Timeout: Not Quite The Lucky WINning Number 11.


So I just watched episode 11 of WIN: Who Is Next – you know, that “oh, there’s actually one more episode!” left-field surprise from YG Entertainment? I just watched it – twice – and… although I was initially excited and did gleefully anticipate the episode after the hot mess of the announcement stage last week plus dealing with serious withdrawals without my weekly dose of the formerly Team A, always the WINNER boys, this supposedly super-special episode… left a more, believe it or not, sour aftertaste. Like I said, I watched it twice back-to-back because I thought, “Surely I’m mistaken… Surely… This whole episode isn’t what I thought and felt it was.” 

I might attempt to put it into words more coherently later today – we’ll see. Right now I’m quite simply – a mixed bag, but more angry and fuming than I am anything else. No tears, (un)surprisingly no tears.

While understanding it might all be in the editing, at the same time – I’ll just say this:

Fuck you, YG. Your bias is so fucking obvious. 

You made the rules – you fucking made sure to have a winner and a so-called loser. Do not fucking discredit the winning team’s hard-earned and well-deserved acquirement of the title because their contender’s as superior but more than that, to your preference. If there’s one thing I know that doesn’t lie, it’s body language and reflexive, first-ten-seconds body language response to something – like when the announcement of the winner was made and the camera captured your reaction. That’s where you gave yourself away and ugh, I can’t even right now.

Enough with the sympathy, tugging-on-heartstrings, loser-underdog, the uncertain future suspense emotional rigging and manipulation through the show – you fucking drew that line yourself, the one that blatantly separated A from B.

Everything is over and done with, now honor that (promise) which you’ve made. Walk your fucking talk.


5 thoughts on “Timeout: Not Quite The Lucky WINning Number 11.

  1. Uh oh. Do I even want to watch this now?? I’m a little scared to. Especially since I’m nowhere near to becoming emotionally stable about the whole ordeal yet. :(

    1. No, go ahead and watch it still. It kinda unravels the drama (tears and more) we witnessed at the finale stage and looking back at the episode in hindsight maybe I overreacted a wee bit ha but honestly I didn’t like it or had a hard time enjoying the episode because it was so obviously edited/made to kinda remedy the soreness of Team B losing …at the expense of Team A’s win. Yes both teams are superior and one can argue Team B did slightly better that night (I think so too, in fact) but the latter won fair and and square by their own merits and talents, period. Ugh I might write another entry in an attempt to state my opinions more coherently. You totally should still watch it though, there were wonderful moments here and there!

  2. I’ve read a lot of comments from people saying YG had a bias towards B but I never felt it, and I still don’t. When the winner was announced, I thought YG just looked relieved that it was over. Maybe surprised? But not disappointed. At the start, he wanted A to win. And that’s what happened. That’s what the show was geared to do. So it doesn’t make sense that he had a B bias if he made a show dedicated to making A win. I believe him when he says that the show made him think of the kids and what he was doing to them. He said that he felt bad towards the losing team. I think that’s a good thing. Feel guilty YG, you should. I don’t think that takes anything away from Team A because they won fair and square, and I don’t think YG wants to take anything away from Team A. But we all feel bad for Team B. As we were all saying after we watched the final battle, it was no fun watching the announcement because they were just all crying on stage. And YG finally realised what we had been feeling for weeks; that it wasn’t fair.

    About episode 11 though, I did find it hilarious that Jin Woo got a nosebleed after the announcement. What rotten timing! So he’s bowing and saying thank you and trying not to cry, all with a tissue stuffed up his nose, ha ha. It was sweet seeing the kids backstage in between performances being so encouraging to each other, and after when the show had finished, Mino and Seung Hoon were still crying their eyes out and hugging everyone. Awww!

    And then when B are in the rooms afterwards, Yun Hyeong says “lets go to the practice room and prepare for November’s assessment”, lol. Good that they can still joke about it. And how they were saying that they had no regrets, and that they were relieved it was over. I bet they are! As much as they’re disappointed that they don’t get to debut, they’re still glad their hyungs can, and they’re just happy the horrible competition is over.

    1. Yun Hyeong’s statement was perhaps my favorite of the show because shows that he took the loss like a good sport. I’m now reflecting again to the episode and while I admit I prolly did overreact here, I don’t know… to me he’s definitely biased to Team B. Not all-out 100% but obvious enough, 60% perhaps. I thought that while he didn’t look disappointed per se, that instantaneous reaction was more along the lines of “ah, damn” as opposed to anything else. Cos what I think is obvious is that while he acknowledges the talents of the boys of Team A, his musical preference leans more towards Team B. To me that’s being biased. Like really YG, really? After the shit you put them and the viewers through? I totally am aware this is my own opinion though and also my own interpretation – for all I know I could be totally mistaken – but the entire episode 11 felt like this emotional manipulation, sad epilogue meant to appease Team B’s loss and there were moments in the episode where I just felt like those were done at the expense of Team A’s win. Not cool. I wanna say that WE know and think they won fair and square but moments in this episode made it seem like even the boys of Team A themselves thought they didn’t deserve the win. Yes Team B was their usual epic self, but so was Team A. I’m prolly gonna rewatch a third time tonight just to ascertain to myself if I’M being biased or the episode’s editing seriously favored one over the other. Might write again about this…

  3. Haven’t watched episode 11, though I watched all the other ones with lavish attention, but I agree with above reader. YG set it up for Team A to win, otherwise he would have made the teams more equal in name recognition. But he wanted Team A to debut. I think he wasn’t satisfied with their progress,and the show was to ramp up their progress and gain recognition and fans from the public. H

    To me, that was obvious from the get go. I think YG himself said he stopped being objective when he started watching the episodes, so maybe later on him wanted Team B to win. I don’t know, but I know he probably likes B.I. most cuz he reminds him of GD and Bobby as they’ve both been there awhile.

    I see Team B debuting in a year or so.

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