Way Back When: Mindless Fun with The Magicians of Love.

A little late this month with this blurb, but it’s finally here!

In truth, I’d struggled a little in trying to come up with the subject material. The motivation behind this blurb when it was conceptualized was to feature drama-related stuff/persons/issues I’d otherwise not discuss in general, or feature as a post on it’s own. I thought long and hard… then this show came to mind. I don’t know if anyone remembers this TW-drama, but a quick walk down memory lane might be the right refresher.

The Magicians of Love (2006)
The Magicians of Love (2006)
picture credits to: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/File:Magician.jpg

The Magicians of Love is one of those dramas that came from the left-field, when my teenage self was suddenly extremely addicted to way back when. It aired on the local network then but I’d missed a few of the earlier episodes; cue scouring the world wide web, having to pretend I understand Chinese characters as I clicked at random, desperately trying to find earlier episodes. Mind you, this was the time when subs weren’t as quick and videos not as easily and readily available as they are now. In other words, going through so much trouble to feed an addiction… le sigh, the silly things my younger self used to do. But I mean, watch this one and listen to the catchy tunes! Lame in retrospect but definitely fun times then, aha.

This is the one and only show I’d watched of Ming Dao – enough to know who he is now – and the only one that I’d watched of all the others, even the actress. Fun fact: I came across an article about the actress some months ago and it took me perhaps three takes to realize this was the same girl; 7 years later and wow, she’s so different now!

Back to the show… It’s nothing stellar quite frankly, but I think I was drawn to the premise; very much flower boys-esque with four guys and a girl. Of course, in true drama fashion, the hero’s the world-class jerk while the second lead was the quiet and kind sort. Predictable to a tee, but no one ever said that’s a crime, aha. Perhaps the only obvious difference (from the Boys Over Flowers series) would be that the premise was in a hair salon, which I’d enjoyed because of the different transformations, both of the customers and also of the heroine herself. In addition, the chemistry between the two leads, while nothing groundbreaking, was adorable, to say the least.

Here, take a quick peek into this MV of the OST – the four guys in this show are/were a boyband apparently, called 183 Club.

Personally, having forgotten so much about it now, I can’t attest on the show’s quality, especially in terms of storytelling and acting – it’s definitely not MARS level, that’s for sure – but not all dramas need to be intelligent to be classified memorable, you know? The Magicians of Love was a fun, cute watch.

I just checked – this show is apparently now available with English subtitles on YouTube. Go watch!

2 thoughts on “Way Back When: Mindless Fun with The Magicians of Love.

  1. Wow! This surely brought back those old memories of the drama “The Magicians of Love” and the boy club “183 Club”. I enjoyed this drama back then, but I don’t think I will watch again. I remembered the first half of this drama cute and fun with good chemistry and built-up tension between Ming Dao and the lead actress, Joanne Tseng. However the second half of the drama just dragged and fell apart.

    By the way, this is a Taiwanese drama. Since Mandarin is spoken in both Taiwanese and Chinese dramas, it could be easily confused by non-Chinese speaking audience.

    1. I’ll correct it, thanks for the clarification! I always wondered if it was a TW-drama haha. I can’t rewatch again but I remember until now being so crazy about it back then… Good times :D

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