Timeout: The Feels! The Feels! So Close at D-2.


Why are you guys so endearing?? Why??! Just look at what YG released today, ah damnit.

Team A Thank You Message

Psst thanks to this – or not? I don’t know… – my midterm this AM did not go well. Moving along now.


4 thoughts on “Timeout: The Feels! The Feels! So Close at D-2.

  1. This was so random; when I saw it pop up on Facebook i wasn’t sure if it was real or not, lol. I didn’t even know YG paid a whole lot of attention to their international audience considering it’s presumably mostly Koreans who are voting.

    1. Oh hey! Honestly I’m more surprised if they don’t know there’s such a large international base given the way they’ve been promoting (in English, on FB and YT which are easily accessible and knowing the show’s been sold and aired to other countries) but voting-wise I think the Koreans definitely are the majority – which is expected. This picture/thank you card thing is so cute though! I grinned like crazy when I saw it. They really love the Polaroid, that’s for sure haha cos I feel like I’m seeing them everywhere.

  2. Alright, so I was gonna come over here and be like “It’s all right… *hugs*” but then I just watched all of ep 9 finally and now I’m a ball of anxiety… OMG ITS GONNA BE OVER~! *sobs*

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