Timeout: Dramas Check-in? More like Rants Galore!

I think in this two and a half months that I am home, I have officially certified myself as a Couch Potato Pro. Seriously, don’t tell Mum ha but today I actually spent all day just watching dramas (and a movie! Which was good!) until she came home near 8 PM.

I am officially and unsurprisingly madly in love, obsessed and so, so intrigued by Empire of Gold. I can never predict the twists and turns, which makes it such an exciting watch and coupling that with such layered, nuanced characters… I can’t wrap my mind and heart around the empire, but I can’t turn away either.

I have just watched episode 13 hours ago and I am… Floored. Gutted, heart-wrenched and mindfucked. I feel like Tae-joo has just reached the end of no return and damaged the one relationship he genuinely cares about to an irreparable point. Where to go from here? It’s crazy how humanly flawed one can be and crazier, realizing and understanding that these characters are not mere caricatures – deep and dark that they go, that’s exactly how far gone (and more) the human soul can indeed delve.

Mindfucked, but it feels so good.

Then I switch channels and flip emotions to Thorn Birds, a 2011 show starring Joo Sang Wook, Han Hye Jin and most significantly for me, Seo Do Young. The latter is just homg, my kryptonite; he is just so understatedly good-looking and sexy… But ahem, back to the show – it’s actually good, something I never expected. The rerun is currently showing on KBSWorld and naturally, one night I decided to keep watching. Cue the second, third and so episodes since it airs four times a week (thanks, cable TV!). Initially I watched it on and off though I did manage to keep in line with the central conflicts but this evening, I was there when the time jump of six years occurred in episode 10 and how each central character is thus changed – or not – by it. Now I’m trying to regularly watch it. The show is as I just said, surprisingly good. Mostly though, I’m just loving Han Hye Jin‘s endearing character, Jung Eun and loving even more the adorable little girl who plays her daughter.

This show errs on the makjang side somewhat, but so far it’s on the good side which is you know it – exactly my cup of tea. Now I’m officially, emotionally invested and rooting for the heroine to trump her childhood frenemy and be happy because she damn well deserves it! Plus okay, her character and Joo Sang Wook’s are just too damn cute and adorable together.

It rained as usual in the evening as it typically does these days and well, being home alone and everything, what better way to settle in other than by curling up to a good drama?

Though I can’t say if this one’s actually a good one… But I am tuning in and more or less, have finally reached the better parts. I’m watching a really old Jdrama released in 1993 starring who else? The man himself, Takuya Kimura and written by famed Eriko Kitagawa, one of my favorite screenwriters. Asunaro Hakusho (lit. Ordinary People) is interesting because it’s obvious that both the actor and writer were in their green years when this show was made. In fact, KimuTaku is actually the geeky second lead here – not the hero! – and the story actually originates from a manga, hence the plot isn’t exactly Kitagawa‘s original inception and brainchild but stylistically, it is definitely her, through and through.

What is friggin’ nostalgic is that I am watching this on VCD – dude, not even DVDs. That’s how dated my Asian dramas collection is and the other day when I dug them out, I felt so nostalgic and kept grinning like a fool. I found this one and remembered trying to watch it last time and failed – this time I’ll definitely watch it to completion. That’ll be two more dramas starring The Man that I’ve completed this year and can add to my list! Plus, another fun fact – this one has Malay subtitles and not English because I’d bought it locally (or it might’ve been the brothers really) many years ago. It’s been so long however, since I’ve watched anything, especially Jdramas and Kdramas, with Malay subtitles that I end up translating them to English in my mind anyway. It’s weird cos frankly, I’m equally fluent in both languages and very comfortably too. I guess habits die hard, is all.

To be completely honest, Asunaro Hakusho isn’t a great watch, but fortunately it’s not outright terrible. I can’t believe the show is 20 years old – twenty! – thus making the 90s all the more faraway… If I feel like it, you might get a review of this show. I love writing about oldies because sometimes I think we’re too hung up on anything and everything new.

Oh oh oh – I also found my copy of Mischievous Kiss, the 1996 Jdrama version! Can’t wait to get started on it, just cos I am curious how well-done or terrible this first version was. I’m hoping the subtitles will be okay, but considering the CD itself looks pretty sketchy… Can’t have my hopes too high, ha. Keep in mind this one cos if I can get through it in time, you can bet there’ll be some kind of write-up of some sort.

There are others I am watching honestly, like Boys Over Flowers (which is inciting all kinds of Way Back When moments!), Good Doctor and lots of older weekend dramas now on reruns namely Birth of A Family (I friggin’ LOVE Lee Kyu Han!!) but I’m mostly watching them on and off and purely out of leisure. To be honest, I enjoy weekend dramas but they’re typically much more fun to watch on TV and with company, so I tend to only watch them when I am home.

Okay, that’s it for now – gotta sign off as I’m getting two more wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, eeep! A week to leaving and I can’t fill up on Malaysian dishes, le sigh.

But at least I don’t have to sign off on dramas? Hee, the glass is half-full after all.


3 thoughts on “Timeout: Dramas Check-in? More like Rants Galore!

  1. Thorn birds was one of the most frustrating drama I ever watched lol I was so angry in the end, but it seems you are enjoying it, later share your thoughts please.

    1. Ah is that really? Awww am I thinking it all wrong then? Haha. I watched the first ten episodes on and off, so maybe that’s why I never felt negatively about it. Was up to episode 10 or 11 last night, preview for the next one looked quite interesting though it does look like it is headed towards makjang-ville haha. Okies I’ll try to write up a final thoughts or something post when I’m done! :)

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