To Use Or Not To Use Tumblr?

WordPress’s Daily Post tackled something that’s been on my mind of late:

To Use or Not To Use Tumblr?

Lately I realize I’ve a habit of saving quotation images and creating my own from across the web and my Kindle ebooks. I’m doing them so often now that all my gadgets have plenty quotes and quotation images stored. I always want to share them and sometimes I do so on my Facebook but frankly no one really cares over there – it’s just not the right medium. On the other hand, over here it sometimes seems rather weird and unsuitable to post really short blurbs or other people’s words.

So… to  use or not to use Tumblr?

I still hate the reblog feature and don’t get the fascination with writing in tags – if you’ve opinions then just damn well write them, my god instead of doing this under-the-breath thing – but minor quibbles aside, I’ve decided I’m gonna give it a go. I’ll post quotations from blogs – mine and others – and write-ups I like, a random mix.

I guess it’s a space that’s more suitable to fulfill the wishes of the reader in me. So if you’re interested to know what I’m reading, or what piques my interest, or simply the kind of words that other people throw out into the world that touch and move me – maybe there’s finally a suitable platform to share them. I really don’t care if there are reblogs and likes (or not), it’s more the sharing that I genuinely enjoy doing so yeah, hopefully this crossover will be fun?

Is this a thought experiment? A social-media-expansion-slash-experiment? More mental diarrhea? Simply in the good name of sharing?

Honestly I’ve no idea, but… why not, I’m just gonna quit over-thinking and give it a shot. Less talking, more doing? We’ll see how long this lasts.

Rejoice, the first quotation I published there! (I’m still reading the book)

murakami on stormsA word of warning: I’m kind of obsessed with Haruki Murakami (like you can’t already tell…) and his prose-wizarding skills – he is strange and writes equally as strange, but no one can deny he has a way with words – so there’s likely gonna be lots of quotes from him specifically. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you… *smiles innocently*

You can find me on Tumblr here.

PS I love you as it is for sticking around here (thank you) so don’t worry about not diving into that side of the pool; blogphilic is home base. My write-ups will only appear here so you’re not missing out, but if you’re game – maybe I’ll see you there!


5 thoughts on “To Use Or Not To Use Tumblr?

  1. to use it is. i post my short rants at tumblr which is also posting on my wp blog thru rss feeds. it’s quite fun to explore the possibilities.

    1. Oh do you? I’m hoping it’s a fun experiment too, we’ll see :) I usually freak out when I’m using too many platforms haha but yup we’ll see how this one plays out…

      1. Same here, I rarely use fb nowadays, it’s more on wordpress and tumblr, sometimes twitter. There’s plenty of interesting things at tumblr. Hope you enjoy it as much.

  2. Lol, I kind of like tags – but there are two kinds; the ones that will correctly link me back to everything of its kind on my tumblr that I may want to revisit on those sad rainy days (actually any day); and the random lines that I know at least 2 people will read. Probably just my sister though. That’s enough for me anyways. Actually, I only ever reblog stuff on tumblr when I’m multitasking, usually while watching a boring Kdrama. Right now it’s Empress Ki. Don’t ask me why I bother. I haven’t figured it out yet.

    In short, I haven’t figured out how to use tumblr for anything other than compiling kpop and kdrama gif sets, and mostly kpop. That’s busy enough for one tumblr. Especially when it’s about thoughts I’m too preoccupied to properly analyze. Sometimes I have the urge to say a few words, or a rant, but I usually don’t.. wishfully thinking that I can save up those thoughts for part of a real blog entry someday. Who knows, I may yet get around to it. Right now I’m rewatching Orange Days to review.. or, sort of review. That’s keeping my mental faculties at work.

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