Timeout: WINNER TV is coming y’all, it’s coming! (& more rambles)

I wrote this a couple of nights ago but held back from posting (I shouldn’t be on blogphilic this week, ahem) :

My WINNER-spazz self is tired – typically exciting Tumblr circle and One Hallyu forum are starting to feel like elementary school or something, especially the latter. The kind of conversations – despite I’m sure, all in good fun – that takes place in those places… Followed by the responses and shipping wars and whatever MINE claims on the boys… I can’t, I just can’t deal with them anymore.

I’ve come to realize the age gap with KPop fans these days – they’re clearly skewing more on the tweens to teenage range and I’m really feeling the gap now, ever since I jumped into the rabid hole with the WINNER boys. Granted the boys themselves are younger than me (sans Kim Jin Woo who’s also a ’91er, but technically I’m still older by a few months) so the above shouldn’t be surprising and I like the boys, but… the fandom kills me sometimes. On one hand I realize it is simply light-hearted fun, but on the other the immaturity kills my brain cells. Legit. Perhaps the excitement’s simply died down for me that although I’m still crazy in love (obsessed more like but shhh) with the boys, I feel like I’ve no more place to camp.

Oh, this reminds me – I’m now on Tumblr, though honestly I’ve no idea if I’ll stick around. On principle, I hate re-blogging so I don’t do that myself, but I’ve linked my two recent WINNER-related Timeouts there. Again, I don’t know what I’m actually doing there to be honest and I still can’t say if I’m sticking around for the long-term (judging from the way I sound, probably not for long) but there’s something about the way the dashboard works which I really like, plus the bite-sized entertainment is wonderful. I’m scared to commit because the community’s too open – am I the only one who finds the Ask Me Anything feature creepy? – but at the moment, more pluses than minuses so you can find me there too…

My conflict is… It doesn’t feel right to be spazzing like a child over here, so I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum aha and go on a Like spree over there while internally squealing. Right now though… Why do I keep feeling like I’ve lost my WINNER-spazzing camping grounds? Sad.

Will blogphilic have to be the cipher, as it always is with all things related to my emotions? You’re probably gonna be annoyed at me, or already so, cos of my nonstop WINNER-related Timeouts

Tumblr is still fun don’t get me wrong – some gifs are seriously the highlight of my day, I swear haha – but at the end of the day, I realize that I’m still more words-than-photos kinda girl. I thirst for meaty context in writing despite how trivial a topic is – something I’m still not quite finding over there.


And this was what went through my mind this evening, when I peeped at Tumblr during class and learned:





So much for being mature.


7 thoughts on “Timeout: WINNER TV is coming y’all, it’s coming! (& more rambles)

  1. *cries* Well I’m 26, and besides during times that I purposefully set aside in my day to fangirl like a 15 yr old, I am usually a super calm (outward appearance only) and mature noona fan. Flipping around tumblr I realize that half of the ‘oldest’ ones there that I follow are old as in 21 old. The majority is sitting waaay below that number, and I hate them. Hate them! for their youth and the ability to call all their Kpop lovers Oppa!! (Jk. Kinda.. Ok I am kidding about the oppa part… but, you get where this is going right?)

    I tried in vain to make myself like more ‘appropriate’ boy groups like Shinhwa, for example. I’m ridiculously relieved that Bigbang is ooooh so close to me (Top’s just 3 months younger), and when I got to Block B (19-23 yrs) I told myself that was the cut off. Then I got to Teen Top (17-20) and said THAT was the cut off. They still are for the most part- I just adopt more of a motherly love for the youngest ones there. *coughsyeahrightsiiigh*

    Fortunately Winner are still within my pseudo-acceptable-to-swoon-andor-fangirl range. But it’s 100% true that I love them for their talents, and because of their obvious love of music and earnest desire to SMASH THE HELL OUT OF THE MUSIC WORLD! Doing cute things is just an added bonus.

    Anyways- I think I’m creepy sometime and too much obsessed with young Korean guys. But you haven’t met my mother yet. She took a photo I obtained of Teen Top’s Niel and actually framed it… It’s up on the mantle next to my graduation pic… -_-

    1. I had no idea you’re only 26!!! That is young, please what are you talking about haha. And no, I’m totally not saying this just to be nice – my eldest brother is 35 ahem haha and he still doesn’t look or seem like it (although I tease him old guy all the time hahaha). I think you’re still okay – or at least based on your spazzing that I know about from your Touch of KPop and over here – because you’re sane enough still ie not afraid to call a spade a spade, you know what I mean? Like about GD… Okay I need to stop picking on him haha.

      I love that bit about your mum!!! Creepy but OMG wayyyy to hilarious. I feel like she’s a super fun person to hang out with haha :D my mum on the other hand, will open with this statement whenever she catches me watching anything KPop or JPop, “I don’t understand why you like them. These boys who look like girls and girls who obviously condone themselves to be viewed as sexual objects-” (cue more frank gender-driven opinions). I see a pattern here though… On why we’re what and who we are based upon our mums, that is :p

      1. Haha thank you. I feel old and still young at the same time. I think most people in their mid- to late 20s probably feel the same; they’re transition years. I’m hoping to hit somewhere sliiightly below my mother’s level of obsession. I see a handful of women in their 30s who love Kpop too, and that gives me comfort. To be almost 60 and still doing that? Lol (This doesn’t have to be about Kpop specifically) But I admire her at the same time that I make fun of her. Age is just a number right? It doesn’t rrreally define us as a person, right? I have made a deal with my husband though that I won’t go around framing idols’ pics and putting them next to family members. I’m still waiting someday for when I have a kid and I take them to visit my mother, and they’ll ask me “Who is that man on the shelf there?” and I’ll say ” Well, that’s your long lost uncle N— No that’s just a Korean dude I’ve never met. But oh wasn’t he cute back then!” LOL

  2. I don’t know why they are having another reality show so soon after Who Is Next. At least this new one won’t be heartbreaking, lol.

    Rosie’s comment above – “Anyways- I think I’m creepy sometimes and too much obsessed with young Korean guys.” Yes to that, Rosie! Ha ha, my friends tease me constantly about it. I had a text convo with my friend the other day that ended with “I don’t have any young boys on my phone at the moment”. My friend was like “I want to put this conversation on FB but you’d probably be arrested”, lol

    I’m personally quite immature in both life and online. Technically, i’m 26 (ok, 27 in 2 weeks, lol) but mentally, i feel like I’m still 16. Hey, if I was actually 16, my obsession would be more acceptable, ha ha. But Jane, spazz about WINNER as much as you want wherever you want. I love your Timeouts!

    1. Caitlyn unni! (Lol)
      That text convo.. Ahahaha. Fortunately amongst my closest family/family they know that I will occasionally spaz out over Kpop and guys. So I don’t have to watch my words, or at least I won’t care if they think I’m weird. It’s a part of who I am! Sometimes though I purposefully mention my obsession to outsiders, or to colleagues.. Just so it’s not such a shock when I suddenly announce I’m taking off a whole long weekend to fly cross country to a Kpop concert.. Lol. Gotta let a little of the fangirl out every now and then.

      1. HAHAHAHA OMG did you just unni Caitlyn??! (laughs like a madwoman at the corner)

        26/27 is totally fine, both of you! Plus it’s the mental/emotional age that matters more, no? :p I think it’s cos I have lots of older siblings haha, so age is something I always notice but doesn’t bother me (…yet?). Plus I actually think I get along better with folks who are older than me – even wayyy older, because for instance… I’m great with parents :p

        That text convo though… I gotta agree with your friend :p although in the context of this KPop-craze, that sure was super hilarious. My phone wallpaper is WINNER btw, I finally gave in to the obsession and thought, “ah hell why not.” :p … Oh, your birthday is near Christmas! Is this more exciting than a random date in the middle of the year or something? I’ve a couple of friends whose birthdays are on and near Christmas eve, but since they don’t celebrate Christmas, the excitement at the overlapped-date is nonexistent. Dunno why but I always wonder about this haha.

        D’aww thank youuu for saying that :) I love Timeouts best too cos I really do go on a random tirade about anything and everything haha and the best thing is very often they really are timeouts, written in-between study sessions or tasks! ^_^v

        Rosie – ha! I’ve been trying to do that, but so far nothing sticks! The friends I’ve opened up to about my being an Asian drama watcher are either 1) non-watchers, 2) casual-watchers or 3) non J/Kdrama-watchers. Also ironically one of the girls I went to Napa with is Korean, and so I tried to prompt her to chat about KPop or Kdramas (she was super sweet and easy to talk to) but I think she falls under (3) because each time the conversations would hit that awkward, stilted moment that I finally stopped and talked about school etc. In short, I don’t go (fangirl)crazy or unleash anything about this in Real Life because I’ve never had a pleasant experience whenever I try to do so aha. Thank goodness for my space here and writing – I do it so much better through written words anyway I think, so it’s all good :p

        1. Yeah, I tend to be most people’s Unni, ha ha

          Jane, every time I’ve met a Korean, I’ve asked them what shows they watch, and they just list all the American shows. They don’t care about the Korean dramas at all! And I always know more about k-pop than they do, lol, which they usually find surprising and hilarious. Isn’t it funny how we’re watching their shows but they’re not? Although, I’ve only met Koreans in their 20’s. We need to meet some teenagers or middle aged women, who are clearly the only ones watching TV over there :-P

          The text convo, it came up because at one point, I had V from Bangtan Boys as my wallpaper and he’s 17, which my friend knew (V is just so adorable!). But one day I sent her a photo of Yong Guk from BAP (it was a picture of his back, with no shirt on. My current phone lock screen picture :-P) and her first question was “is he over 18?” That’s where the “no young boys” comment came from. They know that the majority of my boys aren’t actually boys but men (or at least, legal), but they like to tease me anyway. And hey, that’s awesome that your wallpaper is WINNER, that means you get to look at them multiple days a day. I freaking love wallpaper, because it makes me smile every time i look at my phone.

          Oh, my birthday being near Christmas. As a kid, I wanted it to be mid-year because i wanted to have the present-giving days spread out over the year, lol. I was like “Easter is in April, and Christmas is in December, so I want a birthday in August”. As I got older, I liked having it so close to Christmas because it meant I could just get one expensive present to cover the two occasions, like my stereo system. I clearly only cared about the presents, ha ha… But as an adult, it doesn’t bother me either way. It’s not more or less exciting, anyway. It’s a busy time of year though, because my Dad’s birthday is Christmas Eve and Mum insists on having separate celebrations for everything, which means we have dinner for my birthday on the 22nd, lunch or dinner for dad on the 24th, and then dinner for Christmas on the 25th. It’s a lot of family packed into 4 days, so that aspect of it, I don’t like. And if I don’t want to celebrate my birthday, mum will just organise something for it anyway. That week is one of the most exhausting weeks of the year!

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