Timeout: Smile Again, you know it.

Smile Again.

Absolute perfection – catchy as hell, meaningful and testament of what they’re made and capable of.

Team A needs to fucking win, that is all.

Enjoy the clip, and replay it a million times as I do (the vocalists are just eargasm).


7 thoughts on “Timeout: Smile Again, you know it.

  1. Nope nope.. Not watching.
    I’ll probably break sometime in the coming weeks and marathon it all – maybe it won’t hurt because I already follow the news (sort of) of which Team’s winning each challenge. By the way, how long until this whole thing is over??? *she asks like a scaredy-cat*

    1. It ends in 2 weeks! So you’re just about at the right time to marathon it all :) You will LOVE Mino, I think. I love everyone in Team A at this point help I’m completely hook, line and sinker suckered in…

    1. Oh noes, I thought we agreed you’d marathon it when it’s over! What propelled this move and more importantly, thoughts? Share! I’m all ears :)

      PS I’m dying at the moment with not enough time Real Life-wise (two midterms next week and two homework #_@+@!*%$ but I plan on watching episode 9 tonight and write another Timeout post on it (cos I’m… obsessed? Addicted? Both?) so you can add on then too! :D

      1. Basically because I have no willpower haha. And, I like to watch myself suffer.
        Also- I marathoned (on hyper fast forward mode) a couple sucky dramas, and then I was annoyed by the whole drama-universe and wanted something different. Since I don’t watch varieties, I had no other options. And therefore.. curiosity go the best of me. It wasn’t toooo bad on me because I already knew the results of each judge/audience vote. That’s not to say I didn’t cry once or twice (or lots of times). Now though the final episode is gonna be hell… Anyways, I thought you might need some company in that hell, Lol. xD

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