Happy Six-Year Anniversary!

blogphilic celebrates its sixth anniversary today  – I can’t be any prouder!

blogphilic 6-year anniversary

This same day six years ago, as an overly-dramatic sixteen year-old, I’d created this blog. I moved it from its pilot home at now-defunct blogdrive to WordPress, where I’ve really found a place and lots of comfort in. Still loving it here.

When I started out six years ago, I was an over-the-top and arrogant teenager. I thought I had the world on my shoulders to carry and wanted to be heard. I wrote in journals for years but the silence always bothered me – I believed so strongly I had a voice which needed to be heard. I thought I was great.

Then seventeen happened and my world crashed, my ego deflated a thousand times. A friendship tragedy took place, the family drama never ceased and I graduated from high school, leaving the bubble of a protected environment for good. It was time to grow up and face the world – I was unprepared.

I turned eighteen quietly and unhappily – my worse year, the one I’ve purposefully blocked mentally, though never quite emotionally. Identity crises one after another came crashing, uninvited. Things I believed I deserved, having worked so hard in high school… In reality, they mattered little. The scholarship rat race was ugly – rejection after rejection and the college life was even worse. I was neither here, nor there. Neither that, nor this. Just when I thought things would never end, they did. I left the college and have never looked back since.

In spring 2010, I turned nineteen in the company of newly found friends and in a still-foreign land – a first. Everything then was a first, to put it simply. It was spring break and we were on a road trip across North and South Carolina. I didn’t know them well then, but I appreciated the surprise celebration they had planned just for me. It was my first time being away from the family home, although I’d thankfully survived the first three months in one piece. Slowly but surely, I was growing into my own – shedding old skin and building new ones. In all that were lost, I gained so much more.

When I turned twenty, I thought nothing could top that. I was in San Diego, CA with the parents who’d flown halfway across the globe to be with me. We spent time there and then moved on to San Francisco, which was the year I visited Berkeley and felt my heart stricken with pain. I knew then that my educational journey couldn’t just end with the bachelor’s degree – I needed a second chance. There’s a great photo Dad took of me on my birthday eve – I stood in the middle of a path with my hands extended wide open and my face facing the sunny skies. I squinted my eyes to avoid the sun’s glare, the corners of my mouth lifted; I was in the moment.

It turns out that records are meant to be broken and memories are to be piled upon – I turned twenty-one even more memorably, if that’s possible, in a beautiful, quaint city known to be a writer’s haven: Edinburgh, Scotland. I had a most relaxing spring break with my elderly, Scottish host family – it was a magical week and I learned to close a chapter of my teenage years, one I’d always believed I could never make peace with. I returned to Philly with so much excitement and happiness, greeted by my two girls in the apartment I still hold near and dear in my heart.

Twenty-two proved to be much quieter, more contemplative. Another spring break and we were in New York City, just about my favorite city in the world, crossing a to-do in my bucket list – watch a Broadway show. There were no cakes or anything of that sort, but they came together to buy a small gift and as I looked at the faces of my three traveling companions, I thought to myself, “Here are friends for keeps.” 

Now I’m here and I’ve left all of that and every single person mentioned, behind. I’ve tread halfway across the globe once more to live a dream I believed so strongly to be a long time coming. I’ve only been here a little over a month and its been rough; as many bad days to each good one. I am learning, losing and finding myself at each fork of the road. I’m on the verge of adulthood, truly and sincerely, and it’s an affecting journey.

Through everything above, one thing has stayed constant: blogphilic. 

Cheers to the past six years of writing and living, and many more of personal growth!

lip of insanity


16 thoughts on “Happy Six-Year Anniversary!

    1. Thank you!! 6 years IS a long time! I can’t believe I’m still as excited to keep writing as I’d been at 16 – it’s really kinda amazing and just goes to show how effortless writing is to me, which I’m relieved to find out :)

      I initially wanted to touch upon the changing blogging landscape/community per my eyes – coming from a staunchly, scaredy-cat blogger who tried to be notoriously elusive (-failed, but that’s besides the point) to someone who’s now more open and even writes about other stuff haha. But then it seemed like that’d be a long entry and I’ve another midterm tomorrow so instead I just remembered my ‘evolutions’ haha. Pretty amazing really, to realize that through it all this place documented everything (although < 2010 are now private cos omg poor writing…)

      But anyways yay, thank you again! :D

  1. SIX YEARS. WOW. That is a long time, and well worthy of a celebration!! Happy 6th blogoversary, jandoe!! May your future hold much more joy and pleasure, in life, love and writing. HUGS. ❤

  2. Hey, Jandoe! After you pointed out that our blogs share the same birthday, I just had to come here to congratulate you! I’ve secretly lurked around here before, but I didn’t realise you had such a big anniversary coming up.
    Wow 6 years! I must applaud you for keeping a blog for so long. Blogphilic is a such a lovely and inspiring blog and I hope you’ll keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Indigo! Thanks for your kind words :) It’s amazing how the six years passed by effortlessly, honestly. I think I did experience ins and outs during my years here but I have never – not that I can remember – taken months-long hiatuses so that’s kinda cool when I think back – that I’ve always been here, writing. Here’s to many more years of writing *clinks glass*

      PS I’ve been following your blog for awhile actually – I can’t remember if I’ve commented before, so the moment I posted that comment I actually thought to myself, “oh noes did I just creep her out by suddenly appearing without notice?” Haha hope I didn’t! Your blog’s totally great btw and I’m so humbled to find out you’ve actually been round here before.

  3. Wow. 6 years!

    I hated the same thing about written diaries/journals. Every 5 years I would try and keep it up, and then fail after 3 days. Then I’d find the journal years later and start again. It always failed. I guess I just needed a theme, and a community. :)

    1. Rosie, I did the same thing. I have 3 separate blogs floating around online that I started and then never actually posted on, lol. It’s only this year that i’ve started actually blogging consistently.

      Jandoe, congrats! 6 years is a long time, you’ve done well to keep up with it!

      1. Thanks, both of you! The wonderful thing is that I never noticed that six years have passed and similarly, the thought of stopping never crossed my mind. I think I’ll be around here for a long while aha.

  4. Hi there! This is my first time to comment here and was quite happy to read this post celebrating your 6th year. This is already a big accomplishment. I had a previous blog which lasted for 4 years and there were so much issues I encountered. Reading your experiences I was nodding all the time as I can remember my own travels and the people I have come to know and love.

    Congratulations, and now you got another follower and fan! :)

    1. Really sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for stopping by and your kind words! Like I said to the rest – it’s really more like, “woah six years have passed?!” I didn’t even notice! I’ve been following your blog for about a month now (I subscribe via Feedly) and thanks for bringing back the J-ent to my scene. See you around the blogosophere, I’m sure :)

      1. Hello again! :) Thanks also for the interest in my blog, it’s always great to hear that people who have focus on other Asian entertainment remembers that J-ent still exists and can offer great movies/dramas like the one they are very much into. :)

        The usual “migration” or transfer of interest has always been from J-ent to Korean and I maybe in the small minority to remain J-ent. I’m now enjoying your J-ent posts, since I’m quite new also. There are so much to catch up with, and as I said, I enjoy reading your posts very much.

        Your notes of Takuya Kimura very much interest me because I started when others are already lording it over Jdrama, so his work is new to me, and your list made it easier for me to go for the good ones. It’s like being guided to a mix of gems and trash and I could have been lost for a long time if I didn’t rely on your list, so much happy to read your SP on Takuya and Yutaka, as well as Nishikido Ryo (who I find to be one good actor but has so few movies in between his drama-concentrated acting career).

        Yes, see you around at blogosphere, definitely! :)

        1. I’m sooo backlogged with my Collections esp the KimuTaku one – I’ve two I need to add in there, but I get so lazy and never get to them haha. I’m happy to hear my lists are helpful, but here’s to hoping we’ve the same kind of interests in genres etc – cos otherwise oh noes, my 10/10 are prolly not your 10/10. Depending on what you’re interested in KimuTaku-materials related, his older works (<2004) are definitely much better, in my opinion. But again, it really depends on the genre, e.g. quirky detective work? Definitely HERO. Romance? My money's on Beautiful Life and PRIDE. Intense and intelligent? Karei Naru Ichizoku and CHANGE. Dark and twisty? Sora Kara (not updated in the list yet…).

          Hope I've provided some good ones to get started on when it comes to The Man :D (as much as his glory days MIGHT be behind him now – he's definitely still The Man to me haha).

          1. I’d love to try all sorts of genre. When I became a Satoshi Tsumabuki fan (he’s one of the big reasons why I started blogging Jmovies, together with Hikari Mitsushima and Miki Nakatani) I tried to look for all his work, so the titles you’ve given me will serve as my starting point. It’s always a great thing to have some sort of guide, especially coming from someone who have seen it. I certainly know what it means to follow someone who have made recommendations, and there is of course the possibility of having different tastes, but so far your views on the drama/movies we both have seen are on-target. That’s why I’m happy to rely on your lists.

            On Takuya, I agree that his glory days are still here. He remains The Man, and the younger actors still need to catch up with him, but there are a few names who really shine now – Tsumabuki, Eita, Shota Sometani, Kimiki Ryunosuke. I arrived at the Japanese drama/movie scenes, I think, at the proper time when there is some sort of “revival” where I think people get more interested in watching them. It is not universal, of course and people will continue to gravitate towards Korean made shows…

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