Timeout: Pertaining to Lengthy Reviews…

I’m just wondering… So I’m well aware that I tend to write incredibly long reviews – okay, entries in general – but even more so when it comes to reviews of shows I love. Case in point: Tentai Kansoku and in cases like that one, I really do want to spread the love and have people read (as opposed to a show with a gazillion reviews in the world wide web) if they’re considering picking up the show.

Effective writing is effective reading, ergo keeping one’s readers engaged from beginning to end – not just skimming through, or at least that’s my hope. FYI Third Sis, for instance, thinks I’m always way too wordy to be effective aha. Ultimately I write whatever I feel like really, length be damned, because I’ve always been this way and it’s really emotional purge.

However, when it comes to Reviews That Count, I’d like to just do a quick check-in…

Would you be more willing to read if they’re shorter, in parts or you simply don’t care because it’s content/subject matter over length?

Many thanks for the inputs, happy Monday (no blues) !


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