resisting change.

Uneasy; nervous.

I think I’m scared, of the winds of change. It’s funny, ironic as always – I’d wanted the term, everything, to end so badly and now we’re finally at the It Week, being the senior design presentation week and tonight I’m trying my darnedest to hold back my tears.

What is it with change that’s always so magnanimous, pressing and… Certain?

I swear I’m trying my hardest to hold back the tears.

“Right now I want a word that describes the feeling that you get – a cold sick feeling, deep down inside – when you know something is happening that will change you, and you don’t want it to, but you can’t stop it. And you know, for the first time, for the very first time, that there will now be a before and an after, a was and a will be. And that you will never again quite be the same person you were.”

― Jennifer Donnelly


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