Timeout: Hi Ridiculous, Meet K-Entertainment Fandom.

Quick blurb, the KPop edition because WOW in a span of 48 hours we have:

  • Lee Seung Gi confirmed to be dating Girls Generation‘s Yoona
  • Jung Kyung Ho and Girls Generation‘s Sooyoung confirmed as an item since September 2012

Can I just say it again? WOW.

Yoona has Prime Minister & I to thank seriously, for my now-optimistic view when it comes to her acting (and thus, her), ha. I’m genuinely really happy for Lee Seung Gi though, because it’s like he finally got the girl he’s been openly declaring as his ideal type for ages – believe me, I remember the many Strong Heart episodes… Honestly, this news isn’t even supposed to be my business – why am I even writing about celebrities’ love lives?! – but I’m genuinely shocked and still kinda reeling from the aftereffects. Thank goodness that SM has finally decided to act in a sensible manner, as opposed to their typical BS official statements in the past.

Then, right when I’ve just started on Heartless City – FYI I thought episode one was phenomenal and I’m continuing with episode two once I publish this and Jung Kyung Ho in this show is holy smokes, so different from anywhere else I’ve seen him in the past (read: so hot) -, I came across news on the second outed couple. I remember reading about the rumors between the two before this and I totally thought they are indeed dating but denied it in typical K-entertainment fashion – I guessed right! The one thing I obviously never would’ve guessed is they’ve been going steady for a year and a half. Kudos to them for what sounds like a serious, healthy and committed relationship!

Let’s hope 2014 is the year where it is no longer a ‘scandal’ for celebrities to date? I’m banking on my favorite actors and actresses, come on you guys…

What cracks me up honestly though, is when I read comments online. I know, I really should stop doing this. But I did and aw man, I’ll tell you a sure-fire way to fall out of love with your favorite celebrities or groups. Then answer is: join a K-entertainment fandom. The ridiculousness of shipping wars; delirious and possessive supposedly true-fans’ attitudes; the emotional responses as if they actually stand a chance to date their favorite idols in Real life; this ownership claims and stances, swearing off the just seconds ago favorite-idols because they’re off the market… Aw, man. I can’t.

For instance this morning I saw the grainy, unverified photo of G-DRAGON and long-rumored girlfriend, Japanese model-actress Kiko Mizuhara and followed the outbursts across Tumblr for a bit and I… can’t. Honestly, where do you think the inspirations for his hit songs – which you love, mind you – come from? Similarly, last week when 2NE1‘s CL posted that photo of Taeyang embracing her from behind, apparently shipper fandoms or whatever went batshit crazy (excited, I think but there sure were lots of emotional reactions across the web…). Honestly I’m growing more out of love with BIGBANG because of the fans’ responses I’ve come across online. There are lots of level-headed fans for every insane ones I’m sure, but some people are just… wow.

I can’t stand the ones who rant or point out how crazy the Korean fans are when uhm hello, I’m reading your equally crazy rant in English so what does that say about the international fandom which you and I are part of? Nowhere is more ridiculous than in Allkpop and sure enough when I popped my head briefly there, I noticed the forum titles on how Girls Generation‘s popularity will suffer the blow due to the relationship reveals – cue heated, emotional stances for and against. I don’t even want to pop in to the article and scroll down.

Seriously, sometimes I really question my life’s choices and decisions. What am I doing, still being here and part of the shenanigans…


9 thoughts on “Timeout: Hi Ridiculous, Meet K-Entertainment Fandom.

  1. I haven’t been on Tumblr or any forums or websites so I’ve avoided the crazy. I assumed there would be crazy and i’m not going to be bothered by it anymore, lol. The thing is, I get it when the fangirls go cray cray when their male idol starts dating someone, but I don’t understand why fans go crazy when a female idol starts dating someone. Like, fans are mostly girls, right? So what does it matter to them if their idol has a boyfriend? In general, the fandom isn’t as nuts when it’s a girl as opposed to when it’s a guy, so Sooyoung and Yoona will probably emerge unscathed (i’m so happy for them, that SM are actually letting them date publicly. That’s a big step for SM). GD, however, is the kind of guy who would end up with saesang fans throwing rocks at his girlfriend, sending her death treats, and probably trying to poison her (all of which have happened before to other idols, apparently. Gotta love saesangs). He’s been dating the same girl for what, 4-5 years? You’d think people would be used to it by now but every time there’s a photo of them together, all the same stuff happens. I for one am amazed that he’s managed to keep a long distance relationship going for that long, lol. He should just say it publicly but they’re probably worried Kiko will get shot.

    1. So apparently based on what I’d read – though I mostly speed-read because yeah the amount of crazy gets way silly and honestly wastes my time haha – is that girl idols are held on a puristic, almost virginal pedestal kinda thing? Like they’re thought of as a symbol of purity and innocence or something (in layman terms though perhaps role models), and something about the idea of being “everybody’s girl” – not in a sleazy way, but I guess it’s like they become more an ‘object’ or symbol than a real person? Yeah. So the crazy fans take offense and are upset when the image or whatever is crushed. That’s the general idea I get anyway, based on my peeping here and there. There’s of course the constant debate of he/she isn’t good enough for each other which seriously – how would and could we possibly KNOW? You know, as if yeah they’re all our next door neighbors…

      As for GD though, aw man you’re right about the degree of crazy that would take place if they ever make it official (granted that the relationship itself is real). The thing is though, he seems soooo open about his daily ongoings through his IG and Twitter (I don’t follow him in both since I don’t have accounts haha but I see stuff uploaded to Tumblr all the time) that I mean… it’s not like the dude leads a virginal, holy lifestyle to begin with ha. So yeah, his fans’ backlash or whatever emotional outpouring like he’s betrayed them is lost on me… As you pointed out though, amazingly every time there’s a new tidbit, all the same (crazy) stuff happens indeed. I did try to backtrack today, out of pure curiosity, how long this supposed relationship’s been going for – I thought the rumors started in 2010? Was it wayyy before then? If so, wow. I can’t begin to imagine the kind of stuff that will happen if they ever make it official cos like you said, the possibility of getting shot is actually… not impossible. And even if it’s not her but someone else, surely he’ll settle down someday. Some fans take it way too far…

      (And this is totally random but I do wonder what languages GD and Kiko use to communicate haha cos I don’t think his Japanese is great hahaha)

      1. I’m assuming they communicate in English, cos her dad is American so she’s probably bilingual. It must be hard for them though, because he’s not bad at English but he doesn’t seem to be entirely fluent either. They probably communicate with hugs. Lots of hugs.

  2. I shouldn’t be saying this coz I have my share of crazy too and I’m a shipper myself but… some fandoms, esp in Kpop scare me! The fan wars fighting over their respective ships… I get stressed out just reading all the hostility and open venom lol so imagine the kind of vitriol the girls linked to their idols get.

    In my main fandom (you know which), the only thing I can’t stand is a particular bunch of delusional fans who shove their theories and delusions down everyone’s throats. But it’s also getting scary coz sasaengs are sprouting already revealing info that shouldn’t even be revealed like credit card receipt (apparently fake) and bills.

    I wonder though how it will be if AKB members date? Lol

    1. Aw man you have a point! If akb members date wowwwww I am scared to just imagine. I remember when I was at Akihabara and ended up outside their cafe – there were TONS of male of all ages! Uncle-aged folks and young men alike O.o

      Ugh those who shove down their theories really are something honestly. And I’ve seen those credit card incidents too – what an invasion of privacy!

      Oh, the other kind I can’t take is the ones who are convinced the boys in their favorite groups can only be shipped with each other. I’ve noticed this in both KPop and JPop fandom though, and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them with Arashi. I mean when I used to love RyoPi I was embarrassingly nuts for them but not to the point I see across the internet these days where people start crazy “mine, not yours!” verbal wars. Like seriously…

      Some fans are really scary!

      1. haha I know what you mean about intra-shipping. we all know there are 5 x 5 variations of pairings in Arashi and I do have my own ship but it’s for sheer fun especially when some things actually are said or happened (as opposed to imaginations lol). sometimes though the fun is taken away when the fan fights begin that’s why I have blinders. I just focus on my own ship or what I’m interested in, except that with everything out there, there are times you stumble into something you don’t want to read coz it will just vex you lol but seriously… all shippers, including myself, we are all on the same boat. we are all delusional hahahaha! it’s just that some others’ delusions are sicker than others.

        and you mentioned it in your post… those fans who think they will marry their idols someday. I feel sorry for them, that’s the worst kind of delusion to have. imagine the disappointment they’ve set for themselves in life.

  3. What is it about the first days of the new year? It’s like the tabloids’ holiday for “let the relationship out of the bag!’ day.

    I think it’s cute 2 SNSD girls are dating now – MOre freedom for idols! But yeah, it’s different when the guys do it. Such a shame. It’s funny, I see pictures and videos of Tablo’s daughter all the time and it’s sooooo freakin’ adorable that I actually can’t wait for my fav male idols to get married and start having kids. Seriously, what’s sexier than a guy posing for a modeling gig? A sexy man with a kid. (And presumably a pretty wife, if she survives to tell the tale).

    As for ship wars – they make me laugh. “My fake ship is better than Your fake ship!” Psh. Grow up. Not that I don’t ship- and occasionally poke fun of ship wars for personal entertainment.. but geez. There’s a time and a place for this kind of crap, and I wish it was A) off the internet, and B) not obsessive when it comes to these people’s real lives

    1. Hehe you’re spot on about nothing is sexier than the men and their kids! Even in real life when I see young dads I think, awww look at that. Tablo and Haru are THE perfect example in the K-ent world and yes, they are soooo adorable.

      Ugh you totally pointed out exactly my issue with fake wars, especially point 2. Point 1 I hate but the internet is way too open access nowadays that unfortunately filtering is near impossible but for point 2 it is just embarrassing cos it’s between real people (with virtual IDs, but still real people!) thinking they’ve ownership of other people’s lives for their entertainment.

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