Timeout: [Open Space] The Big WINNER Reveal on D-Day!

I’m deep in my notes and course materials – totally screwed my first midterm, so tomorrow’s midterm is no sh*t I’ve to score it otherwise I’m really in trouble – so I’ve nothing more to say except it’s D-day! It’s finally here!

This is history in the making and we’ll all be part of it. Kinda cool, but also bittersweet.

WIN D-day poster

My plan is to actually watch the 2-hour finale only when subs are released (so, Saturday night on my side) but I’m definitely gonna find out who wins once the announcement’s made. All I’ve to say is – it BETTER be Team A.

This space here is all yours to rant, spazz – whatever you feel like! I just hope there won’t be (sad) tears.


39 thoughts on “Timeout: [Open Space] The Big WINNER Reveal on D-Day!

      1. Oh noes you guys! Was it really heartbreaking cos the second team REALLY will be disbanded? Or just the emotions all around? Why does this finale not sound like a happy one :(

        (Plus who won? Do I wanna wanna know who won??!)

          1. Ahhhhhhhh I don’t know! My test is in 40 minutes what if it’s not good newsssssss. I’m trying not to click those news portals or the Team A blogs hahaha. OMG ahhhhhh okay, you can tell me but leave out all the good stuff till we watch them with subs :D I hope those self-composed songs were epic!!!

  1. Well that was the saddest thing I’ve watched in a while. Yeah, 11 boys sobbing on stage, just what I want to see. I thought I was going to be happy for A and sad for B, but i’m actually just sad all around. That was horrible, lol

    1. I’ll 2nd that as the saddest thing ever…. especially B.I.’s rap solo-nearly lost it when he went down on his knees. And I was routing for Team A. *sobs*

        1. I didn’t expect it, but Seung Hoon was the one who really killed me on that final stage. Right after Mino. And seeing Bobbys mom.
          Though, I was really glad KSY became team A’s leader and therefore got to do most of the talking. I think Mino cried for 15 minutes straight.

            1. Exam (for today) is done, time to spazz!!!!! I can finally YT and read up on stuff though I might really just wait until subs are out to be surprised and totally in the moment

  2. You should just watch it all and screw subs. (I almost didn’t want to hear what was being said anyways).
    Did the exams go well? You weren’t too freaked out thinking about all this?

    1. I really totally screwed (received the exam back yesterday) the first one the other day :( but this AM’s one was okay. I thought it went well :) it’s a shorter one too at 50 mins (the first one was 2 hours and my goodness the exam was long…) so I think that helped a lot – do it quick, don’t think about anything else!

      Now I can spazzzzzz !!!! I’m so happy they won (just from news ie not watching the finale yet cos I think that will change things), but the crazy, hardcore stans from fan girls the world over in threads and stuff are my god, scary! I peeped in at onewomansubs site and holy moly… People are taking this way, way too seriously in a way that’s overboard. I think I’ll watch it raw tonight :D I’m curious though, after reading all those discussions… what are your thoughts about:

      1) the finale being scripted?
      (My answer, not surprised if there’s a 50% predetermined thing)

      2) “Team A especially Minho and Taehyun will grow enormous egos cos of all the love and attention they’ve been receiving! They won’t be the same Team A anymore!”
      (Seriously someone or a few said this)

      1. Glad today’s went better!
        I refuse to look at comments anywhere- probably for the reasons you mentioned. Ugh.

        1) It’s possible. What’s NOT possible with giant companies like this? They don’t actually show the vote numbers like they did for the other 2 audience rounds, but then- what’s a number. Those can be manipulated too. Does it bother me that there’s such a probability? Yes, a bit. But because we’ll never know- I’m not going to purposefully lose sleep about it. It wouldn’t surprise me if debuting Team A first was always YG’s plan. They’re older, more mature, blah blah blah.. and the news that he’s not going to kick out Team B from the company wholesale makes me think that, however cruel this whole affair was, Team B members have gained immense experience. I hope to see them again.

        NOW- If this was a planned thing, that’s one thing. However, I truly think the audience vote would’ve always gone for Team A. I know it was always close, but despite having a few weak spots, they were better overall in vocals especially, and in the level of their self-compositions and choreography, despite not being the better dancers. They ALL put more heart into their performances, and it shows. Big time. I guess people might also make the argument that the Way the show was scripted gave preference to Team A, in making them the ‘underdogs’ or whatever, after every judge vote. But then they gave ample opportunities to make us love Team B too. I’d say the scripting of the show was pretty fair.

        2) Who knows?? If people are saying that about Taehyun, it’s probably because throughout the whole show he’s shown the most composure. *most, being a loose term, because let’s face it – everyone in both teams reaching a wrecking point, if not several per show. Maybe because Taehyun didn’t sob like a baby enough times? Does that mean he’ll become all egotistic one day? Or because he got so much praise from the YG artists? We don’t know what he’ll become. Seungri is probably the least awesome person in Bigbang, and he’s got one of the biggest egos (even if it’s of a humorous sort).

        As for Mino.. you really think someone like that, who’s gone through so many trials and near-debuts, who acts like that and hugs the losing members while sobbing.. you think he’s gonna get too big for himself? (It’s possible..) But I doubt it. How can people even forecast this kind of stuff anyways? Let’s hope everyone is just too full of themselves, and how about we all support them as best as we can- is my answer to those people. Lol

        1. Rosie you said it EXCELLENTLY!! *claps in glee* THIS: “Seungri is probably the least awesome person in Bigbang, and he’s got one of the biggest egos (even if it’s of a humorous sort).” I TOTALLY AGREE! Anddddd everything about Minho. Not cos I’m biased (okay, maybe) but for him you’re exactly right – and totally shows based on all the congratulatory, proud-like-hell tweets from his friends – that this is A LONG TIME COMING. This is after having surpassed sooooo many near-opportunities and in some way, the same can be said about Seung Hoon. I really like both guys’ maturity in this sense, cos it’s obvious they’re jaded by their previous experiences. About the scripted thing, I love your answer! I totally agree as well. There’s definitely some biased and unfairness in the editing of the show, but overall you’re right that we have been given the opportunity to fall for and thus, root for both teams. I didn’t like the sympathy angles the show went for at times, but the underdog theme with Team A I think was simply circumstantial (I managed to rewatch the first episode or two early this week and it reallyyyyy shows that they were totally a hot mess – talented, but nervous wrecks) and so them finally winning home the title: soooo deserving. Oh, my boys <3 "How can people even forecast this kind of stuff anyways? Let’s hope everyone is just too full of themselves, and how about we all support them as best as we can- is my answer to those people. " Great comeback! :D

          1. *gets all egotistic* thank you.. thank you.. I know I said a good thing…

            I hate hate sympathy angles. It’s why I despise most ‘reality’ shows, and they’re probably a billion times more scripted than anything YG’s done. I used to obsess about So You Think You Can Dance (as a former dancer, I’m love dance shows, even if I critique them nonstop..) but the parts I would yawn and sigh through were all the “my mom died when I was a child, and I know she would be so proud of me standing here now” scripts. Yes yes, it’s a sad tale. But why does there have to be exactly ONE story just like this EVERY F*ing episode?!? I don’t got time for this! I signed up to see dancing!

            So each time one member in WIN had his little moment to talk about family, it might tug on my heartstrings, but I hate the fact that it does that. It’s a cheap angle- And sure, it does its part by letting us get to know the guys a little more on a ‘personal’ level (however much you can on a show like this) but I prefer the bits watching members creating music, working together, stressing over their crafts, getting frustrated, then working through it all together- THAT’S reality TV.

            Anyways-Like I mentioned above in another comment- Seung Hoon and Mino sobbing after the announcement (and even before) broke my heart because they really have been the 2 closest to making it, and failing. I don’t know how many times they’ve actually tried, but I remember Seung Hoon talking once about how he’s Always come in second place.. *ugh-I can’t..* He might just become my silent bias. I am IN LOVE with the dance round choreo he came up with. I can’t quit rewatching it.. I’m just so happy for them all. And I really didn’t dislike Team B. They were just, as a team, not ready. :'(

            1. Sorry late, more running around on campus and classes. Wanted to make sure I reply this comment of yours cos again, YOU TOTALLY SAID IT!! The whole sympathy story and better yet, that good reality TV like this lies in parts where we’re shown the process. I do feel that those personal bits are as necessary as they are welcomed, but they’ve got to quit with the sympathy angle – wringing tears just for the sake of it does not cut it, nope.

              I don’t dislike a Team B too! But personally, apart from BI and Bobby they’re … Not memorable to me. They’re definitely talented though, which is why I had no doubt they’d eventually debut (although vocals definitely needs work). I think I’ll feel super sad for them when I watch the finale, all those tears from everyone can’t possibly be fake :( keep you posted when I can finally get to it tonight!!

  3. Guyssssss I just read that they will release the official versions of the 4 songs performed today but ugh YG, I WANT SMILE AGAIN AND OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU TOO!!!! (Get to it!)

    1. I haven’t been on any other sites since the episode finished (i’ve been busy sleeping, lol), but I imagine they’re going crazy. I’ll have to check them out to see what everyone is saying.

      I read that they were releasing 4 songs, I thought that meant Smile Again, the two songs from this episode, and then another one. At least, the Allkpop article said it was 4 original songs from Team A. So that would have to include Smile Again, presumably.

      To jump into the convo you were having with Rosie – i don’t necessarily think the finale was scripted, but I think Team A were always meant to win. The show made sure it would happen. So from that point of view, I guess that’s a kind of scripting? It’s more like persuasion, really. But Team A were also just better, so even if the show wasn’t designed to make you vote for them, they would have won anyway.

      I think eventually, every idol ends up with a bit of an ego, because it’s impossible to have fans screaming your naming and constantly telling you how awesome you are without you eventually believing it, especially when you’re a young guy. But I don’t think they’ll ever become people we don’t like because of it. And if they do, they’ll be cut down to size pretty quickly. As long as they remember how exactly they got to where they are now, they should be fine.

      Also, Jin Woo probably did cry but he just wasn’t sobbing uncontrollably like some of the others, so I didn’t notice him as much. They were all crying at one point. I was thinking I’d rewatch that scene to see if Jin Woo really was crying but urgh, I don’t want to watch that again, it was hard enough the first time, lol.

      1. Okay, I’m replying to myself, lol. I was just on the onewomansubs thread and the comments about being a YG stan amused me. People saying that they were a YG Stan but now they’re not because YG is just too cruel, and then other YG Stans telling them good riddance because they don’t want superficial fans to be YG stans anyway, lol. To be honest, I’ve never understood how you can be a fan of an entire company. I’m a fan of particular groups, and the company they’re from never comes into it. The comments are fun to read though; I think there’s only a few B fans just repeating themselves and getting into arguments with the A fans, lol

        1. Siigh.. the company-stans. I like the ‘good riddance’ part of that, but it is more than ridiculous to be a fan of a company. I don’t even like every single song my favorite groups put out. How can I love every single thing a music company does or puts out??

          I’ve perused a few… comments section. The best thing I found was this: “well on the bright side, team a gets to debut and team b wont have to be stuck with a lame ass name like winner. win win”

          Btw. Jinwoo did cry. :'( I decided to kill myself a second time and watch bits of the ending. He just didn’t get as much screentime (surprise) as the others there.

          1. Caitlyn – The YG stan bits cracked me up too. Seriously, some take this WAY too seriously. It’s the same ‘tude as when I read comments of people going “my oppa isn’t like what you described!” kinda defense. I feel like in KPop this whole act of being a fan of a company is possible because they’re really the manufacturer, to put it mildly, of the KPop idol acts we see and YG especially, practically market themselves with their family concept – tight-knit, we-re-all-in-this-together thing that people are totally buying. My qualm lies in their arguments (and counter-arguments) – hilarious at best, but my goodness I’m always amazed at how invested people are like they know all the acts etc personally.

            Rosie – Haha omg that is unintentionally hilarious. I almost kinda wish they just stick to Team A though cos face it, WINNER is lame. Apparently the 4 songs (yup Caitlyn my bad, it’s the 4 songs off from their performances so I think we’re getting Officially Missing You & Smile Again yay!) are gonna be released under the name WIN – which at this point, actually sounds better than WINNER.

            OMG you guys are killing me with the feels, I haven’t watched anything :( I don’t understand (okay, maybe I do) why he’s always getting cut out or have the shortest screen time versus the rest. It’s soooo unfair :( But I saw some photos of what looks like Mino seriously BAWLING his eyes out and ugh, the feels. I need to watch this… I can’t find a full streaming link (MNet didn’t upload it?) So I’m waiting for the file to coughdownloadcough now. Skipping a Halloween party tonight for my Team A boys :p

          2. Seems like the best reason to skip a party! Btw wow, is Halloween almost here? I’ve been stuck in my cocoon of a house for 6 weeks now! Wow has time flown

            I can’t get Smile Again out of my head.. Omg it’s totally stuck there. I listened to Teen Top for over an hour,and when I got up, it was this song again! Ahhhh I want it released NOW.

      2. Also I need to add – I like your points about the fact that the finale wasn’t necessarily scripted, but Team A were always meant to win. I kinda feel that way too but at the same time I feel like no matter how I think about it (maybe this just means damnably effective editing) how can they NOT? Their growth etc were so clearly demonstrated throughout the show’s run. Not to say Team B didn’t, but theirs were less obvious and yes they were good – but in my opinion at least, they seemed kinda stagnant in the “good/great” category.

        ” And if they do, they’ll be cut down to size pretty quickly.” oh yes that’s true!!

        1. You’re skipping a halloween party to watch the show? That’s exactly what I would do, ha ha. I used to make up excuses for not going to parties, but now I just tell them the truth. “You coming to this party?” “Nope, I’ve got stuff to watch”, lol

          Rosie, exactly! I don’t love everything my boys in FT Island release, mostly because they have a bajillion songs and it’s not possible for them all to be great. I quite dislike their company, actually, although i turn into one of the crazy fangirls when i talk about that, lol. So how could I possibly like everything an entire company brings out?

          But as Jandoe said, i can totally understand where the mentality comes from. They really do market themselves as family, so the fans think they’re part of that family. What I find pretty funny is how, if you speak to people, it’s basically okay to be a YG stan but not ok to be an SM stan, because SM get the worst fans so if you’re an SM stan, you’re considered to be immature and crazy. But YG are cool so if you’re a YG stan, you’re also cool. I just love that whole idea. I think one of the reasons I stay in the k-pop world is because I find the fan culture so fascinating. Horrible and frustrating, but fascinating,

          No one seems to like the name WINNER. Maybe the Koreans do because it’s an English word so it might not be as lame to them? I’m wondering if they’re going to call their fanclub Ace, which is what the Team A fans have been calling themselves. I think that’s a pretty decent name, they should totally stick to it. For some reason Team B never had one name; i saw people referring to themselves as Blue Ribbon, Bright, and BGold. All of which are terrible. So hey, maybe that’s another silver lining in B not winning? :-P

          Oh, and yeah, Team B were good right from the start so they basically just kept being good, while A started subpar and improved. So, once A caught up to B, B couldn’t get on top of them.

          1. I have JUST finished watching the RAW and well, that was… Depressing. The first 1.5 hours were okay, but that last 20-30 mins were pure torture. I get what you guys mean about Minho bawling – I missed the bit about him being in tears the moment he stepped onto the final stage itself! HOMG he definitely was crying backstage. And that solo on BI’s part – hot damn. Woah. Gutted, gutted, gutted.

            Personally I don’t think Go UP is (tonally) better than Smile Again but then I scoured for the translation and woah – the lyrics really add layers and layers of meaning and nuance. Mino’s rap bit was especially moving, because he clearly was addressing the two teams. I don’t know if I can come up with an overall “review”, omg so much feeeeeeeeeeeeeels!

            1. I’m glad you watched it and know what we were talking about, ha ha. The feels, oh the feels. It’s hard to understand them until you’ve actually seen the boys crying. You definitely don’t need to watch it with subs for it to destroy you.

              1. Very true! I wasn’t a bawling mess, thank goodness but my god that final stage! Seriously, soooo somber and affecting overall. Partly I think they were caught up in the moment and partly anxiety too, I’m sure but no one looked happy. No one! Not even the MCs that wow, what a way to end a show. I hope they release some kind of MV so we can at least relive those songs without having to go through and rewatch the final stage! Oh btw, thanks for yesterday, it was super fun :)

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