lazy fun days (summer break).

I want to write, really I want to.

There’s Tokyo, Japan to talk about (and pictures!) because traveling is really only twice as fun when the experience is shared, then there’s that oldie Jdrama I am DYING to write about, there’s also a still-airing Kdrama (yup, I’m watching one) which is such amaze balls that I need to pimp it because more people need to know it’s worth, that Movie Digest I want to start on (my movie list is stacking up for real…) and last but not least, random in-betweens like thoughts, daily constant thoughts flooding my mind as this realization hits that I’ve only two and a half weeks left to be home before I am off, once more, Stateside to realize Dream v2.0.

But then I get lazy.

So lazy that these things circle my mind nonstop, yet nothing translates to the screen. If anything does, so far they’ve just been backlogged as drafts; terrible, as usual.

But I want to write, really I want to.

Ack, this holiday mode is tougher to fight than I thought!

So… Thanks for the patience and for waiting it out, hopefully I’ll be motivated enough tomorrow or Friday to actually write an entry to completion. Don’t worry it’s not you, it’s me – I must!


2 thoughts on “lazy fun days (summer break).

    1. Haha Betsy, that’s exactly what I thought too! Hence this filler/update post. This laziness is seriously something at this point, I’m just motivated to be a couch potato :p

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