I’m writing because its been a rather interesting day for blogphilic. Nothing significant and not even important frankly, but fun nonetheless. What am I talking about?

Interestingly, blogphilic just broke its own record of best views today, surpassing 304 views clocked sometime last year to 322 views today, all thanks to – and of all shows and or reviews – the second loose impression I wrote about We Got Married: Global Edition. To be honest, given a choice I wouldn’t have wanted this to be the trigger, of all shows and entries because this show is just… fluff with nothing more or less but ah what the hell, I’ll take it and move along. I can’t say I’ve been watching it – this franchise tends to whittle away my interest as easily as it kicked in – but word has it the show ended tonight, which probably means I ought to recheck in and finish it.

I’ve been doing a lot of internal musing and mostly, funnily really, lots of TV. The best part about being back in this part of the world is this: Asian-oriented. Kdramas and the like are aplenty, more so than ever now in fact, that all the new KBS and SBS shows are aired within weeks of their live premieres in their motherland. Which means… I’d managed to coincidentally watch I Hear Your Voice, Shark and even a daily drama (yes I’ve seriously been watching a lot of TV this past week…) titled When Tomorrow Comes. I may try to put to words, my loose first impressions on them which I’ll give you a hint: favorable, but I wouldn’t say impressed just yet. I’ve also managed to (finally) fuel through a particular drama and finished it, just this evening! Take a guess on what it is – or not, I’ve promised an overall review which I hope to get to this weekend.

No promises because you know the alterna-tag line here is easily Anything’s Game …But for now I am extremely, like you won’t even believe it, glad to be writing again. The personal write ups will come in due time – they’re hardest of all – but I’m relieved to be articulating through words on (e)paper as I always have. I feel like my heart is back at ease, being able to write again however nonsensical and trivial the topics may be. The past week has been maddening, that vicious cycle of push and pull and countless drafts. It makes me appreciate this passion even more and relieved too, quite honestly, that I don’t do it on a professional basis – I don’t write for a living and that’s totally fine, cool even. Sometimes I truly think the key factor is to not overthink it, ergo to not overthink the process – which of course I do, because I overthink everything – which I hope I’ll keep in mind and really live by, this time around.

Have a good weekend and… Watch this space, I think I may be able to chug one or two this weekend if all is well. Keep the writing spirit alive!


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