Pimp That Scene: Part 2 of Episodes 13 & 14 of Jang Ok-jung, Live In Love!

So I just spent 8.5 straight hours on the senior design report. By the time I’d (finally) gotten to the end of it at 840 PM, I literally went, “Wait… Where did the sun go? Was there even sunlight today?!” Legit, I did not even realize that Housemate #2 had left the apartment for 2 hours, came back, cooked her dinner – well suffice to say, I didn’t realize anything, really.

I’m super tired right now, but it’s one of those nights – brain’s fried, but mind continues to be on overdrive. I figured I’ll publish this, in case I don’t have time later today or tomorrow. It’s sad that Koala has decided to drop the show – sometimes I think she’s way too hard on a drama, but jadedness comes with experience and personal opinions and responses are definitely one’s own, so… it’s just what it is.

I admit I’m super bummed that Yoo Ah In apparently admitted he’s not getting his lovelorn character (thus acting as Lee Soon is difficult) because I really thought he nailed the character and pretty much hit the ball right out of the park in episodes 13 & 14. Personally and quite frankly, I was blown away by his acting in these two episodes; all that intense vibe he channeled, hot damn. I’m also a little bit bummed that I’m not enjoying this show as I ought to – thanks to Real Life derailments – but for whatever it is worth, though it’s somewhat on a narrative crapper at times with the direct mean streak from Queen Mother and our resident heroine, I still think this show’s very watchable, has potential and the romance is heart-tugging.

With that, here’s Part 2 of Pimp That Scene for Jang Ok-jung, Live In Love episodes 13 & 14!

Part II: Everything(one) in Between!

So our second (third?) lead finally made an appearance! Hello there, Jae Hee or should I say Chi Soo? It’s really been awhile…

JOJLIL ep13-7

But I like it that this guy’s got game – he clearly has A Hidden Agenda and seems to be swift in making his moves, doing business with Minister Min immediately and best of all, not letting the latter use him! Brownie cookies for ya on that.

Of course no second lead is without his broody moments, as we witnessed here. I will admit – I am loving and totally feeling the intensity from him! This broody look was smoldering, intense and upped the ante in the claim for Ok-jung’s heart – provided he still stands a chance, that is.

JOJLIL ep14-22

Sung Dong-il‘s character seems to be the outright baddie at this point but I’m indifferent towards his character, honestly that I’m just rolling with whatever the show’s giving me. He never quite seemed to be one to carry the pathos from the start, so I’m cool with him just being plot movement. However, acting credits must be given where they’re due – here’s him as usual, giving gravitas to an otherwise easy, baddie role. This expression? Oooh, he totally has something up his sleeves, just look at that shifty-eyed expression…

JOJLIL ep13-18

Of course, similar to episodes 11 & 12, this particular week’s episodes have also been all about the ladies. Oh the cattiness, contrasted with the beautiful, springtime backdrops time and again – oof, don’t you just feel the coldness which each lady’s every word towards one another?

JOJLIL ep13-8

In hindsight, I get it that In Hyun is not completely innocent, nor is she the outright victim in this not-quite-a-love-triangle where Lee Soon and Ok-jung are concerned. What I find most frustrating about her character though is that she is innately kind, which I appreciate, but she’s also ineffective and thus, indifferent. She knows things are wrong, like when Ok-jung’s mum was ridiculed but she did nothing, for instance. I get her anger, because even if she’s well aware of her father evilness – he’s still her father, which makes this a sticky subject. But what’s morally right is clear-cut, or so I believe.

JOJLIL ep13-11

In another instance shown here, she’s aware that the Queen Mother totally did something cruel – that not-quite-an-accident incident towards Ok-jung – but she kept truth from Lee Soon when she should have revealed it, in the name of principles you know? I get it – a rock and a hard place, all that jazz. But I think I could empathize more sincerely with her had she been principled not just internally, but also outwardly, the latter which I’m not getting from her from the very beginning until now. No wonder Ok-jung and Lee Soon have issues with her; it isn’t that she’s unkind, but… She’s morally compromised, I guess one can say. This below, is exactly why I love the scene and statement so very much – apt, completely apt.

JOJLIL ep14-10

But from the perspectives of a woman to another – I can’t help but empathize and sympathize with her. She has her flaws and is as I’d said, ineffectual because unlike Ok-jung, her actions are all passive, but… when she displays such sadness and vulnerability as shown here…

JOJLIL ep13-3

And keeps walking in on these two lovebirds – more than once, at that –

JOJLIL ep13-16

JOJLIL ep13-15 JOJLIL ep13-13 JOJLIL ep13-17

Surely… something’s got to give, you know?

JOJLIL ep14-18

Yes these lovebirds are happy and yes she not only doesn’t even stand a chance, but she’s also not exactly the strongest competitor either. However when she’s in tears like this – Hong Soo Hyun is totally bringing it, by the way – and the emotions are so clearly depicted on her expression: frustration, betrayal, forlorn sadness and just that feeling of unfairness and annoyance … It’s hard for me to pump my fist at her sadness. It doesn’t feel right.

JOJLIL ep14-17

Plus, I’ll admit this aloud – I don’t like Ok-jung lately. In fact, to be totally honest: I didn’t like her at all in these two episodes, hence no caps of her. She’s just cunning and spiteful at this point, in my opinion. I totally understand that she’s had to put up with a lot of shit from these people throughout her life that it’s no wonder, in fact perhaps even justified, that she puts them in their place now. However, I have issues with her keep being all about “I’m the woman who’s received the King’s grace!” – girl, I geddit, but he’s just a man. But of course, in retrospect – this is my modern-mind talking, le sigh.

JOJLIL ep13-4

Episodes 15 & 16? I hope you can get me back on the momentum of excitement!

I still love you Show, but you’re starting to feel like you’re requiring lots of effort to watch lately – not fun.

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