(new) sleek, silver baby!

Busy, busy. It’s finals-crunch week and I’ll be damned if I screw them, now that I’m so close to the end.

But oh? Say hi to this new beautiful baby :)

macbook pro retina 13-inch

Bought at a discounted rate including educational pricing, something my alma mater strangely never offered. I’m finally a Macbook Pro user, after years of wanting it but never could afford it (okay, I still can’t; Mum awesomely paid for this). Ah, I guess it’s true after all – gotta love Stanford!


6 thoughts on “(new) sleek, silver baby!

  1. ahahaha… I just bought a Macbook too. It’s somewhere en route in the mail. I think thinking, ‘When did we become Apple/mac people?’ but it’s finally happened.

    1. You too? OMG our stars really are aligned together… :p I reserved it almost two weeks ago so quite excited to get it today :) except I’ve no time to play with it (since I’m already wasting so much time, natch) until finals is over next Friday. That’s an entire week and a bit away!

      1. Hee. When you feel how easy the mac is to use compared to windows, and when you see your photos and dramas look better than they EVER have before on your screen, you’ll pfft at windows ever after. And then you won’t consider the mac side the dark side anymore ;)

  2. I agree with kfangurl above; once you’ve gone Mac, you never go back, ha ha. I love my Macbook Pro, it’s so damn pretty and smooth and easy to use. I use a Windows PC at work and I’m always happy to go home to my Mac :-). Congrats on your new purchase!

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