Timeout: Bundle of Cute Reaches A High in Dad! Where Are You Going?

Stop everything that you’re doing and watch this now! You need to! Trust me!

Why? You must be wondering why too – what’s written in the mission card here in episode 20 of Dad! Where Are You Going?

DWAYG 20-1

But someone’s excited! No, make that VERY excited, as evident below – Lee Taksu is so cute -:

DWAYG 20-2 DWAYG 20-4

The dad, actor Lee Jong Hyuk however?

DWAYG 20-3

Then we’re off to the next house, greeted by the most adorable 4-year old (5 in Korean age) to appear on my screen, who just woke up. Here’s Kim Min Yool, the younger brother of Min Gook. “Do you want to…?” The dad asked, “Are you sure? Mum’s not coming along.”

DWAYG 20-5But he says, “I’m all grown up!” and attempts to prove that by wearing his socks by himself… only to struggle with them and thus, concluded as such:

DWAYG 20-6

But once he’s ready to go, he’s such a bundle of joy and cuteness, coconut hair and all!

DWAYG 20-7 DWAYG 20-8

And off to the next house, once more. Greeted by the kid who’s a spitting image of his dad, that ever the daughter-doting dad Song Jong Kook. But let’s meet his mini-me Song Ji Wook, 6 years old (he might be 5 in Korean age) kid brother to our lovely Ji Ah. She’s so happy at this special turn-of-event, smiling and giggling all the way;

DWAYG 20-9

However, hilariously now there’s a twist…

DWAYG 20-10 DWAYG 20-11

At pit-stop house #4 which is none other than my favorite flower boy and ahjusshi pair, unfortunately little Bin could not follow due to a bad case of cold. When posed with the following question to Joon though…

DWAYG 20-12

He coolly answered, not even flinching –

DWAYG 20-13

These kids crack me up, oh gosh I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

At the meeting place, this family’s chilling and waiting. The three of them together is simply adorable beyond words and Lee Jong Hyuk in his dad-mode is so friggin’ awesome and offbeat that I love it when he’s with his two boys! They look so much like him, too.

DWAYG 20-14

Aw, they’ve come such a long way from the first episode – now they greet each other happily as friends!

DWAYG 20-15

And finally this little guy made an appearance, much to the delight and jovial laughs from the other dads. Look at his coconut hair, aw…

DWAYG 20-16

This little one, on the other hand, will break hearts when he grows older, I think. He’s got that naughty streak going on added with an offbeat personality and seems very friendly from the get-go, blending right in –

DWAYG 20-17

Finally the show kicks start – it’s yes, you guessed it right…

It’s the siblings special of Dad! Where Are You Going?

DWAYG 20-18

They’re required to introduce their siblings – those who brought along their brothers, at least – and of course, Junsu being his 4D self wanted to kid around … finally arousing the temper of Sung Dong-il. I really dig their camaraderie now, no kidding.

DWAYG 20-19

But Ji Ah clearly loves Ji Wook and dude, let me affirm that you can script many things but not genuine siblings love <3

DWAYG 20-20

And just before they’re all set to go, everyone tried to call their respective Mums… and not one mother answered… HAHA. Is it fun times already?

4 year old Min Yool however, got pouty and angry when the phone was taken away from him but his bundle of cuteness; dear God help me, I think I just died from the cuteness overload.

DWAYG 20-21

And my favorite scene of the episode is this – they returned to the village from the first episode and through a quickie game, verdict’s in that each family will stay in the respective houses they’d stayed at during the first trip. If you’d watched that pilot episode, clearly you’d remember crybaby Min Gook and that house, so while Min Gook unsurprisingly sulked like the world’s ending because he had to return to the same house, his kid brother on the other hand entered the bedroom, one small foot at a time, sat down…

DWAYG 20-22And…this! Absolute gold. I luff him so much.

DWAYG 20-23

And excitedly told his dad the following –

DWAYG 20-24

Like a BOSS!

There’s some downtime and we get to see them in their private spaces. In Song Jong Kook‘s household, the inevitable siblings rivalry made an appearance, followed by immediate (cute) makeup…

DWAYG 20-25 DWAYG 20-26

In the all-boys household of Lee Jong Hyuk, siblings rivalry has also ensued – here’s Junsu being comforted by Dad…

DWAYG 20-27

Only for them to keep going at it later! Haha, just look at Lee Jong Hyuk – hardly even bothered!

DWAYG 20-28 DWAYG 20-29

Now that they’re required to reconvene at the village hall, Lee Jong Hyuk and sons are early again – cue some jumping rope game, which these two turned out to be surprising pros and in-sync!

DWAYG 20-30

Meanwhile, of course there’s that dash of Hoo-variety romance in the form of some hugging…

DWAYG 20-31

And piggyback! Gah, these two are too adorable too and I love that Min Suk (Hoo’s dad) is so supportive! Haha, then there’s this running joke about Min Yool being an 80 year-old stuck in a 4-year old body:

DWAYG 20-33

More awesomely, how the brothers are so different! Dude, I know this type of generalization all too well…

DWAYG 20-34 DWAYG 20-35

Once the mission kick-started – though I’ve no idea why they paired the older and younger kids separately, you just know it’ll be disastrous for the younger ones! Poor Min Yool, who’s superduper adorable in trying to find out the directions, even calling the PD “teacher”!

DWAYG 20-38

When he tried to relay what he learned though, now that’s a different story…

DWAYG 20-39

The mission finally kicks in and as every minute passes, I love Kim Min Yool more and more.

But before we get to his good stuff, here’s some elementary school wisdom which is friggin’ hilarious; ah kids, they say and think the darndest things sometimes!

DWAYG 20-36 DWAYG 20-37

Now back to my favorite little brother who is just ADORABLE. From tearing up once his map got blown away, citing “It was an important paper…” (Fret not, Ji Wook saved the day by collecting it for him!).

DWAYG 20-40

To adorably trying to console a puppy whom he deduces as currently missing it’s mother…

DWAYG 20-41

To being ignored by his team (so mean, kids!) and falling down while running…

DWAYG 20-42

Only to take that fall like a boss! Kim Min Yool for the win!

DWAYG 20-43

You know you need to watch it!

PS If you need a quickie on what this show’s all about, go here for my first impression of the show!

Disclaimer: All screen caps are mine, but subtitles which appear are thanks to the ladies at Shia & Reagy and Djjang Subs!

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