feeling: (super friggin’) ecstatic.

Excuse my language, but it’s been approximately 9 hours since I’ve arrived in Tokyo – I’ve walked around Shinjuku! I’ve had my first spicy tuna sushi! I’ve tried a matcha latte! I’ve gulped down few different kinds of ocha! I’ve happily shopped! – and still I’m just mindf*cked at being here.

There’s so much to take in from getting past all the Japanese flung my way – 13 years of Jdrama-watchin’ and… Nothing. Told you I’m terrible at picking up new languages! – and then just trying not to lose my cool (externally, internally I’m already 5 years old right now) being all “OMG I can’t believe I’m seeing all these things and scenes in person!” Plus, there’s also the fact that endorsement is the name of the game here so I’ve seen KimuTaku gracing digital cameras I were looking at, a giant ad with Tackey‘s face on it just down the block from my hotel here at Shinjuku, Kame and his (nonexistent) abs gracing Panasonic ad and whole bunch of familiar-faces actresses everywhere and on almost everything!

Mindfucked damn right. This is just EPIC.

We’re currently taking a break hence why I’m able to write this and guess what? I’ve switched on the TV and am constantly flipping the channels to see if there are any dramas I can catch, no subtitles be damned. Ads are another thing of wonders – I’ve caught Odagiri Joe, Miura Haruma, those AKB girls and pretty sure that was Aragaki Yui just minutes ago. Okay wait OMG HOTTIE AYANO GO IS ON MY SCREEN RIGHT NOW (!!) *ahem, clears throat* This is just way, way too exciting – Mum is side-eyeing me funny right now… – and I’m pretty much just soaking in this moment with a silly grin on my face.

Basically, the long story short is this: hello from Tokyo, Japan!!

I’ve wished for this for sooo many years it is just mind blowing, being here. Wow, just wow. I’m gulping down matcha drinks and desserts of all kinds all week long that I’ll be here, seriously.

Oh, before you ask – promise, I’m working on trying to get good photos!! Plus, I’ll blow kisses to all our favorites okay ;)


3 thoughts on “feeling: (super friggin’) ecstatic.

  1. *insert some Japanese phrase of excitement which I think I know how to say but not how to spell, so I’ll just skip it and say* Cool!

    Love your inner 5-year old. I get that way whenever I visit somewhere cool, but I’ve never really been to a place that I’ve been dreaming about for that many years. (Well, maybe Kcon in a few weeks). Looking forward to your pics. I’m imagining a giant Tackey right now.. hehe

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