major (writing) milestone.

Prof: A copy of the paper you worked on – you’re published!
N: Aw thanks for this! Super exciting. My first!
Prof: But likely not last! Congrats :)

Credited as the second author in a scientific paper – I’m (finally) published!

Major milestone both personally and definitely, professionally.

…but that’s about as exciting as news gets around here. My senior design just hit a major thud and I’ve exactly a week to get things together and in order. By that I mean, exactly a week to complete the final presentation and therefore, the finalized data. I don’t even know where to begin in trying to correct, because all my other projects are also up to my neck.

Sigh school, you weren’t kidding when I said I’d like to end on a high.

It’s busy ’round here, as much as I’d love to write and have a few things in mind. I’ve just been so mentally exhausted. More later.


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