Timeout: Playing Catch Up is Surprisingly A Chore!

macbook pro retina 13-inch

Rejoice! After three weeks since I purchased it, I’ve finally gotten this Macbook connected to the residential network, loaded it with the necessary applications – Microsoft Office really, everything else is pretty much whatever Apple directs me to auto-upload – and most importantly, I’m now typing my first blog entry using the Macbook Pro!

I feel… accomplished.

Why? Because in tried and true Mac noob fashion, I’ve actually spent the past two hours or so typing on Google “how to (insert related query) on Macbook Pro” from the most basic of things – how do I find my User folder?! – to the most fundamental – how do I do keyboard shortcuts??! – and… really, pretty much anything you can think of that differs between Mac and PC.

I’m happy to say I’m at least typing this like a normal person, like when I’m using my trusty green Vaio laptop haha.

I know I’ve been missing the past few days and it’s simply because I’ve been… a certified lazy bum. I’m honestly trying to play catch up with my drama-watching list – tomorrow I will start Nine, I promise and finally! – and lots of things have crossed my mind, especially stuff I’d love to put to words here but laziness… is A Thing. To be honest, partly why I’ve put off watching Nine is because I’ve had a strange craving or pang for rom-coms. I can’t explain it because I don’t understand what the hell is going on myself, but I feel like I’m missing something, though more specifically rom-com Jdramas. Frankly Jdramas stick with me for much, much longer than Kdramas even if ironically, it is easier to emotionally react to (and write about) the latter. Last night, it bugged me so much that I eventually rewatched random episodes of randomly picked shows and yet – this weird pang is still here, ugh. Recommendations perhaps, anyone?

This week specifically, I’ve been playing catch up with Kvariety shows and I just completed up to where I want to reach, so I’m now ready to start on my year-end (pseudo)review on Kvariety. I say pseudo because let’s be honest here – how can I review the shows exactly, when many of them are longstanding ones? Plus I mostly watched them as I please, picking up episodes here and there randomly. I recently realized just how many I did watch though, even if they’re just one or two episodes trial runs and think it would be fun to look back.


On that same note, if anyone wondered – yes I’m (obviously) watching WINNER TV. Funny thing is, I don’t seem to have any long-winded, spazzworthy response, emotionally and mentally, with the past three episodes. I admit that I watched the first episode ahem, just three (three!) times and the second one twice (twice!) and I have watched the third episode raw and will rewatch once subs are up, but… empty. So far, surprisingly, nothing coherent to put to words. This might change, we’ll see.

Moving along now. No surprises, another list I’m trying to go through is my Haruki Murakami reading list. I think I’m obsessed with his writing, or something. I’m now trying to muddle through Kafka On The Shore and it is… not an easy read. For one, it’s weird – let me admit firsthand that I’m really not the superstitious/science fiction/supernatural kind of person, much less a believer. For another, in his typical writing style, the story is disjointed, like small sub-stories but even when I try to weave them together they still don’t line up coherently. However, I am just so drawn and enamored by his writing style that even when my head hurts with every page that I turn, I remain engrossed. I’m doing bite-sized reading sessions though, because attempting to read his novel for long durations… oi vey, headache.

That’s been my week; can’t believe I’m wrapping a crazy year so insignificantly, the irony!

PS Noticed the change? A new theme I am testing out. It feels… very rigid, almost clunky. I’m not digging the front page but so far I am liking everything else, plus I think I am getting old because the color gray has been my automatic default go-to and preference these days… There might be changes here and there theme-wise in the next few days and if that’s so, hope you don’t mind!


5 thoughts on “Timeout: Playing Catch Up is Surprisingly A Chore!

    1. Hehe, possible ;) I want to jump into Woman but this writer has proven himself to knock the wind out of me that I think I need an in-between show to ease the transition from Saikou no Rikon to Woman. I’m opting to have Tonbi 2013 be that in-between but Nine is like flashing red neon lights to my face haha to pick it up. We’ll see :)

      Exactly why I don’t dig the front page :( To me it looks… clunky, for lack of a better word, but everything else I do like. Oh the dilemma… I might revert to the old theme, I’ll gage based on what I feel later today or in the next few days haha. I’m sooo picky and tend to be fickle with theme changes!

  1. I thought I was reading someone else’s blog and had to check that nope, it was Jane’s, lol. As for Winner TV, i don’t think anything has happened to really make it something worth talking about. There are some cute moments, like when Jin Woo somehow got totally lost getting to Tokyo Tower (although in his defence, Tokyo Tower isn’t in an obvious place, lol), but that’s about it. I did love the maknaes’ busking job. They had 3 diehard fangirls who plonked themselves down and watched them first set up, and then perform. It’s nice to see them already getting noticed on the streets in Japan.

    1. Haha wait, did I sound different suddenly or something? :p You’re right that there’s not much that actually happened for us to talk about, though I admit I’m starting to feel like I keep noticing clips in the teasers but none appears in the episode – feels like they take forever to show us more happenings? Or it’s just been too much fun watching them do nothing but goof around? Hahaha. The busking job was a great one though! Loved their song choices and I totally noticed the 3 girls too. Honestly if I was there and noticed them I would totally do the same thing though… closeted fangirl unleashed then and there :p

  2. Ahaha, I’ve been doing that with the Mac book too. No idea how to work it. I spend most of my time swiping randomly with any combination of fingers just to see what happens. Will I scroll like I want to, flip the page, or somehow manage to X out everything.. it’s a mystery!

    I am.. sadly behind on Winner TV. My drama slump has carried over to practically anything I have to focus on for more than 5 minutes. I’ll try to fix that today or tomorrow though. :)

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