In the bus on the way back, a couple was all over each other.

Young, in love; happy.

A head on the shoulder;

A quick peck on the lips;

A light stroke on the arm;

A pair of tightly clasped hands.

He bit her lower lip, she grazed his cheeks.

What does it taste like, the closeness?

What does it feel like, to desire for another?

What does it seem like, to be one-half of a whole?

I can list a handful of terms and words to describe

sentiments, feelings, emotions;

perhaps love.

I can think of anecdotes and analogies encapsulating

passion, lust, heat;

perhaps love.

I can rattle of on the science and logic behind

adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin;

perhaps love.

Yet I have

no clue, no synonym, no words, no experiences –

To identify the yearning,

I don’t know to name.


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