Timeout: As I Count Down to D-1, Thoughts on Team 11 & More.

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record player, but dear God I am EXHAUSTED.

I’ve been so bogged down with studying, studying and more studying. When I’m not doing that, I’m buried deep in problem sets and if that’s not the case, I’m in and out of classes, TA and prof office hours and group studies. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s the adjustment phase, or it really is this that I am hypothesizing: the Stanford culture is seriously HARD WORK. Is it just me or it’s true that people really WORK over here?!

It’s either I am a slower learner – probably true – or I’ve gotten very rusty with the materials I’m learning in my three classes. See? I’m only taking three classes – normal and considered light in an MS program – without any active involvements in research or extracurricular activities but dear God, my hours in a day, where are they?

FYI I’m giving up precious sleeping hours to write this, my eyes can barely open now…

As I’d mentioned before, this is midweek which obviously means midterms week. I had one on Tuesday, another bright and early (snark) at 8 AM on Friday and likely the hardest one next Monday at 11 AM. More chemistry fundamentals, ugh. So not looking forward to either two, but at the same time I can’t wait to get them over with because more than needing my sleeping hours back, I need a semblance of a life handed back to me, thank you very much. The past couple weeks have seriously been a blur and I’m nearing mental fatigue.

Finale Poster WIN

As we all know by now, I’ve been doing crazy, mental head-count in my head on WIN: Who Is Next, the only show and source of entertainment, apart from the usual gazillion articles and blogs I peruse daily over breakfast, during shuttle rides and in-between classes. I did the math yesterday and realized that when I wake up at 6ish on Friday, there’ll be half-hour left to the finale. By the time the clock over on my side of the world here hits 7 AM, by right Team A WINNER would’ve been announced. Do I dare? Should I find out prior to my exam? Should I wait or should I, for my sanity’s sake, rush to the news portals immediately? As of now, I don’t know.

More goodies today, or one really and boy, are they all looking smoking hot. The black-and-white quality not only gives the below teaser a slick feel, it also ups the drama factor which I am so, so digging. My only qualm – why the hell did they feature the four Team A boys but cut Kim Jin Woo‘s bit? Hey, that’s not fair!

I haven’t forgotten – the other day a reader, Mel, dropped by and left a comment with some questions. I thought they were very interesting and wanted to discuss (and answer) in an entry. Plus, since we’re all anxiously waiting, I figured I’ll give you some reading material!

Here’s Mel’s first question:

win 11 episode 9

What’s your personal opinion on if they debut as 11 members?

Honestly what immediately comes to mind once I read her comment was this: to answer her questions (more below), it would need me to actually know these boys personally! Which obviously I don’t (unfortunately) and… I don’t believe in this outcome to begin with, so consider my answers below as an alterna-reality of sorts.

My personal opinion – I’m not a supporter of Team 11 or whatever the acronym and nickname that’s been given to mean letting both Team A and Team B to début in this near future. My stance on this is firm – I’m not wishy-washy, just as I’m not with my open support and (desperate) wish that Team A wins.

I don’t believe so for many reasons, but if I’m to pinpoint a primary reason it is perhaps that I believe in the spirit of a competition, which is what this (show) is all about. The only thing that sucks with this particular competition is that it involves dashed dreams and a set of highly talented boys stepping on the dreams and hopes of another set of equally talented boys. A second reason is that I really like the dynamics of the existing Team A and see no need for a change in members line-up. In addition, I really don’t believe this is the end for the second-place team because YG CEO, for all his faults, is a money-minded business person, that much I’m certain. I highly, highly doubt he will let the talent and now-popularity and recognition of the rest of the boys to go to waste or perhaps even worse, to be taken away by other entertainment companies. Therefore in my mind, the question comes down to timing. I might be wrong and if I do, I’ll just eat my words later when the future reveals itself to us all.

HanBin (BI) WIN

Do you think Hanbin (B.I) would be the automatic leader?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

The long answer is – and I’ve meant to mention this in my earlier thoughts entries but unfortunately, got sidetracked with Team A – from Day 1, I’ve found B.I. to be a strong character (especially more so for guys his age) with a seemingly unshaken sense of self. More than anything though, he is definitely a strong leader. I don’t know if he’s a natural leader but this fact matters little because if he isn’t, well he’s definitely developed and honed his leadership skills over the years. I say this because the show really demonstrated – with significant, successful outcomes I might add – that he’s totally a leader, wholeheartedly embodying this role that’s been given to him ergo not just acting like one but literally living, eating, breathing and molding his character around it. A strong leader isn’t just someone who’s able to keep the members in-line, but someone who’s also able to be upfront and firm when the situation calls for them, which we’ve seen him do many times. So in this alterna-reality of Team 11 happening, I can totally foresee him as the leader despite his young(er) age because where he might lose out in that, he makes up for it through his strong character and leadership skills.

NamTaeHyun WIN

Would his aggressive personality clash with Tae Hyun and Seung Yoon’s more sensitive/quite ones?

Very hypothetical answer because again, this is like trying to answer about someone I know personally – I wish I could say I know them all personally, but unfortunately Real Life isn’t that kind le sigh. Based on what we’ve glimpsed of the boys in the past nine episodes, my short answer is yes… and no. It’s hard to say, really.

The long answer is it’s because I think there will definitely be conflicts and them Koreans with their crazy – okay, not crazy but you know what I mean – hierarchy-by-age culture thing (which is common in Asian culture generally and I would know, being one myself, but there’s definitely more emphasis on age in the Korean culture), my guess is they’d clash often in the beginning but eventually things will sort out and bonds will strengthen again.

When I mention clash though, I’m thinking of general conflicts like differences in opinions, not so much in this introvert versus extrovert because personally, partly why I like the boys of Team A so much is because three of five namely Nam Tae Hyun, Kang Seung Yoon and Song Minho have shown us they’ve very strong sense of self in themselves, both as persons and as musicians. I find Tae Hyun and Seung Yoon to be the gentler, quieter kind but they’re not timid – huge difference. I feel like they’re the type of people who have no problem speaking up when the situation calls for it and will steadfastly keep the other party in line based on their self-assurance i.e. the way they carry themselves, so in terms of personality clash – nope.

Bobby BI &Team B WIN

Would Bobby and B.I. be too hip hop?

Short answer – maybe.

Long answer – maybe. Aha, I don’t know. I confess to really liking them and thinking they’re madly talented (and could totally début as a duo) but I’m not a hip-hop fan – what little I know about it isn’t representative of the genre . They have the attitude and swag almost down to a pat – they’re still lacking originality, is what I think – but music-wise, I don’t think I’m in any position to extend an opinion. I will say that I really believe in experiences through time though, meaning that I do believe that give them a few years to learn and develop their musical crafts and I think whatever they choose to do, they will rock ’em down and proud.


Do you think the age differences would matter if they were 11 members?

Short answer – maybe.

Long answer – I’m really not sure! Again, as I mentioned earlier about Korean and their hierarchy-by-age culture, I think this is inevitable but honestly even if we were to factor this out, I think age differences issue is an inevitable, natural conflict. They’re all not that far apart in age though honestly, so I would think that once they’ve their dynamics as a group established, this is not an issue. Plus, if they’re older years from now (hypothetically speaking, of course) honestly once you’re in your twenty-somethings as a group, it’s not a big deal.

And those were Mel’s questions. Thanks again for the questions and your kind words!

Quick Semi-Announcement

Finally, before I call it a night, an announcement-of-sorts: I’ll post the Timeout for tomorrow too, D-0 or D-Day after all, eeep! Although frankly being 16 hours backwards from Korea, it’s still D-1 for me but anyway – that entry will be up tomorrow and I just want to let you know that I’m thinking of it as a thread of some sort.

I know there are lots of threads all across the World Wide Web on WIN: Who Is Next – we’re all emotionally invested, yo – but in the event anyone feels the need to spazz, dissect, scrutinize or basically, externalize any thoughts or emotions about the finale whether pre-, during or after and don’t have Twitter (like me) or don’t like other threads (I dislike intensely the Allkpop comment sections but quite enjoy the one at onewomansubs) – the comment section of the post will be all yours! I’ll join in the fun once I’m done with my hour-long midterm.

It’s just something I thought of thanks to Huaxin and frankly, no idea if anyone will really write anything there (apart from Rosie of course, but she and I go way back by now in our spazzing over lots of things and people in dramaland and Kvariety haha) but either way it’s not an issue to me. I just figured I’d put it out there cos I love to chat over here, but I realize it’s a bit inconvenient to do so because there’s no specific Contact Me page or chat box – not that I’m gonna create these, FYI so hence this one-time semi-announcement.

That Timeout will be up tomorrow, definitely before the end of the day. I hope YG Entertainment releases a last batch of goodies – whatever they are – so I can put it up here to nicely end my countdown.

Whatever it is, keep steady and don’t let the anxiousness take over! And oh, make sure you VOTE!

Team A 2.

Disclaimer: All official photos belong to YG Entertainment. The screen cap of the eleven boys is thanks to Rosalen Winchester @ onewomansubs thread.


2 thoughts on “Timeout: As I Count Down to D-1, Thoughts on Team 11 & More.

  1. I remember well, how you can just lose hours and have no idea where they went. It’s actually in these kinds of situations that I don’t miss university. Sometimes I’ll be at work thinking “man, I miss the 3 month holidays I used to have”, but then I remember all of the essays and presentations and researching and studying and just think “nah, work is fine”, lol.

    You’re right in that if they were ever a Team 11, B.I would be leader. Which is hilarious considering he only just turned 17. Like, literally 2 days ago. He’s so so young. But he acts like a leader. I do wonder though. When Team A wins, is B.I going to blame himself or the team for their loss? I can actually see him blaming the members for not being as perfect as he tried to make them be.

    I’m lucky enough to be able to watch it live because I’m only 2 hours ahead of Korea so i’ll check in on your post after the show, both to commiserate with fellow B fans and to congratulate fellow A fans, lol. It’s going to be hard to know whether i should be smiling or crying…

  2. I’m with you on the “stakes gotta count” theme.
    I wish I knew more about each member to really think about all these questions a little deeper, but then apart from the feels this show has inadvertently rammed down my throat, I’ve purposely tried to my hardest NOT to get attached. Which means, A got to win.. Bc they’re the only ones I like. If B wins, I’ll eat my words and learn to love them.. But…

    I’ll be watching live tomorrow morning, barring Internet failure. See you on your “thread”!

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