Timeout: Meanwhile, On the Drama Front…

As usual, I’m feeling weirdly guilty about the non-drama related entries and feel the need to fill you in on the situation, because I’m quite certain some people check in to blogphilic specifically for the drama-related write-ups…only to be greeted by The Graduation Series and other related, emofunk personal entries.

Confession time: I’m not watching anything, hence I’m not writing about anything.

Or rather, I’m only keeping up with one show and it’s because it’s conveniently the only one that feels effortless and breezy – you know which one, there’s a certain Naoki in it.

I wouldn’t say I’ve dropped Jang Ok-jung, Live In Love but I’m currently not in the right emotional state to continue it. I’m afraid I’ll just come to hate it and thus, decide to stop watching completely. Not a good move because I think there is only one 2013 drama I’ve watched to completion thus far. I don’t know when I’m going to pick this show up again but I promise I will finish it and offer an overall review, when I do.

I have so, so many dramas on my To Watch list, i.e. all the new ones with Heartless City being my most anticipated one of the lot, but my free time has mostly been spent packing and or feeling so incredibly shitty that the last thing I want to do is watch a damn drama. As it is, I’d just spent half the day clearing my table – so many memories and this is my favorite spot in the room… – and needless to say, my room currently looks like a hurricane had just swept through it, appropriately echoing the uneasiness within.

Yes, it’s that phase when Real Life feels so incredibly real and palpable that no amount of fictional world can top it, so I am not even going to try. I can never say never about totally not writing about something though, because my write-ups here are all 99% on a whim. For example, I’d once said I’m going on hiatus and next thing you know, bam! Three entries the next day… Way to be dramatic, ha. So yeah, I’m not going to conclude anything concrete, rather I’ll just admit that I am currently simply being kind to myself – I’m in an emotional funk and a drama slump and that’s okay. Once this phase subsides and all this sadness I feel slowly dwindle, I’ll be back on track and hopefully, so will everything part and parcel to that.

I want very much to write something on Nobuta wo Produce and Jdramas versus Kdramas (broad theme) though, plus finish up The Graduation Series – but like I said before, I don’t blog with a plan in mind, not like Real Life. Therefore… I really can’t say much else. Many apologies!

I’m currently living it day by day, at least until I’m back in familiar grounds (and emotions, oh emotions!) in early July. Until then, I suspect that June is mostly going to be a month filled with introspective, random musings and plenty traveling.

I do genuinely hope though, that everyone is watching all the seemingly exciting new dramas and enjoying them on my behalf! If you’re watching Mandate of Heaven, send my kisses to my favorite guy for me!

(I’m kidding – okay, maybe not. Did you see his extra GEEK spreads, pornstache be damned? DIES)

Cheers and happy Friday!

Disclaimer: Featured photo is credited to goodange @ couch-kimchi!

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