Timeout: Mischievous Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo ~ fans, here’s for ya…

Guess where I was at today? Tell me you know the scenes related to this location!

Here’s the left side…

Left side Odaiba

Then the right side…

Right side Odaiba

And homg, the iconic Rainbow Bridge at sunset!

Odaiba at sunset, Aug 2013

Here’s Odaiba, beautifully located southeast of Tokyo and overlooking the Tokyo Bay. You might have also noticed that there is a smaller Statue of Liberty – which Eldest Bro and I found to be kinda funny, but it does enhances the location’s aesthetic overall.

The best part about getting here though has to be the monorail ride. It’s a bit pricey at 620¥ ($6.20) round trip but the view is totally worth your buck, trust me. The monorail goes under and then along the Rainbow Bridge, resulting in such a spectacular ride and view.

I’ll be on my own tomorrow to discover leftover parts of Tokyo still unconquered while Eldest Bro is off giving his presentation at the conference – excited! The heat wave in Japan is seriously crazy, but I won’t be deterred like I did yesterday when I fell sick. The goal is to look around central Tokyo tomorrow and haha, my gleeful side hopes to recognize more locations I might’ve seen in shows.

7 thoughts on “Timeout: Mischievous Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo ~ fans, here’s for ya…

  1. LUCKY!!!!!! The view looks great, sounds like it is worth it! By the way you must be eating a lot of good food too…did you eat any good ramen? *W*

    1. I wish I can tell you it’s been a great foodie experience… But then I’d be lying. When I was superbly excited to try lots of things, Mum was with us (she doesn’t eat any Japanese food) so we stuck to the most normal stuff we could – given our language gap, we also only chose restaurants with English menu! – like pasta.. Lots of pasta haha. She’s off to her own conference now (in Bangkok) but I fell sick last Saturday (the heat wave is INSANE here) and though I’m all better now, unfortunately I didn’t regain my appetite :( now the thought of anything raw makes me feel sick so I dunno if I’ll be walloping any sushi or sashimi tomorrow too… Sad…

    1. Hi Sara! *waves* How’ve you been post-MK? I’ve been catching up on older Jdramas and so far it’s been great. Happy to hear you’re changing your mind – Tokyo totally deserves a visit! Although I must admit that apart from Tokyo Tower and the infamous Shibuya crossing, honestly I didn’t actually recognize the locations I’d visited (at least to specifically pinpoint dramas and shows) but such a great trip nonetheless and there’s just something really cool about finally seeing a place in person, you know? I remember feeling exactly this same way when I first step foot into NYC three years ago – breathing it to life out of the books I’d grown up reading – but this TV-to-real life is a little bit different, this strange (but uncalled for) sense of ownership for the place because I see it all the time on my screen. Weird, but still cool haha. Hope you’ll get to visit sometime in the near future :)

  2. Hi there…I am actually in drama slump for a while now. So once a drama manage to catch my attention, it is hard to move on though I’ve tried with a few new dramas. Last cinderella, rich man poor woman, can’t keep me interested so will pass. Have high hopes for Starman and few airing/ to be aired kdramas Master’s sun and Heirs.

    Been backlogging your old post and just realize we came from the same country. Though maybe I am too ancient :) Yes it will be nice to have a visit.

    1. You mean you’re Malaysian too? *waves* but when you mean “came”, you don’t live here anymore? D’aww if that’s the case… I don’t know what you mean about being ancient, but I doubt you are :) I’m totally with you about drama slump – I’m still on a slump too, especially with Kdramas! Seemingly unable to pick up any to watch, though I’m eyeing Nine or Monstar at the moment. Maybe another Jdrama though… Hope you get through your slump eventually! I’ve been reading so many good things about Two Weeks that I might just pick it up and give it a go if the mood appears.

  3. How’d I miss this post?!? No matter — I’ve seen it now. :) So, so cool to see, in person, a place from a drama! Like it makes it more real, or something?

    (Also — sorry to hear you got sick. Hope you got completely better for the rest of your trip!)

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