art + engineering = Seattle!

Some photos are too beautiful not to share. Hello from Seattle :)

1) Here’s a glimpse of the iconic Space Needle, seen from the Chihuly Garden and Glass glasshouse. Breathtakingly, magnificently beautiful.

Chihuly Glass and Garden

2) My favorite of all the pieces – this one is inspired by ikebana.

Ikebana inspired Chihuly

3) Arches at Pacific Science Center on a particularly gorgeous day in Seattle!

Pacific science center

4) “Roots and branches” sculpture at one of the best museums (and I’ve been to plenty in different cities and countries over the past years both sciences and the arts!), the Experience Music Project museum (EMP museum). Extremely cool pop culture and contemporary museum, enjoyed myself immensely here!

Roots and sculptures at the EMP museum


4 thoughts on “art + engineering = Seattle!

    1. Rosie! No, just visiting :) will be here until tomorrow night, unfortunately I’m not gonna be living in Seattle. Almost makes me want to, though, the entire city feels so relaxed…

      1. Aww. Well enjoy the trip. I made it once to Portland (closest I’ve been) and woooww it’s such a pretty part of the country around there. I think I could easily live there. I like rain too, so it wouldn’t bother me that it’s usually overcast and dreary :)

        1. I’ve been very lucky the past few days – it’s been exceptionally sunny! Can’t escape the rain of course haha, but it’s been manageable for the most part :)

          Btw couldn’t seem to comment using the iPad in your blog (grrr) but I wanted to reply and say: 1) ugh I left a nonsensical comment – I’m terrible at using Swype… And 2) Furukawa Yuki in that video is cute haha, thanks for bringing it to my attention! He seems kinda rigid (nothing bad, just an observation) but its prolly just cos he’s shy. The entire video was just so much win though! :)

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