Timeout: In Which Naoki of Mischievous Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo Finally Won Me Over!

You did it, Naoki! You finally did it!

MKLiT 9-1

What am I talking about? I’d questioned last time whether or not Naoki would ever break out of his robot-shell and show me some human behavior, especially where Kotoko’s concerned. Since that first impression, Naoki has continued to the grow on me but I admit I wasn’t taken by his so-called sweet confession in last week’s episode, “I don’t hate you.” In the decoded Naoki-language that of course actually means “I think I’ve fallen for you.” Similar to his decision to move out and live by himself, Kotoko can’t for the intelligence of her (bless her!) figure out why, but in decoded Naoki-language once more, this obviously means it’s actually because he’s now realizing her presence and perhaps need this separation to mull over this new complication in his life and what comes with it, foreign emotions and all.

Then it happened, this week it happened!

It’s in the quiet mulling – what he does not say or show in action, that really gives him away. It’s in seeking the little brother out, obviously trying to ask about Kotoko but going about the roundabout way (of course); it’s in noticing the little details such as that she looked like a zombie and walked pass him without even noticing him; it’s in attending the tennis club’s practice hours supposedly because he’s in the mood for a few rounds of tennis; it’s in trying to clear the misunderstanding by of course doing it in another roundabout way and finally, that icing on the cake – it’s in calling her by her first name like you know, it’s nothing.

MKLiT 9-2

Naoki, I’m so proud of you! Robot-shell seems to have finally cracked and I can’t be happier – apparently I was not asking for the impossible.

Plus, the preview? That last few seconds? #$#*^%@$@!!

Someone get me episode 10, stat. Why the hell did I decide to watch this episode during my study break, whyyyyy? Now the wait is going to kill me, argh. I so did not see that scene coming but ah damn, it’s going to be cute. Obviously whatever will take place, if ever, will be innocently PG-13 and very manga-esque, but if it’s one thing the show has done right, it’s in giving us squee-worthy cute scenes.

Since we’re on the topic of it being tonally manga-esque, I’ll admit that the over-the-top acting and scenes are borderline annoying… but saved by the hilarity of her expressions; gold, pure gold. Honoka Miki is absolutely 100% Kotoko, giving her all, and for that I say atta girl!

Last but not least where Mischievous Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo is concerned, imma just admit this aloud…

Furukawa Yuki, you are so bloody hot. Understated hot, but holy crap. So. Hot. Ahem. The end.

Anything else on the drama front will have to wait – it’s a busy, busy week. Busier weekend, which sucks balls. Not bad busy, more like annoyingly busy because I’m trying to complete all 3 presentations and 4 reports as much and as soon as possible. Plus I’ve been spending free times writing as opposed to watching anything – Jang Ok-jung, Live In Love is starting to feel a little bit like a chore… though I’ll be damned if I drop another show for the nth time this year – and the premiere of three new shows in a week – two of which are specifically under my radar but time damnit, where art thou? – I’m overwhelmed at my ever-piling list. And okay, I’ll confess too that I’ve been catching up on a number of Kvariety more than dramas – can’t help it, they’re so watchable and I can pick any random episode without having to think or miss out on anything!

I hope I’ll be able to watch the newbies after Wednesday next week though, because Jung Kyung Ho looks super sexy post-army in the teasers for Heartless City. Plus! I’m hearing (okay, seeing – though not really reading too much into any of the entries for fear of being suckered in or spoiled) so much about that Mnet version of Dream High, the kinda creatively titled (depending on how you look at it, because initially I honestly went WTF they can’t spell) Monstar. It looks mediocre but word around seems to say it’s got heart; ah, just the thing to pull me in. Let’s not even mention that I’ve not even gotten to watching Mandate of Heaven – my Lee Dong Wook! My guy! My man! My hotness! (okay imma shut up now) – despite now having the subtitles for the first three episodes.

Le sigh, you know what comes next, after all this bitching about not having the time to watch ’em. The age-old answer: soon…

Oh and this is totally random but I can’t believe it’s June – hello, summer!

2 thoughts on “Timeout: In Which Naoki of Mischievous Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo Finally Won Me Over!

  1. Lol I’ve been ignoring your post here until I finished writing mine on ep 9 (published tomorrow), because I try to write with as fresh a mind as I can and not be too influenced by what others write, and now I check in and see we noticed/liked the same things :P

    I really am impressed by how Furukawa Yuki just demands the screen. Honestly, I think he’s not naturally ‘hot’, like in how I look at pictures of guys and forget everything in my instant ogling reaction. But the more you stare at him, the better he looks, and his features just jump off the screen. It’s in how he carries himself, how he stands, how it looks at you, how he smiles.. hehehe.. Uhm. I’m stop now. :)

    1. Muahahaha you described Furukawa Yuki so well, exactly what I think too :D (he really is hot, though haha, in this I-don’t-care-if-I-am vibe which is strangely hotter haha okay imma shut up now ;))

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