Timeout: You Know You’ve It Bad When You Start Feeling Like A Proud Momma…

Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to…

WINNER‘s first photo shoot! Holy moly, they look AMAZING.

I feel like such a proud momma! *wipes imaginary tears*

PS I did watch JYP‘s newly debuted boy group, GOT7 on M! Countdown today – the song is catchy as hell and they look swaggy-cool, but the lyrics ooze so much narcissism that ugh, I’m so turned off – and I can’t help but imagine what WINNER‘s live stages will be like when they début! I can’t wait :’)

WINNER_NII_Jan2014_1 WINNER_NII_Jan2014_2 WINNER_NII_Jan2014_3 WINNER_NII_Jan2014_4 WINNER_NII_Jan2014_5

Nam Tae Hyun and that hair (ahem); Kim Jin Woo and that smile; the leader and rappers looking fine as hell too… UGH I’M SO DONE.

Seriously WINNER, what are you guys doing to me? o.o”

Disclaimer: Credits to photos can be found here.

9 thoughts on “Timeout: You Know You’ve It Bad When You Start Feeling Like A Proud Momma…

  1. First airport fashion, now first photoshoot. I even read part of the interviews associated with it somewhere. And yeah, I feel like such a proud mama too. The fact that they act like SUCH kids on Winner TV helps that along.. I caught up through ep 4 a couple days ago with my sister. We went from being pleasantly embarrassed, to her rolling around on the floor and me being unable to breathe for nearly 15 seconds thinking I was going to die from silent laughter (Mino’s Rapper Duck, and Seungyoon and Taehyun in the hot bath).

    I’m rather pleased that I didn’t like Got7’s debut song. First of all, I just don’t have time for another group. I only have so much room in my heart, and it’s honestly too much work to keep up with the now.. *counts* 5 boy groups I love, though even that’s not equal. But I agree with you on the narcissism thing. I can’t go so far to blame it on the boys, since they obviously don’t get to pick out their songs (wow what a difference from Winner, where their music IS them). Another point though.. while it’s a decent enough song, had I loved it enough to get it stuck in my head, how on earth do I justify going around my house or public singing “girls girls girls they love me.” Seriously. JYP, you gotta think about the singability of these songs you’re putting out.

    1. Well since you opened up the topic… I wasn’t gonna talk about the comparisons and how JYP relates to this haha but you opened up the can of worms and I’m happy to engage! :D I didn’t draw any comparisons but I did think about how I think WINNER’s debut would play out so differently than GOT7 (expected) and I totally agree about everything you said pertaining to their debut song. I wouldn’t go so far to blame them too and basically that song has “The Asiansoul” written all over it apparently but I wonder if it’s too ‘strong’ as a debut song? It’s so narcissistic and even if I were to just listen to it for fun and not think too hard about the lyrics – aye, it’s hard. As for JYP, I’m watching KPop Star 3 regularly now and frankly it cracks me up that he’s all about vocals and techniques and whatever have yous and his new boy band is… this. Maybe I need to listen to more songs (though I did watch some videos of the Garage Showcase) but even the vocalists aren’t that great! At least I guess my expectation is high given his long-winded commentaries in that show, and then he gave me this – all-swag with minimal substance.

      I kinda feel bad for the boys, but not everyone starts on the right footing so maybe I’m just judging too early. We’ll see haha.

      1. “All swag with minimal substance” is a great way to explain JYP. He said in an interview that he doesn’t take in trainees because of their talent, he takes them in because of their personality. So basically, he wants people that will work well on variety shows. At least, that’s how I think of it. IMO, he prefers the look and the ‘swag’ over the vocals, even if that’s not what he says on K-Pop Star.

        1. What is that really how JYP Ent supposedly operates? I feel so cheated -_- especially cos seriously he’s all about the technicalities and vocals and whatever on KPop Star 3, commenting nonstop about those aspects – only to have so-so vocalists under his agency? Aye dude, walk your talk. “-_-

          1. Well, I’m probably just being overly cynical, lol. He has great talent in his agency, and it makes sense to find people that can advertise your company in variety and in their shows and stuff rather than just by their vocals alone. It’s how they make fans, after all. All companies are like that, really. I just find it more obvious with JYP, probably because of that interview.

  2. A couple of my friends and I enjoy joke spazzing with each other when new groups come out, so with Got7, we already knew all the members and had each claimed the ones we wanted prior to seeing them actually perform, lol. Of course, then the MV came out and i switched to Mark so now we’re sharing him. Anyways, I will watch them for a while, see what I think, and then decide if I want to keep following them. The song is catchy but as you said, the lyrics are totally lame, lol. They have an english speaker though so that helps them, in my case.

    As to the WINNER boys, they all look so good! I love the second photo. Taehyun’s face is so cute, and I love how Seungyoon is standing.

    1. Apparently they have a few English speakers? Should totally help. I would say to me Jackson has such strong stage presence – I dunno if it’s his face or attitude? But he caught my attention immediately haha but I honestly thought he looked kinda embarrassed while performing the song. I like Mark too! His acrobatics are impressive, especially since I can’t do any of those hahaha. I like JB too but purely for aesthetic reasons aha – he looks like someone? Is it just me? – though the grey hair is still something I’m tryna learn to accept.

      WINNER boys look sooooo good. Taehyun and that hair OMG.

      1. I think JB reminded me of someone when I first saw him, but now I don’t know who. I get that all the time though. I swear everyone looks like everyone else when you look at them for long enough, lol

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