Timeout: Finals Week (& I’m definitely in too deep…).

I feel like I keep having to remind myself that I’m not taking a final exam on WINNER but actual environmental engineering stuff, you know?

Air-water partitioning and all that jazz, not Kang Seung Yoon and his eargasmic voice; pH and alkalinity business, not Nam Tae Hyun and his sass; actual definitions of water quality regulations and nomenclature, not Song Minho and his lyrical wonders; attempt to remember dozens of potentially useful equations, not commit to memory the perfection that is Kim Jin Woo‘s face (he is seriously so pretty); understand free energy and what drives a chemical reaction to completion instead of being taken and lured by Lee Seunghoon‘s infectious, energetic bounce.

Ah hell, what did I just type? In too deep y’all, in too deep.

Good luck and all the best for your respective finals, as do I and best of all – see you on WINNER TV D-day!!


2 thoughts on “Timeout: Finals Week (& I’m definitely in too deep…).

  1. LOL!!
    Sometimes I freak myself out when I wake up in the morning all ready to to face the day- what t new songs and news can I get into today! What great pics and fancams will be waiting for me on twitter to tumblr today! – and then I remember, I’m supposed to be going to work and have other projects to think about.. Not Kpop. Ahhh! cheated again! It scares me lol

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