the writer.

Friday night conversations in a dimly lit café, an apt ending to an insanely hectic, busy and involved first week of winter quarter. Welcome back, school – can’t you tell I didn’t miss you? A paradigm shift is timely however, necessary too.

But tonight we give ode to the writer …in all of us.

“The thing about writing is that it doesn’t matter how many people are also writers, and if they are better or whatever than you are. It isn’t like in engineering, where someone is clearly better at all that math while you’re struggling with the numbers. Writing styles, skills and the like obviously vary but those are expected and most of all, subjective.

What’s different about writing versus engineering is that no matter how good or fair you are as a writer, or even if there are ten thousand other writers out there who write better than you – your voice is unique. There are no duplicates for that, just as there aren’t for others – it is yours, and yours alone.

Writing… is the one thing I’m sure of, about myself. This voice – my writing voice – it’s unique. It’s personal, one of a kind. It’s mine.” 


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