Just a very quick note, a recent epiphany –

If you’re planning to be around here as a regular reader for the long-run – please, call me Jane (or Jan).

jan treehuggersU

As much as I am Jandoe, totally don’t mind being called that and have been since the day I debuted my presence in the World Wide Web wherever that I leave footprints, it feels rather awkward and strangely impersonal around here when we’re potentially brewing a friendly courtship. You’ve probably seen my recent sixth anniversary entry – that pretty much confirms I am sticking around here… indefinitely. Possibly forever – whatever that’s defined by.

Maybe we’ll be friends in the long-run, you know? Or strike blogger-reader affiliation, that’s cool too. Cooler even – strike random, possibly thought-provoking and or spazz-worthy conversations. I love two-way interactions.

So if you’re sticking around and will – if not now – let your presence be made around here, let’s shake virtual hands? This isn’t my real name – that starts with N and the spelling and pronunciation are bizarre and don’t match, to say the least (long story) – but I’ve always been fondly known, respond to and go by Jane :) Or Jan, as my mum loves to call me because those are the last three letters of my real name.

If you’re not gonna or still feel more comfortable – or have simply gotten used to – calling me by my pseudonym, well… I’ll respect that. We can still be friends, I’m sure!

Cheers, Jan(e)…doe? Kidding. Jandoe, Jan, Jane – N, ha. Okay, I’m weird.

Have a lovely Thursday!


10 thoughts on “hi.

    1. Yay! :) I has this epiphany (can I call it that? Or is it just an idea? Haha) because I was calling you and Rosie by your real names and then I’m… Not. Jane’s as close to real for me so yay all around, pretty much :)

  1. I love inter-blogger relationships/friendships. It’s funny because each person I “know” I sort of have this nondescript picture in my head whenever I think of them. Whether it’s colored by their personal posts or descriptions of themselves, ever present wit or humor, or even the blog’s home color and layout, imagine that every blogger is in my head in some kind of hazy depiction. It’s fun to put a name to people too- even if the it’s the person’s written personality that stands out even more to me than a name.

    Uhm, so that became rambling. I meant to say, “HI Jane!” Now though, within that hazy bubble of the formerly blogphilic jandoe, I’m going to see a picture of Jane from Pride and Prejudice. She’s my favorite Jane character, Lol. :p

    -Rosie, or Rose. or SeRose. I’m trying to think of all of all the random pseudonyms I’ve had over the years. My longest running fake name (back when I was immersed in the online Harry Potter fandom) was Helena or Hel. I miss that name. I almost want to name a daughter with that name. Or should I just start from scratch and start a blog called ‘Shine a Light Hel’ ? ahaha. *no*

    1. I’m starting to see the trend with your reading hours over here now hehe :p Shine A Light Hel sounds… no. Haha, kinda sound like a paradox cos prolly interpreted as Shine A Light Hell (whuttt?)

      I know! There’s too many Janes out there, I don’t know which one’s the coolest one I like or relate to but I’ll take whatever you’ve I’m mind. That Jane is cool :p

      Totally with you about conjuring weird or random images though about the bloggers I follow and I follow so many. After awhile I get too used to their gravatar image and that can be really funny when those are images of celebrities! But whatever it is it feels good to feel like part of something real in a virtual setting – despite the irony really!

      1. Gravatar images also play a factor. It throws me off when people change them hehe. (I change mine every couple of months.. so.. and usually they are boys…) The weird part of about my current pseudonym is that I never actually meant to be called Rose. My real name is Sara, and I took my first and middle initials S and E and tacked on the Rose part because she’s my favorite character in Doctor Who. Then, when I talked to people online or on MDL, I called myself Sara, but people started calling me Rose so I just went with it. Either way, I like all my names. Rosie is just one of the nicest. :D

        1. Crazy long day (as usual) but I wanted to say this – I can’t believe you’re actually a Sara and not a Rosie!! I feel… Cheated? HAHA. But at least I know you like the name Rosie just as much. It is an awesome name/pseudonym :D

          1. Lol…
            What’s weird is that, I spend so much of my time writing emails or messages or blog responses, all with the name Rosie, that it feels so real to me to be called that. When I go back to writing work emails, I look at my actual name with a little bit of disbelief sometimes. :P

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