are. Must it really be an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth? No.

The bigger person realizes that true, affirmative response lies not in subjugating to the same tactics as the opponents but through effective alternative means of awareness, information and the like. Take for instance, our very own prophet – if being a good Muslim or more specifically, moral and religious person you think you are -: in his years of teaching Islam to others, Prophet Muhamad (pbuh) dealt with plenty ridicule, slander and violence …but has he ever responded, has here even once responded in those same manners? No.

4) Mob culture

Everyone’s angry, frustrated – reacting. So you jump the gun too. Of course.

5) Claiming to be or part of “informed citizens”

Let’s be real here. The Facebook crowd, while in the thousands or millions, are mostly made up of urbanites or those with better technological means and such. Let’s be real – we are all of the same circle of low, modest, middle and upper class society. The ones we claim to be the “uninformed folks” – let’s be real: do we really understand their plights to claim we’re fighting for them? If we are the informed folks, then shouldn’t we be the ones to bring that awareness to them – not to our existing circles by taking it to Facebook where it’s already OUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, but to those folks we call “the real folks” or hey, you know what you call them, “the rural folks.”

Of course it’s noble to empathize, thus to take up the fight for them or so as you claim. But the truth is, even if there is change and it did happen, will you actually leave the comforts of your existing homes abroad or in the urban cities to provide for what you think they lack so badly? Let’s be honest here – how many of us really mingle with the needy, less privileged and folks outside of the cities and urban areas? You claim to be speaking and fighting for them but are you really, truly are? Really?

Remember: there is a vast difference between you think you know, what you understand and … Reality, the truth.


1) Intelligent rebuttals, reflections and moving forward through more affirmative actions

It’s not about crying for outside help the moment change isn’t granted – it’s in taking in the defeat and moving forward with different strategies and tactics. It’s about acting maturely and not brashly. I don’t have an answer myself on what would be the better alternatives to move forward, I’ll be honest, but I’ll damn well prefer this over the current mob culture.

2) Physical, affirmative actions

Do more than sharing those damn status updates and such. Do more than changing your damn profile picture black yelling democracy is dead. Do more than talk about it among your peers and condemning others who don’t have the same political views you do. Do more than these dirty politicians and corrupt system are not doing. Do more for yourself, for your fellow country people – not just within your circle, but top, bottom and middle of the pyramid.

Don’t be defensive, refusing to listen the moment it isn’t what you like to hear. Don’t be defensive the moment they appear on your screens. If you say you believe in this and is thus, truly fighting this battle – what is the first five years? Edison took years and hundreds and thousands of experimental bulbs before he finally achieved his light bulb moment. Mahatma Gandhi fought for crazy amount of years steadfastly, calmly and patiently. Be affirmative, stop the defensive if you truly believe it.

3) Be consistent in your principles and causes

If you say you believe very strongly about equality for instance, then be principled about it. Stop receiving those handouts of benefits and such, be consistent. If you say you believe strongly in the cause, return those scholarship money, incentives what-have-yous that you’ve received because you’re of that particular race. Claim no stakes on them – not in the past, not now and pledge for the future. Can you do that? Can you really do that? If you’re able to, then I’ll start hearing you out more seriously.

Democracy is far from dead buddy, please. It is alive, kicking and staring you right on right now, asking what more can you bring? How much more can you bring it? In what ways would you respond – not react, but respond?

Think, act upon them and be patient;

There is a difference between reacting and responding.


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