The Summer Break Series: A Year Later.

Exactly a year later – I’m back in Miri, Sarawak.

Sometimes it’s not really the location that counts, but Miri for me personally – it is it. Here’s the place that inspired The Summer Break Series set of write-ups and most importantly, the place that humbled me. It’s the place that taught me the raw edges of life, the woes of my own community and country folk and above all, it’s the place that took away my superficial depth. I’ve been a different person ever since the brief but defining two months I’d spent here.

It’s funny because I’d started off hating and bitching it nonstop, but look how I am a year later! It’s been a crazy week, thus to be honest I had zero expectations about this trip but the moment the plane landed and I stepped on to the all-too familiar airport, I couldn’t contain my happiness. Once I was in the shuttle service headed to the hotel and of course, cruising along Miri’s one and only main road… It’s this same stretch of road, this same set of views, the familiar hangout places and more. Familiarity, an oddly comforting familiar feeling. I grinned widely.

So happy! Not only for the catch-ups I will be having with friends who are still based here but also, the quiet moments – back alone, a brief reprieve away from the noise and rapid motion of Real Life.

Exactly a year later and I kept my promise – I’m here, back again.


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