Timeout: Life Lessons Imparted from WIN: Who Is Next.

Truth is, I’ve been spending WAY too much time on my latest addiction, believe it or not… Tumblr. Doing what? Scrolling through lots of hilarious, epic and downright awesome gifs of the WINNER boys and occasionally, reading opinions and thoughts about all or each of them. Even better, when I come across anything Nam Tae Hyun x Song Minho bromance-slash-romance. A Tumblr site I highly recommend for crack-worthy, awesome gifs and very witty frank opinions on Team A i.e. WINNER is definitely king-mino – SHE IS SO AWESOME. Frankly being on Tumblr is such a terrible waste of time, but damnit it’s undeniably more fun than anything else at the moment.

Okay, fine I’ll admit it – I’m having serious withdrawals. Help!

Real Life-wise, truthfully the past seven weeks have been a mighty challenge for me, with the last two being the most trying yet. I’ve come out of them barely in one piece, but looking back, if I’m to name something trivial and yet so impacting that allowed me to be my giddy self and let loose for a bit when I’m not sleeping or studying, it’s undoubtedly the cracktastic WIN: Who Is Next, namely my WINNER boys.

WIN: Who is Next (2013)
WIN: Who is Next (2013)

It hit me today that apart from the fact that these boys are that amazing, the show penetrated through and stayed with me throughout my difficult Real Life ordeal because it has plenty life lessons to impart.

Here’s some I’ve picked up:

  • When you’re at the bottom of the pits, don’t despair – the only direction left is to head upwards. 

just another boy

As evident through Team A slash WINNER‘s successful, inspiring and heart-stealing leap from underdogs to winners. For real though – I rewatched the entire show last week from the first episode up to the 11th episode and I was just repeatedly struck by how much they’ve progressed over the course of the show. They demonstrated and encapsulated the above through, believe it or not, a single song: Smile Again. That’s when the fandom (and myself) went batshit crazy and the rest, as I’m so happy to put it, is now history.

Plus, how awesome is it that the WINNER said it all through their title song? Go Up! 

  • Realize that each person has his or her own strengths and set of skills. Recognize yours – embrace, hone and go crazy with them!

NamTaeHyun WIN

No truer than when one looks at four of five Team A boys, and the rapper duo in Team B. Perhaps appropriate examples would be my two favorites, Nam Tae Hyun and Song Minho, both of whom caught my attention because they’re just so damn confident about their skills and thus, themselves. Their self-assurance is not only attractive, it’s also powerful because those personal strengths are truly the fundamentals and backbones of their identities and personas – both as individuals and budding artists. It is no wonder that their popularity skyrocketed over the show’s duration, eventually overtaking that of supposed established team members. Even though their team kept losing in those battles and evaluations in the beginning, these two boys more than anyone else, maintained a steady rein on their crafts; undeterred. It’s clear they believe in themselves, period, and that’s just so damn inspiring. And attractive.

Oh wait, did I say that already? Ha.

  • Hard work pays off. Eventually – but it totally does and when it does? SO inspiring!

kim jin woo

Perfect exhibits are none other than Kim Jin Woo and Lee Seung Hoon. In truth, everyone in the show works so darn hard that it’s honestly unfair of me to single out two of the eleven, but in the context of this lesson learned, no doubt these two fit the description to a tee. The former, as we’re all aware by now, is totally Motored By Success.

One can argue that he’s sometimes too much because as I’m (re)learning now, the key to success really lies in working smart and not so much hard, but sometimes one way works better than any others for an individual, you know what I mean? So maybe what works for him, as he’s found out, is hard work. He doesn’t have the best or strongest singing vocal nor is he the standout, uber-talented multi-savvy musician like his teammates but just that he’s trying, so clearly trying from Day 1 – no one can deny him the much-deserved trophy. Ditto Lee Seung Hoon, who’s clearly been through and had to overcome so much to arrive at this sweet success of today – more hard work than talent in my opinion, and even he realizes this as conveyed through his rap in Go Up.

Plus, admit it – sometimes we just need an uplifting underdog story. You know, the one where the hardworking underdog, as opposed to the naturally gifted hero, proves that grit will indeed, bring you far. Atta boys!

  •  Success is dynamic – a win today, another battle the day after. Be modest!

Team A Thank You Message

None of the boys ever grew an (obvious) ego despite their wins, be it Team B‘s long-running win in the first two-thirds, to WINNER‘s reversal reign of the trophy in the rest of the show. I don’t know if they faked their modesty but based on my observation – nope. Plus, even when they were obviously brimming with pride or feeling so damn proud of themselves, they kept those emotions in check, privy only to their own members.

  • Keep the passion alive! 

just another boy 2

The moment the WINNER boys learn to let go and lose themselves in their music and the delights of the stage – simply magical, that moment. Team B needs no introduction to this aspect as they’re total pros at this – watching them come alive on stage is always such a hoot and their CLIMAX stage… Wow, just wow. If anything, both teams basically demonstrated that you’ve gotta keep your passion alive – it will speak for you, promise.

  • Your conscience is what speaks about you as a person – especially in morally compromising situations.

kang seung yoon

Kang Seung Yoon is the perfect example to this. This boy is such a wunderkind – even at the brink of the final battle, of all things to admit, he expressed how much it sucked that the win would never be clean, because it came at the price of others’ tears, hard work and dreams. I just love that statement because it reflects how much of a good person he is – I still concur he’s definitely product of good upbringing. Plus, let’s not even talk about the announcement stage – my goodness, the amount of tears poured that night by everyone is self-explanatory.

  • Late-bloomers or early-bloomers, does it really matter? Everyone will eventually be sunflowers! 

Finale Poster WIN

In the unexpectedly wise words of Daesung after the announcement of the winning team:

“There are flowers which bloom in spring, and those that bloom in fall. The flower will definitely bloom. One just needs to endure and wait – the time will come. “


Honestly I meant for this to be a more insightful, intellectual entry but perhaps this just sounds silly? Ugh I don’t know, I’m signing off before I continue ranting about the same old things and people. What’s there left to say? Serious withdrawals, dear God help me. In short, I can’t friggin’ wait for my WINNER boys to début!!

winners online release 2


Disclaimer: All photos are credited to YG Entertainment.

5 thoughts on “Timeout: Life Lessons Imparted from WIN: Who Is Next.

  1. My background picture on Me2Day is still a picture of all 11 boys, and my FB pic is of Team B, lol (even though I wanted Team A to win, I never really stopped being a Team B girl). I was looking at it today, actually, and thinking “I need to change that, it just makes me sad”.

    I liked what you said about Jin Woo. He tried and tried and tried, and worked and worked and worked, and finally got what he was striving for. And you really do have to appreciate that. As you said, it’s the same for all of them, except the others at least had the natural talent as a base, whereas Jin Woo was always behind them in that regard. So it’s kinda like he worked his way up from nothing as opposed to starting at 50% and going from there.

    Oh, and you know what I keep seeing on Tumblr? Pictures of Hanbin crying. There are so many of them! Episode 11 made me feel less depressed about Team B though, so I’m glad they gave us that episode. I thought it was going to make me sad but it actually helped, seeing them joking afterwards, and seeing B.I in control of himself again. I don’t like seeing him in tears, it’s unnatural.

    1. Omg I had a whole long reply to you and lost it !!! :( I’ll write again when I’m done with school today! Totally echo some of your thoughts and wanted to add on about BI gahhh can’t believe I lost it.

  2. I still haven’t watched ep 11. I just scroll through tumblr (damn you for introducing me to king-mino!) and get so worked up watching gifs of guys’ tongues and supposed bromance. Then I see compilations of all their performances. Then I see more tongue gifs. And then I smack myself on the head for wondering how these boys could get anymore perfect – and then I remember Team B, and then I get sad. But then I see more tongue gifs. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my life is ruined.

    I keep thinking I will write something about them myself- except I have more of a silent emotional reaction to this whole Win thing. And plus, you say it all anyway. I just have to nod and cry and nod and cry, and then write a ridiculous reply about how I can’t get enough of tongue gifs and I don’t know why.

    In a nutshell (minus the tongue gifs): This show impacted me more than I ever expected, and more than I ever wanted it to be. It’s like when you suddenly have an epiphany about life and you can’t imagine what life was like before, but you don’t know how to go on, you don’t know how to live on with this newfound knowledge of something huge and moving in your life, specifically because you don’t know what exactly you’re supposed to do or be like different from before. I just want to scream out that OMG I was so moved! But, what does that really mean? Other than that it leaves a giant hole in my heart. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but that’s what Win was like for me.

    I’d go back and browse tumblr but it makes my heart hurt because I’m so invested now in just pictures and memories. I need more and I need it quickly, and that scares me. *waaah*

    1. “I just want to scream out that OMG I was so moved! But what does thst really mean? Other than that it leaves a giant hole in my heart. ” TOTALLY.

      That’s exactly what I feel, which is just WEIRD because it’s not like I know them on a personal level -though it feels like it – to be so invested this way. I wonder of it’s because their journey and dreams were unraveled and came true right before my eyes, or is it that they’re all younger (okay except for Jin Woo) than me so I’ve taken to feel kinda protective of them because they’ve not been eaten by the superficial entertainment world? Or is it just cos they have mad talents and yet weirdest of all, haven’t made it big versus so many idols out there who cough can’t sing cough? The amount of time I spend thinking about the WINNER boys is ridiculous (I admit I don’t think about the Team B boys; in sympathetic but that’s about it).

      I need more too argh it kills me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched their stages like some addict o_o it’s downright unhealthy haha. I do feel like maybe I’m invested because everything that took place were so instantaneous – I’m still caught in the moment you know? But then I stalk tumblr and these people say meaty one-liners about the boys and I’m awash with emotions again. Gahhhh can’t win, I’m going insane.

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