Timeout: KPop Confessions… What Time Is It?

2PM, of course. Guilty pleasures, oh guilty pleasures…

I friggin’ love the choreography of this song, Come Back When You Hear This Song and those suspenders on Junho? Yum. It’s a song that I liked immediately upon first spin and watch. That said, it’s no surprise that it’s been my flavor of the week.

As for the second single, A.D.T.O.Y or really just All Day Think of You – it’s slick, alright. But if I’m to be honest, there’s a level of manufactured sophistication to the song, like it’s trying too hard, that I just don’t dig. Plus the falsetto towards the end by Nichkun …ouch, my ears. I love it as much as Come Back When You Hear This Song, but I like it in that KPop-catchy frenzy way, as opposed to being naturally attracted. Not necessarily a bad thing, but that sensual dance move? Hahaha cracks me up every time. These are fine specimens of men, don’t get me wrong, but it’s seriously like selling sex, the male version. It’s working hey, but it’s also oddly funny.

In general, I love it whenever groups make long-awaited comebacks. I’m in no position to judge, critic or whatever 2PM‘s comebacks and songs, having only listened to their singles – I hate Hands Up, to be honest – and seeing some of them in Kdramas and variety shows. However, if I may answer the question on whether or not this comeback is well-worth the wait and quality, especially bearing in mind, the fact that their album is critically titled GROWN – I’d like to try.

As a casual fan, I like the album overall, plus obviously enjoying the singles and loving the choreography in both; more one that the other, but I’ve been catching their live stages – always a good indication. I can’t remember the titles, but there are one or two slower songs in the album that I enjoyed and a particular one they’d sing live sometimes, Suddenly – so obviously an OST track, that it’s no wonder it’s used for Taecyeon’s Jdrama last year, but it’s a great one. Overall, as someone who didn’t really give their previous albums a spin… I dig this one, I do.

If I may bring another relevant topic though, personally, I’ve also always thought that Junho is overshadowed by the rest. Taecyeon and Wooyoung have obviously established their individual popularity through Dream High and other stuff they do; Jun. K is apparently quite the singer-songwriter-composer whammy talent or something along those lines (though personally his persona onscreen turns me off, because he always exudes this exaggerated swag that always translates to Trying Too Hard to me); Chansung‘s physical advantage quite honestly, is his height – he’ll always stand out in a group photo that I can’t help but notice him – and since the (abominable) Kdrama Level 7 Civil Servant, no doubt his market value and significance are now all the more apparent; Nichkun is an obvious standout being a non-Korean and all that jazz – again, I personally don’t find him good-looking but Second Sis positively flails at the sight of him… – which leaves us with… Junho, who caught my attention through the show Music & Lyrics spring last year when he was adorably paired with actress Kim So Eun. Those two were positively adorable and thanks to the show, I found out that he’s also a singer-songwriter-composer triple threat, but unlike Jun. K, he doesn’t seem – to me at least – to be getting the same amount of attention as his group member – which I personally think, is unfortunate. I’ll be honest myself – I think he’s got a great voice and is quite the looker himself, but for some reason I keep finding that he’s surprisingly forgettable when put together with his team.

For this reason then, I’m very happy that he’s given the opening lines and lots of them, in general, in both new singles! Not loving the knee-length pants and long socks outfit in the A. D. T. O. Y. MV but like I said, those suspenders in the other… Yum.

As an added blurb, legendary idols SHINHWA also has a new single and album out. I friggin’ love the album jacket – very, very sophisticated and damn right classy – and loving the choreography too. My only qualm, which is unfortunately an obvious eyesore, is this…

I know the above is from today’s live performance at MBC’s Music Core, but dear God… They look like… I’ll just say it – gigolos, or along those lines. The outfit, the patterns – no, just no. Unfortunately, though less aghast, the outfit is still a miss even in the official MV, which you can stream below.

So… 2PM versus SHINHWA? I love both and I absolutely LOVE Eric – so super sexy, this dude, that it’s a crime – but the former’s comeback is the one that does me in and is yes, my current flavor of the week. Regardless, welcome back all twelve of you oh-so-fine men!

Disclaimer: Featured photo is credits to http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/26589/20130502/2pm-reveals-image-stills-for-new-song-come-back-when-you-hear-this-song.htm!

4 thoughts on “Timeout: KPop Confessions… What Time Is It?

  1. 2pm was selling sex? Huh? Did I miss something?? Must’ve been real subtle.. hang on.. let me check one more time.. *watch vid in slow motion frame by frame* Hmm.. No idea what you’re talking about :P

    I kind of like and don’t like both songs for the same. Neither one of them honestly has a great hook, and the chorus just repeats constantly. However, I just find A.D.T.O.Y.’s repeating chorus to be cooler. But then, I have a thing for kpop idols singing falsetto… Done right, it just hits me on every level.

    Both videos LOOK GREAT! I’ve been hearing people speak of them as the best dressed idols in kpop, and based upon this I have to agree. Never really liked any of their songs before though. And I positively hate ‘put your hands up put your hands up put your hands up’ Ugh. It’s terrible. This comeback though is turning me slightly fangirlish xD

    Shinhwa… dear Shinhwa.. I can’t look at them. That MV, those outfits, somehow it makes the choreography to me less sexy and more – as you said it first – gigolo sleazy. Maybe it’s just their age combined with the outfits. Comparing them with the (albeit younger) 2pm comeback, both are mature and older kpop groups. But 2pm exudes their sexiness with little bit of class, and Shinhwa just gives me the shivers. Not a fan of the song either. And pardon me for saying it, but… how long have they been in the business? For such a legacy, I would’ve thought they could sing Engrish better. (“This love” becomes “dis love”) .They’re not rookies. Couldn’t they have worked on that line little more?? :( Just saying..

    1. Rosie, omg you never fail to crack me up!

      In terms of 2PM:

      1) I meant selling sex in the ways they’re attempting to be sensual/sexy/hankypanky-hinted vibe going on in the MV and choreography. Nothing NC-17, but there’s that air of tease going on. (pause) No, you didn’t catch it? Haha prolly just me then :p

      2) I’m soooo not musically inclined so to be honest I’ve no idea what hook/etc are – other than chorus, the other jargons are lost on me haha, which is prolly why I am enjoying the songs? I do think they’re nothing stellar, but ah damn, so catchy.

      SHINHWA –

      I’d a friend who used to LOVE them, so I heard some about them from my high school days. I think this year is their 15th year in the industry. They’re great personalities (think SMAP in JPop, if you’re familiar) and definitely exude a certain class that comes with experience, but I don’t think this single’s their best. HAHAHA on the Eng(r)ish though, which unfortunately I think is something that can’t be helped when it comes to KPop. Though funny enough, Andy is I think Korean-American (if he isn’t, he definitely spent some years, enough to supposedly be fluent in English and so is Eric). I kinda like/don’t like this song personally, but ugh the outfit is just atrocious!

      1. You know what’s odd about all those shirtless scenes.. These huuuge abs, and then their cute boy-ish faces. Especially on Wooyoung. Haha

        Musically, I just like a great chorus that has a super awesome and soaring melody. Something to get me fired up emotionally. What I don’t like about Come Back.. is that there’s no big build up in the melody. Just, same line on repeat. Probably why I like ADTOY better is because the entire song is already on a level that makes me squeal, and then the falsettos happen, effectively accomplishing the same thing…

        Unfortunately, I’m married to a musician and have at least 8 more in the family, so I learn a lot more about musical terms than I ever wanted to know (most of it though still goes way over my head).

        1. You’re lucky – I’ve no musicians in the house, haha. None I know of anyway.

          Agree on those shirtless scenes, and exactly why they’re not working on me (and I’m younger than these guys, so supposedly I’m to be shouting “Oppa!” and finding them mature aha not the case…) and those supposed sexual innuendos hinted in A.D.T.O.Y.

          But long story short – I think we just have different taste in music, haha! If the two singles are any comparison of our interests, but it’s totally cool. Variety in diversity :)

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