Timeout: The What I’m Watching & Loose Thoughts version (so busy!).

This is a literal Timeout – I’m typing this in-between trying to settle lots of things, namely my 19-hour flight tomorrow back to Stateside. I will be in a new school too, thus I don’t know how soon I can get connected (PS Stanford, I know you’re practically where Google is from but wow, the amount of things one’s gotta do just to get connected), up and running online and better yet – actually streaming shows like normal without you know, getting into trouble … So yeah. I want to get this out-of-the-way, just in case I’ll be offline for longer than two days!

Here’s the What I’m (drama) Watching updates:

  • Empire of Gold is still… Well, gold, to put it simply. I’m at episode 15 and still loving it, intrigued as hell and experiencing that mindfucked feeling when I tune in. They’re married which makes my romantic idealist heart jumping somewhat, but realistically: I don’t think any romance is happening. Jang Tae Joo is frankly, a bastard and Choi Seo Yoon, while not a literal ice queen is… something close. Quite a character, these two.
  • Thorn Birdsmakjangville has arrived in this drama, lo and behold! Dad and I are up to episode 15 and we’re hilariously invested in this show. I’m sad that I can’t continue watching and completing the show with him – he’s always giving side commentaries which distracts me from what’s taking place on-screen but it’s so much fun to have a TV partner that I’m not saying anything. Anyway, back to the show – makjangville has arrived yup, which means there’ll be plenty of tears and angst and birth secret reveals in the second half. Not sure how excited I am to go through those (okay, not at all) but I am absolutely loving the Han Hye JinJoo Sang Wook couple because they are just too adorable for words (so, so sweet!) and especially loving the little girl who plays Hanbyul. I’m hoping to finish watching this through DramaFever once I’m all settled over there.
  • Jdramas – yes, them. Two of them in particular in fact, are just waiting for their reviews to be written. I swear they’re on my mind and I even have screen caps for one of the two but ugh, too many things are happening in Real Life to be writing about dramas. Hopefully once I’m back to living solo and provided the grad school workload isn’t too you know… Insane? Batshit crazy? Late-night overkill? Then yeah, I hope I’ll be back on track in due time.
  • Finally, remember I’d mentioned getting hold of the 1996-Jdrama version of Mischievous Kiss? Unfortunately, my CD came with Chinese and not English subtitles, so I couldn’t for the life of me make out anything whether audio or subs. Sad, so sad. Wish I have Housemate #1 to watch it with cos then she would’ve translated for me! Ack, speaking about her… I miss her.

And now, for the variety show updates:

  • WIN: Who is Next is still a guilty, guilty pleasure. I am watching it with my heart on my sleeve for all the boys, but at the same time you know it – I’m mad at myself for watching because it’s like I’m agreeing even if by proxy to this exploitation of underage folks, dream promises or not involved. I’m probably over-thinking but oh hell, how do I not when this show is filmed and edited so damn effectively? Episode 5 looks like it’ll be a hoot though with the appearances of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang as mentors – I’m looking forward to the kind of advice and wisdom they’ve to share with these boys.
  • Talking about the above led me to do some quick Googling and watching… BIGBANG Documentary. I’ve no idea that they were originally – or rather, almost – a 6-member group! And seeing how everyone’s such a dork, even Mr. G himself is both epic and endearing. I’m now up to episode 5 and there’s 11 in total but so far given what I’ve watched, the one who seems to be the least changed by the fame and (over)popularity is… Kang Daesung. He is hilarious, adorable and such a Wonder Boy! His gleefulness is infectious.
  • I’ve followed the Grandpa Over Flowers recaps at Dramabeans and loving them, yet funnily no inclination to watch the episodes for myself. This might change once Na PD gets Lee Seung Gi on board for the spin-off show, however…
  • I’ve also watched the recent episodes of Running Man – the last three, at least. They’re great! I think everyone, myself included, naturally over-expects whenever BIGBANG is mentioned – especially in variety land. So I admit I was a teeny, weeny disappointed that there was no name-tag rippin’ and Daesung and Seungri were kinda… subdued? More than they usually are on variety shows, but overall great episode. Most exciting of all: Yoo Ah In, the King himself will be guest starring in this week’s episode. Can’t friggin’ wait!!
  • There’s this fashion talk show hosted by models-turned-actors Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun called Style Log which I’m not watching, but caught last week’s episode because they featured… Kim Woo Bin and Sung Joon! They’re all buddies in Real Life of course, thanks to their modeling stints and the drama White Christmas and my oh my, what a sight to have them altogether being themselves on my screen. I had to rely on translated scenarios since there’s no subtitles (not that I know of even now) and there’s a part 2 which should’ve aired but I can’t find the video… Hopefully soon though, because guess who joined them? Kim Young Kwang! If you need a refresher, he starred in White Christmas too but is most notable to me as Ki Joong in Can We Get Married? He’s also currently starring in Good Doctor. I luff him, enough said.
  • Finally, you’ve got to watch the new couples of We Got Married, especially if you’d been a fan of the global edition’s Fujii Mina – Lee Hong Ki couple as I was. Honestly I’ll even say this… Move over Hongstar and Mina cos the two new couples are positively sizzling with chemistry! The first couple, Jung Joon YoungJung Yu Mi pair is hilarious and entertaining to watch because he’s the gamer/rock star oddball while she’s the nature/outdoor enthusiast so together they’re… Mismatched, pretty much. Or one would think but we’re all familiar with Kdramas – they love their opposites attract theory and this two is seriously giving that a run for the money. I am loving their offbeat banter and looking forward for more. The second couple is the Yoon HanLee Seo Yeon pair and they are just… oh my goodness, so organic and romantic. He’s a pianist who’s all prim and proper (strikes me as that, at least) and she’s an actress who’s played lots of roles but is in Real Life, apparently quite awkward and candid. They’re both of marrying age and seem to be really, like super-duper serious about this show – as if it’s the real thing! – that honest to God, I hope they’ll seriously make it to the altar in Real Life because I don’t know, I could be wrong but that first 20 minutes of them together? Hot damn, sparks – they are definitely flying. My heart was beating a mile for them and I was grinning like a loon while watching! What gets to me about both couples and the primary reason I’m digging them so much immediately following the first episode is that all four of them as individuals are rather peculiar and offbeat, making them totally entertainment material but here’s the thing: they’re not made by entertainment. You get what I mean? Take Jung Joon Young for instance – he’s… unkempt and quite an oddball, but that’s obviously who he is and not some persona he’s playing for show. Long story short, best decision I made all week – deciding to randomly watch this show again!

On a final note, I’ve been reading again. Namely, I’ve been revisiting some of my old books – I’m hit with waves of nostalgia, laden with the reality check that I’ve come so far from the girl I was. Plus there’s just this odd but comforting feeling about one’s own old books, don’t you think so? That feeling of protectiveness towards them and finding beauty in the dog-eared pages, the brown at the edges papers. My messy handwriting as a teenager, recording my name and year in select books I valued the most then. Now I look back at them and smiled to myself.

That’s it folks, next time you see me back here again I’ll be halfway across the globe again in a completely new, supposedly highly intellectual setting! Nervous. Okay gotta run, so many things to do and so little time! See you when I see you next, keep me in your prayers please for good things to come because I’ll be needing them as I learn to re-adjust once more!


5 thoughts on “Timeout: The What I’m Watching & Loose Thoughts version (so busy!).

  1. I’m refusing to watch WIN, just so I don’t subject myself to the headache. You’ve got me curious about the new WGM now though… (Congrats..) but I’m scared.. Do I take the plunge, or don’t I? Why is the decision to watch Korean variety such a nail-biting endeavor?
    White Christmas is sooo close to being my next drama… I can’t wait. XD

      1. You are here! I wanted to spaz soooo much to you about the new couples in WGM, you gotta give them a watch! :D I think they are totally your cuppa :) though I just read SB today and the author mentioned that apparently pianist dude acted exactly the same way with a blind date special recently so… maybe more real meets reel again sigh. We’ll have to wait and see. WIN is totally a heartache, but damnit so addicting and heartfelt! Worth a watch but I suspect you’ll end up feeling kinda guilty the way I do… White Christmas has so much pretty! The story is one for the books for many… But not me. Wasn’t sold or taken, but don’t let me stop you haha. It might just be the right kinda drama for you now, who knows :)

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