when stats is awesome: six-six-six.

Anddddd a final note, too awesome not to share –

blogphilic fun stuff

666 posts! The number is just… So. Awesome. In truth, the real count is 1,193 but I’ve made half of my entries private – trust me, you don’t want to read my embarrassing teenage angst years – but still, pretty cool, no?

Also, I’ve honestly never been about the followers – frankly the higher the number, the more nervous I get – but since we’re at the topic – hello, and thanks! Once upon a time I never thought that hitting the big 10 was even possible. Another time, I thought 50 was already a significant milestone but look where we’re at now – 71 and perhaps counting, who would’ve ever guessed? Expect the unexpected? Crazier things have happened?

Aw, you know where I’m coming from – have a wonderful Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “when stats is awesome: six-six-six.

  1. Stats have always amused me – but I try not to care too much about them. Mostly I just check to see if I’ve gotten any new weird search results. It makes my day to see a weird one. Also, when a stranger comments out of the blue with something like “Hi I’ve never commented before but I read all your posts!” It’s like a stranger coming in off the street and knocking on your door, “Hi I’ve watched you through the window for weeks!” but.. less creepy and somehow comforting… weird, no? lol

    1. I’ve never thought about lurker-readers in that way but omg you just gave a whole new perspective haha. Your analogy is apt haha. Stats amuse me too and mostly in very wary of accepting it full value even when it comes to something trivial like this (things I’ve just picked up from school haha), but it’s definitely fun to check in time and again and see the spikes etc. Random word searches are definitely funny though! Although for some reason these days I Jang Ok jung review seems to be most searched (is it the power of Kim Tae Hee or it’s just being aired on other parts of the world now? No idea aha)

    1. Accumulated over six years so I think it makes sense? Haha but it’s pretty much almost 200 posts a year on average. Kinda… Crazy. I’m here way too often :p

      But thank you hun! :)

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