Timeout: Hmmm, That Winter, The Wind Blows…

…in heaven?

TWTWB ep 16-2

I’ve been mulling over this a little bit and also read a few random blogs about the ending of this show. Now I’m wondering and can’t seem to shake off this hypothesis – was the springtime ending scene a montage of heaven? That in truth, both our leads actually died and thus, here’s the alterna-ending?

TWTWB ep 16-4

If this is true, I’ll… still say this again – ah, such a cop-out!

3 thoughts on “Timeout: Hmmm, That Winter, The Wind Blows…

  1. padam padam was a LOT better in my opinion. I didn’t like the ending for TWTWB at all. Especially when so and so killed so and so (in case spoiler for some people)

    1. Did you read my epic rant of this show about two entries before this one? I totally agree with you that Padam Padam is the better (by a mile) of the two!) . For awhile there I thought the ending was coming along quite alright, and then sh*t suddenly started happening and all that. Seriously it was like what in the wha-? Le sigh. I know this writer is capable of so much more given her previous résumé but this show really in a way put a mar to that.

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