Timeout: Oh My Hotness (Swoon).

If you’ve read this space long enough, you would’ve realized I really tend (okay, try) not to flail – or go batshit crazy over guys, in general. I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, but I’m not as soft and girly as other girls tend to be, that’s all. However, everyone has an Achilles’ heel and unfortunately (fortunately?) mine is… Him. Yes, him. Even with the pornstache, I know; sigh, love at long sight.

Just look at this cover photo below, Lee Dong Wook‘s latest – OMG I DIE.

Lee Dong Wook (Geek, May 2013)

Source: GEEK magazine, May 2013

PS In case you wondered why I’ve been quiet about Mandate of Heaven – it’s cos I’ve yet to watch it! Subs were ridiculously hard to come by for this one, only available recently. It’s a long weekend this week, so hopefully I’ll get to it once my senior design presentation is over with later today!


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