winds & sails.

James Agee wrote,  

“…You can go home, it’s good to go home,
but you never really get all the way home again in your life.”

The most number of drafts I have had sitting in my Posts section, it’s ridiculous. I hate blogging drafts – it’s a pet peeve. Still sorting out my thoughts, unable to write ’em out. Seemingly unable to write anything really, because I tried to continue The Graduation Series today and miserably failed at that too.

Write, scratch, cancel – repeat. Vicious cycle.

Will I ever be able to write them out and most importantly, what changes if and when I do? Am I trying to arrive at a particular answer? If so, what is it? Am I trying to convince myself to accept something I’m quite frankly, struggling to? Am I overreacting, acting all obnoxious? What is it that I seek to find and change?

Maybe… All in due time.


3 thoughts on “winds & sails.

  1. Sometimes writing to express your feelings can be like trying to row a boat in a typhoon with a teaspoon. Expression is meaningful even when the meaning behind it is unfathomable. Some people can’t even begin the vicious cycle of writing and questioning, they get too scared and walk away. But the people who viciously cycle on from one period to another come out just a little more wise and fierce than those who shy away.

    I appreciate your musing, it reflects the frustration and strength it took to write it.

    1. Your comment and thoughts here… so full of nuance. Thanks for deciphering and putting to words the feelings I’m unable to right now, I appreciate it :)

      1. I really enjoy your wonderful posts, so it’s a pleasure to read and respond to something that I think a good majority of us struggle with. When I read your post I thought, here is a writer who can articulate clearly even when frustrated. It was an honest piece of writing and it showcased your personality and awareness. Keep writing!

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