Drama count: 0. 

This slump is hard.

I’m uninterested and… I’m scared I won’t bounce back.

Happy Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “(slump)

  1. No one can judge another person’s slump. I haven’t hit rock bottom yet, but I’m watching less than I used to. And you know what? Because I didn’t feel like drama last night, I did something CRAZY! I selected a random book off the bookshelf, and finished it one sitting. Something I haven’t done in eons, it seems. I feel like I just climbed a mountain. So cool. Lol

    1. Haha what you call crazy is basically what I’ve been more or less doing now. I don’t read books as much, but I’m heavily on articles and never without reading materials (blogging and informative sites these days). But I love your first statement and you’ve always been so kind with me on my slump: no one can judge it. There are moments (like now) where I feel so, so far removed that I’m genuinely worried the drama phase has finally and actually left me. It almost feels like I’m clinging on because of guilt than anything else. I’m hoping to pick up some shows (or rather attempt to marathon since I’m not headed home this winter break) later in December, hopefully better luck then…

      PS I did notice your reviews have been on oldies in the dramasphere! ;)

      1. I’m getting less enamored of Korea’s “trendy dramas” these days. It kind of kills the enjoyment to see the same recycled story, rom-com and melodrama alike. Plus, something you always mention, which I’m finally starting to share thanks to the overhype that isHeirs, is that every damn person has to say something about everything! I keep up with a few bloggers that I like, but after I’ve covered the 3-4 people whose opinions I enjoy reading, I get to sick to death of everyone else’s lol.

        So yeah, while my Kdrama habit has noticeably slowed, I’ve been at pains to branch out. I’m into Chinese language dramas these days… *spoken with a snobbishly airhead voice* just to be different. Oh, and some of those older Kdramas before the concepts were overdone. I enjoy taking a virtual memory trip into The Kdrama past.

        (But man, sometimes I do feel guilty about forsaking Kdramas.. Haha. Right this moment though I feel guiltiest about the massive home library I’ve been neglecting since.. I discovered Kdramas.)

  2. You know, I’m starting to think drama slumps are just a regular part of being a drama watcher. There is literally never a moment when there isn’t a drama that just started airing, that’s just finishing airing, or that’s just about to air. It’s only natural that we should need a break every now and then. I myself have been in a mini-slump since about March, lol.

    1. Hey Ladida! Great seeing you here :) andddd great to know I’m not the only one with this slump. Yours is much longer than mine I think but based on your entries I’m assuming you’ve been watching stuff here and there? I’ve been totally drama-free for ugh I don’t know, 3 months straight now I think and the last 3 before that very minimally too. I just feel like I’ve moved on from dramas in a way that’s very disenchanting… It worries me honestly haha, because I’ve been a drama-watcher for more than a decade that really, am I actually breaking the habit? Gonna try to pick up shows during winter break, hoping I’ll Iuck out then!

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